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Dune – A Special Edition of David Lynch’s film

Posted by LiveFor on May 7, 2010

Work is slowly moving on with a new version of Dune directed by Pierre Morel (Taken). However, a person by the name of Sasha Burrow has a project to revamp the David Lynch version (which I love) by giving it all new special effects. Kind of like the Star Wars Special Editions only with more love.

This is a project I have been slowly working on over the last few years with the goal of ultimately replacing many of the “outdated” special effects shots in David Lynch’s 1984 version of Dune.

The project initially began as an endeavor to build a “proper” ornithopter – one with flapping wings, that neither the movie or the mini-series managed to achieve. However, with the advent of the “fan-edit” the scope of the project has expanded with the goal of updating the effects in all those places in the movie where I feel things could be significantly “improved.”

Although I am currently working on this by Myself, it’s a large undertaking and if there is anyone interested in helping this project along, feel free to contact Me – We might actually be able to get this project completed with a few more skilled and enthusiastic people!

Let me tell you they have done an incredible amount of work. Diagrams, CGI tests, pre vis bits, mock up for DVD packaging and more. Absolutely incredible and one day it would be so good to see the updated version. Head on over to the site for more info on it. Good luck on the project.

Source: io9

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Mulholland Drive 2 – A sequel to David Lynch’s classic movie?

Posted by LiveFor on April 11, 2010

Can you believe it was 20 years ago that we got to have some damn fine coffee with Agent Cooper when Twin Peaks began? I lovedthat show and must pick up the second series.

I always love Lynch’s work even when it leaves me feeling totally confused. Inland Empire I am talking to you.

One of my favourite films of his was Mulholland Drive. That was the film that started life as a TV series, but the studios changed their mind and it became a feature film starring Naomi Watts and the lovely brunetter Laura Harring, and yes it did have that scene between the two of them. It also had a little blue box, Billy Ray Cyrus, a cowboy, weird smiling old people and so much more. My fave scene is when Naomi Watts is auditioning for a role – previously when rehearsing for it she was quite wooden but at the audition it is just mind blowing stuff. Go watch that film if you haven’t already and I think I’ll add it to the Live for Films movie club. May even do a poster redesign challenge for it.

Why the reason for this? Well the title of the post give is away.

Laura Harring tells PopcornBiz she met up with Lynch last week and that she believes a follow up to the 2001 classic is going to happen.

“I’m very sure it’s coming, it’s being born,” she said. “I cannot really tell you how I know.”

A suitably cryptic response for something involving Lynch.

If there was a sequel I’m not sure where it would take us and that’s half the fun.

Would you want a sequel to Mulholland Drive? What could happen in it? Where could it begin?

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Dune – Frank Herbert liked David Lynch’s version. He even said so

Posted by LiveFor on January 28, 2010

Source: io9

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Holy Muad’Dib! Taken’s Pierre Morel to direct Dune

Posted by LiveFor on January 5, 2010

Possibly great news for the new adaption of Dune. Peter Berg had been attached to this for a while, but he jumped ship to direct Battleship.

Now, according to EW Pierre Morel (Taken, From Paris With Love, District 13) is heading to Arrakis.

Paramount has found a new director for its remake of the sci-fi classic Dune, after Peter Berg dropped off the project in October. The studio has hired Taken helmer Pierre Morel to oversee the movie. Paramount is currently looking for a new writer to incorporate Morel’s vision of the project into the original draft by Quantum of Solace scribe Josh Zetumer. Morel plans to make a very faithful adaptation of the 1965 book by Frank Herbert. The movie is a high priority for Paramount’s production chief Adam Goodman. Kevin Misher and Richard Rubinstein are producing.

Taken was one of the best action films of the past few years so Morel has got the goods for a more actioney type of Dune. However, I am not sure if he has the sci-fi chops for such an epic tale. Mind you I still have a soft spot for David Lynch’s version.

The question is whether they will try and do the whole book in one film again or if it will be broken up into a few?

What do you think about Morel taking on Arrakis? Who should go all blue eyed and star in it? Should it be in 3D?

The Spice must flow.

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Tub – Trailer for man who gets his bath pregnant film

Posted by LiveFor on December 19, 2009

Directed and written by Bobby Miller this one sounds just strange.

It stars Eric Levy, Megan Raye Manzi and the trailer puts me in mind of David Lynch’s Eraserhead.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Tub – Trailer something bizarre!", posted with vodpod

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David Lynch talks about how he almost made Return of the Jedi

Posted by LiveFor on December 10, 2009

You’ve got to love the Lynch. Just imagine if he had made Jedi.

Who would have been in it? What would have happened? Would there have been people with Rabbit Heads and damn fine bantha fodder?

Source: I Watch Stuff

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How’s Annie?

Posted by LiveFor on November 30, 2009

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David Lynch to do documentary about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Posted by LiveFor on November 19, 2009

David Lynch has been talking about his next project which is going to be a documentary partly shot in India centered around Transcendental Meditation founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He explained it to Vulture.

I’m going to make a film on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It won’t be a so-called David Lynch film, really; it will be about Maharishi and the knowledge he brought out. It’ll hold a lot of abstractions. We’re on our way to India in December to start the India part of it.

It’ll have to go in the documentary department, I think. I don’t think it’ll be a talking heads kind of thing, but we’re going to do a lot of interviews with people. We’ll interview – I hope – in India, a 97-year-old man who was with Maharishi from the beginning and get stories of times that weren’t so well recorded.

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Twin Peaks – Very cool poster

Posted by LiveFor on September 10, 2009

twinpeaks“En Los Arboles” (In the Trees) art print by Tim Doyle over at Nakatomi Inc and I think it is amazing.

Black Cat Bones in Puebla, Mexico invited artists from all over the world to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of David Lynch’s landmark TV series- Twin Peaks.

This 4 color 12×24″ print is signed and numbered by the artist, and is limited to 100 copies worldwide, with the majority of them going to the gallery in Mexico! Printed by Clint Wilson at Nakatomi Print Labs.

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My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done- Trailer for Werner Herzog’s new film

Posted by LiveFor on August 18, 2009

Based on a harrowing true story… The film opens as officers arrive at the scene –a typical middle-class neighborhood in San Diego. The suspect has barricaded himself inside a home and appears to have taken hostages. Two friends he had urgently telephoned earlier that morning arrive, but too late. As they and their neighbors try to come to grips with what has happened, they tell their stories to the detective in charge of the crime scene. In a series of flashbacks, the bizarre story of Brad Macallam begins to emerge. After an ill-fated white-water kayaking trip in a distant land, Brad finds readjustment to suburban life increasingly difficult. As his disaffection grows and his relations with those around him become strained, he glimpses a world more vivid and strangely frightening than others can see. The detectives try to penetrate the mystery of his story, but the questions only multiply. Brad’s unfolding personal and family drama leads to an obsession with the ancient play, finally driving him to murder.

Herzog wrote and directed this and David Lynch executive produced.

It stars Michael Shannon, Chloë Sevigny and Willem Dafoe.

Source: Quiet Earth

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