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Riddick – Official synopsis for Vin’s new film

Posted by LiveFor on May 7, 2010

It looks as if they have seen sense and are calling the third film Riddick instead of the dreadful Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking.

Now STYD have the official synopsis for David Twohy’s third go at directing Vin Diesel. It sounds as if it could be excellent and sticking with the true nature of the character.

Betrayed by his own kind and left for dead on a desolate planet, Riddick (Diesel) fights for survival against alien predators and becomes more powerful and dangerous than ever before. Soon bounty hunters from throughout the galaxy descend on Riddick only to find themselves pawns in his greater scheme for revenge. With his enemies right where he wants them, Riddick unleashes a vicious attack of vengeance before returning to his home planet of Furya to save it from destruction.

Works for me. What do you think about the plot?

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Riddick – The new film is going to be called what now?

Posted by LiveFor on April 13, 2010

The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking – that is the name they came up with? I’m looking forward to the third outing of Riddick but using a pun based title like that seems a little off. It could change though I suppose.

CCA had the news and a review of the script:

It has the ingredients to get this franchise’s engine retooled. The Riddick seen in Dead Man Stalking has trimmed off the fat of Chronicles and bulked himself up better than even his Pitch Black days. Shortly after Riddick finds his world fucked once again Twohy has the character say a line which encapsulates what went wrong with Riddick these past two movies and to put him in his current situation: he got civilized. He began to care too much about the people whose lives crossed his path. Well, what’s caring too much to Riddick is different than you and me, but the point is made clear to the anti-hero: he’s got to return back to being a predator, the baddest asshole in the universe, if he’s to survive the trials in Dead Man Stalking — and Hollywood. Back to basics. Back to killing.

Let’s rewind for a moment and get back to the start of this story: when we see Riddick at the beginning of Dead Man Stalking he’s a bloody battered mess, crawling for his life on the baked floor of an alien world. The predators native to this planet are circling in and waiting for death to come so they can feed at Riddick’s corpse — but he won’t let them. Riddick realizes here that he’s got to let what happened to him in Pitch Black and Chronicles go if he’s to survive the next ten seconds, let alone get off this forsaken pit of hell.

But Twohy isn’t forgetting what happened in The Chronicles of Riddick. In a flashback we get to find out how Riddick got to where he is and why he’s messed up. I already like David Twohy because he’s shown to be a smart guy with sci-fi, with Pitch Black’s sightless alien flyers that only emerge during the dark of that planet’s trinary eclipse, or the technology of Chronicles’ Necromongers which uses dead people for faster-than-light communications. I was excited to see where Riddick was going in the sequel, if he was going to take the Necromonger army to the Underverse. And while the Underverse isn’t mentioned once in Dead Man Stalking, I know that’s because he doesn’t have a nine-figure budget to burn this time around. But he could have just ignored what happened in Chronicles in Dead Man Stalking; he could have just explained Riddick losing his Necro army in a line and allude to events that took place off-camera.

He doesn’t. We get a taste of what life was like for Riddick after killing the Lord Marshal. Vaako, Karl Urban’s Necromonger, is Riddick’s right-hand man and loyal to him — to a point — but every day more of the Necros aren’t. Y’see, Riddick hasn’t accepted the vow of being the Lord Marshal to the Necromonger army and that’s fostering resentment amongst their number. Assassins are coming from out of the shadows and Riddick knows that he can’t kill every one of them, so he pitches a deal to Vaako: take him to his long lost home planet of Furya and he’ll bail and give the Necros to Vaako. Even though Vaako can’t understand why anyone would want to volunteer to give up the universe’s biggest army of bad guys, Number Two Necro dude still follows the orders of his commander and orders course to Furya. Then things go south, brutal and hard for Riddick and Vaako, and Riddick winds up left for dead on another mean-ass planet populated with a fair selection of nasty creatures.

Sounds like Riddick is definitely going back to basics which is very cool in my book.

What do you think of the films name and the sound of the film? What would have been a better name for it?

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Zack Galifianakis to exorcise demons in Miracle Workers

Posted by LiveFor on February 26, 2010

The big bearded funny man Zach Galifianakis became more well known thanks to the hugely succesful The Hangover. However, he is a successful stand up and has been in quite a few films. One such film was the David Twohy 2002 film Below which was all about a haunted submarine. I’ve not seen it so I could be making that up.

Michael Aguiler has now said Zach may be going back to the supernatural side of things in a film called Miracle Workers. The story is a buddy supernatural comedy in which the actor is put on a path that has him posing as an exorcist with a pal. The two think they’ve got a good thing going until they’re faced with a real menace.

A mix of The Frighteners (love that film), Constantine, Ghostbusters and the TV show Psych by the sounds of it. Should be good though.

Early days so no director attached as yet.

Source: STYD

The Thing poster by Travis Pitt.

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Riddick – Plot details emerge for Vin Diesel’s eye shine guy

Posted by LiveFor on February 17, 2010

Last week news was out that David Twohy was going to definitely get the chance to write and direct a third Chronicles of Riddick film. Simply called Riddick it would again star Vin Diesel as the antihero.

Today THR have the news that a bidding war has gone down over the distribution rights in Russia. Apparently, they love a bit of Riddick in Russia.

