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Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Premium Rush with a Looper

Posted by LiveFor on May 4, 2010

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer, Inception, G.I.Joe, Brick)) is in talks for a couple of action movies heading our way.

According to Heat Vision he is in final negotiations to star in “Premium Rush,” a Columbia chase thriller being directed by David Koepp. The plot follows a New York bike messenger who picks up an envelope at Columbia University, only to be chased throughout the city by a dirty cop desperate to get his hands on it.

He is also down to possibly team up again with Rian Johnson (Brick) to star in the sci-fi film Looper. This one has conflicting descriptions, but both involve time travel. It is either about operatives sent back to the present to assassinate criminals (Gordon-Levitt will play a man sent back to kill himself) or criminals are sent to the future where they are then killed. Either way it sounds cool.

I don’t mind JGL although he does have a few acting tics which can grate on some people. However, looks as if he is on his way to becoming a major player in the movie world.

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Spielberg to do another Michael Crichton adaption

Posted by LiveFor on August 27, 2009

piratelatAccording to USA Today, Steven Spielberg is currently putting together a film based on the novel Pirate Latitudes from the late author, Michael Crichton.

They worked together when Spielberg adapted Crichton’s ever popular Jurassic Park novel. The new book comes out November 24.

David Koepp, who who wrote the screenplay for Crichton’s Jurassic Park and the sequel The Lost World, is going to be handling screenwriting duties here. Spielberg will produce and might even direct this project.

The story is being described as “a daring plan to infiltrate Port Royal, one of the world’s richest and most notorious cities, and raid a Spanish galleon filled with treasure.”

“Michael wrote a real page-turner that already seems suited for the big screen,” Spielberg spoke of Pirate Latitudes. “Michael and I have had almost two decades of solid collaborations. Whenever I made a film from a Michael Crichton book or screenplay, I knew I was in good hands. Michael felt the same, and we like to think he still does.”

DreamWorks will wait and see how Koepp’s screenplay shapes up before putting together a schedule.

How do you feel about Spielberg making a pirate movie?

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Ghost Town, 2008 – Movie Review

Posted by LiveFor on October 16, 2008

Director: David Koepp

Starring: Ricky Gervais, Tea Leoni, Greg Kinnear
Running Time: 102 minutes
Score: 7 / 10

This review by Matt Layden. Spoilers ahead

After dying for a little less then seven minutes after going in for some minor surgery. Dentist Pincus begins to see dead people. The dead people, finally having someone who can see and hear them, try to get him to finish their business so they can finally leave this world. Only problem is Pincus is a loner who hates people.

It’s Ricky Gervais’ dry humour and wit that seem to elevate Ghost Town and make it stand out in the crowd of numerous other clichéd romantic comedies. That’s not saying that this film isn’t clichéd, it has them left right and centre. Although with Gervais taking a different approach to the material then what most other leading men would do in this situation, Ghost Town becomes a film that people will actually enjoy and not roll their eyes at.

We start the film off with the death of Greg Kinnear, and if you think that is a spoiler then you have no idea what this movie is about. After that we are treated to the ‘people person’ that is our lead character. We get this immediately with his treatment to his patients and other co-workers. Although, after his surgery, he opens his eyes and start seeing ghosts around the town. This is when the clichéd bits start kicking in. With every film in which a living character can see and speak with ghosts, you get the obligatory “Is he crazy?” as people around him see him speak to no one. We’ve seen this stuff over and over again and while it would obviously happen, it’s not funny and that’s the difference. Ghost Town tries to get a laugh every time it happens.

You know those films when people walk through a ghost and they get the chills, while this film has that, they put a little twist on it. The character sneezes. For whatever reason, it’s never explained, but I guess when you’re dealing with this subject matter you can start creating your own rules. Speaking of rules, Ghost Town follows the basic flow chart of every rom-com that has been out there before it. So don’t really expect to see something new.

This is Gervais first leading film, after having successful television shows with “The Office” and “Extras” he is branching out to film. This is an interesting choice for his first outing, and while it does work, I would have liked to see him do something different. He sure has the comedic chops to tackle different forms of comedy. He has his own spin on things and it’s all in the delivery. With comedic actors like Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy failing to get laughs (Love guru, Meet Dave) it’s nice to see the light shine on someone else. Someone that is currently not in the Apatow crew either.

As with the talking to no one bits, there is also the “tell me something that only I would know” routine. Although, I will give Koepp props, because this time it doesn’t work out so well. I like Koepp as a director, Stir Of Echoes and the Trigger Effects are both well made films. This is his first time writing and directing a comedy. If you want to count Toy Soldiers as a comedy then go ahead, he did write that. He does a decent job of pacing the film with the laughs and adding the emotional punches when it’s needed. As most rom-coms do, it takes a dramatic turn and the comedy goes away for about 15 minutes, Maybe you’ll need a Kleenex, maybe not.

While Ghost Town does follow the basics for a romantic comedy, it does have the slight advantage of having Ricky Gervais on it’s side. If you’ve never seen his material, Ghost Town is an alright choice to start with, but I still recommend his television work over this. You’ll get some laughs from here, Tea Leoni holds her own and Greg Kinnear has the hardest part in the entire film. So in the end, the film works and does what it’s suppose to do.


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Ghost Town – The new film starring Ricky Gervais

Posted by LiveFor on July 14, 2008

Here’s the trailer for Ricky’s new movie. He plays a dentist who dies for a few minutes while undergoing minor surgery. When he wakes up he finds out that he can see ghosts…with hilarious consequences. Sounds a bit like The Sixth Sense to be honest and could be absolutely dreadful. Too early to tell. It also stars Greg Kinnear.

Written and directed by David Koepp (Stir of Echoes, Secret Window). Paramount will release this one on 19th September 2008.

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