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POLL: Should Nic Cage play Batman in The Dark Knight Returns?

Posted by LiveFor on March 14, 2010

Reviews of Kick-Ass are steadily coming through the internet and many of them say how good Nic Cage is as Big Daddy. That character is the father of Chloe Moretz’s Hit Girl. In the film Cage based his performance on Adam West’s delivery from the old Batman TV series – initially jarring, but works well.

That got me thinking. Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns is one of the all time classic graphic novels. It has an older Bruce Wayne putting the cowl back on to clean up an messed up Gotham. Robin is a girl this time and a similar dynamic to the Kick-Ass set up. Plus Batman ends up beating the crap out of Superman who is a stooge for the CIA.

Therefore, just as a way of passing the time I put the following to you:

Going past the Adam West performance, would Nicolas Cage be a good Bruce Wayne / Batman of they ever made The Dark Knight Returns?

Batman: Dark Knight Returns –
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns –

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Batman is the next Harry Potter

Posted by LiveFor on February 5, 2009

/film have the news that during today’s Time Warner earnings call, CEO Jeff Bewkes compared the Batman series to the Harry Potter film franchise, saying that they hope to release a long line of sequels.

“We look at Harry Potter. It’s fantastic to have franchises that last that long. We want to do that with Batman and Superman and perhaps Sherlock Holmes. The sequels are as good, with new characters added, as were the originals. That wasn’t the case in the years ago. Warners has more tentpoles as an on-going strategy taht very much lifts its distribution and performance. We think that’s going to hold up our slate in the 2009 – 2010 period. We’ve got four more big tentpoles coming this year.”

What do you reckon? Good news or bad? Christopher Nolan will do another one but will he do any more? Will Zack Snyder step in? Will it all end up with The Dark Knight Returns and an older Batman returning from retirement? It would be so good to see that showdown with Superman.

Who would you like to see directing Batman once Nolan steps down?

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Blood and Mud – CGI short based on The Dark Knight Returns

Posted by LiveFor on February 2, 2009

Reticom Films have this CGI 20 minute film based on Frank Miller’s classic, The Dark Knight Returns. It’s not too shabby and could be described as “Balls nasty” if one so wished.

In a near future, Bruce Wayne now retired from the duties of the caped crusader, watches Gotham city rot under the merciless attacks of the Mutant gang. His vigilante alter ego torments his thoughts forcing him to avenge Gotham city one last time.

A Thiago Micalopulos film, adapted to the screen by Vaner Micalopulos, produced by Carolina Romano.

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