Most interestingly is the glimpse of what we can expect to see in the third installment. Looks like the Necromongers have dumped Riddick:

Though billed as a back-to-basics approach to the character popularized by Diesel, the script features the character — the most wanted man in the galaxy — left for dead on a barren alien planet, dealing with “trisons” (three-legged bisons) and “mud demons.” He must then contend with two squads of bounty hunters, one of which ride rockets called jetcycles.

Sounds slightly like generic sci-fi to me, but generic sci-fi can still be good. How do you feel about the plot details? Are you glad to see Riddick going back to basics?

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Riddick will return. This time Vin Diesel is correct.

Posted by LiveFor on February 12, 2010

I am a big fan of Riddick. Funnily enough I watched Pitch Black on Blu-Ray a couple of nights ago and I enjoy the Chronicles of Riddick despite a few of its flaws. Therefore, I have been following the possibility of a third Riddick film closely.

For a long time Vin Diesel has been talking about a new Riddick film, but it has always just been talk. The second film didn’t do so well. It made $116 million worldwide, but the budget for it had been $105 million so it was doubtful a third would ever see the light of day. It did carry on with a series of video games which kept the character going. Vin and director David Twohy always had faith in the project. Now it looks as if that faith has been justified.

Variety have the news that Universal have given the go ahead for a third film. David Twohy who wrote and directed the first two films in the series, will do the same for the third film which will simply be titled Riddick.

There is no word on what the plot will be, but insiders say the third outing will hew closer in tone to the cult hit “Pitch Black” and will focus on the character of Riddick as opposed to the universe he inhabits, which was the case with the Chronicles of Riddick. Not sure if it will follow on from that film where Riddick ended up being leader of the Necromongers.

I’m really looking forward to seeing some more of Riddick and glad they are going back to the tone of Pitch Black, although I personally enjoyed seeing the Universe building in the second film. I do hope they tie up the plot from that installment and that it get’s an R / 18 Rating so Riddick can be a proper nasty bastard and kill you nasty!

What did you think of the first two films and do you want to see Riddick on the big screen again?

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Riddick to return and Ridley Scott cries havoc

Posted by LiveFor on August 1, 2009

Riddick, Riddick, Riddick. A great character brought to life by Vin Diesel in the excellent Pitch Black. Then quickly put to sleep in The Chronicles of Riddick – I must admit I did enjoy the sequel but critics and audiences didn’t so it looked as if Riddick would never see the Underdark. Then some cool video games came out and rumours of Riddick’s demise began to seem exaggerated.

During an exclusive interview with Bloody-Disgusting, David Twohy confirmed that he and Vin Diesel are indeed discussing a Riddick sequel and they are hoping to find a way to return to the R-rated origins of the series. “I’ve sketched out two ideas for continuing Riddick, one of which Vin and I have settled in on,” Twohy tells BD. “At the studio level, it would have to be a PG-13 movie again and we don’t want to do that again. We want an R, so we are looking at the possibility of setting it up as an independent movie and selling it territory by territory and thereby keeping an ownership stake in the movie. But we’re trying to see what that would yield in this unsafe market…

So we’re trying to figure out what that number is and if we can make the movie that we want to make for that number. It’s a complicated formula.

If the stars should align just right financially for a RIDDICK sequel, Twohy says he’d be up for going into production as early as 2010. “It could be my next movie. I know Vin’s going to slide in XXX first. He’s doing a sequel to that the first of the year. So the soonest we could launch would be sometime next year.

Twohy has also finished another script for a thriller that could go next. “[My next movie] could be a supernatural thriller called CRYING HAVOC that Ridley Scott would produce and I would direct. It’s about an FBI agent who uses technology to track a spy across the world only to learn that the spy is more of a demon than a man. That chase leads our FBI agent into the lower circles of hell, at least psychologically speaking. I think it’s a very cool supernatural thriller with a lot of great visuals to it. That’s already written and that could pop next. Ridley has been shepherding that project along.

He is encouraged by the fan enthusiasm for the project and hopes he gets the chance to continue that series soon. “I get a lot of e-mail about Riddick,” says Twohy. “I think there’s an audience for it, but you never know. I’ve probably gotten two thousand e-mails on it, but if only two thousand people show up at the theater, you know? But we think about it, we think about it a lot.

Do you want to see a new Riddick film? Should it follow on from what has gone before or do a kind of reboot and set him down somewhere else?

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A Perfect Getaway – Viral – Serial Killers Have Reached the US

Posted by LiveFor on July 31, 2009

News report from Channel Eight News Now: Another honeymooning couple was found murdered this morning in Honolulu Hawaii. Authorities now believe this is the work of a serial killers who have already murdered three other vacationing couples elsewhere in the South Pacific.


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A Perfect Getaway – Viral – Murder Suspects Identified

Posted by LiveFor on July 31, 2009

News report from Channel Eight News Now: Authorities have identified two individuals who were living in a house in Tahiti containing suspicious materials believed to be related to the murder of a Canadian couple. More couples have gone missing in the South Pacific.


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A Perfect Getaway – Viral – Honeymooning Couple Found Dead

Posted by LiveFor on July 31, 2009

News report from Channel Eight News Now: A honeymooning couple from British Columbia, Canada, that went missing last week has been found dead in Tahiti. Disturbing latex items and blood found in local garage.


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A Perfect Getaway – Viral – Honeymooners Missing

Posted by LiveFor on July 31, 2009

News report from Channel Eight News Now: Honeymooning couples vanish in the South Pacific. Authorities are perplexed.


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