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DC’s Brightest Day has lots of Heroes returning

Posted by LiveFor on April 2, 2010

After The Blackest Night it appears that lots of dead DC heroes are coming back and this time they’re not going to be zombie copies.

Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, Maxwell Lord, Captain Boomerang, Jade, the Reverse-Flash, Hawk, Osiris and… Deadman?

DC’s writer and Co-Publisher Geoff Johns gives us some info, over on DC’s The Source, on what we can expect and the new comics that will show us the way.

Twelve heroes and villains were resurrected by the white light. Some will call it a miracle and others a sign of the apocalypse, and though the exact reasons for their rebirths is a mystery, it won’t be for long.

They’re back ­ for a reason.

Although they all have their own journeys ahead, they are connected by something and their exact mission will unfold throughout BRIGHTEST DAY. But while the truth behind their return and their ultimate destination lies within the BRIGHTEST DAY series itself and GREEN LANTERN, there are other books where you can follow these recently returned heroes to find out what life has in store for them and what they have in store for life.

In BRIGHTEST DAY, the whole cast will be seen with Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Firestorm and Deadman taking the lead as the truth behind their resurrections is discovered.

In GREEN LANTERN, the mysterious White Lantern will be the object of everyone’s desires.

In THE FLASH, Captain Boomerang will deal with a bizarre change he believes is left over from the black ring that animated his corpse. And the Reverse-Flash won’t be gone for long… but he’ll appear somewhere else first.

In JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST, Maxwell Lord ­ the most wanted man in America ­ is hunted by the former members of Justice League International; Booster Gold, Fire, Ice and Captain Atom. Why not the Justice League of America? Max is tricky…

In JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, the exact nature of Jade’s powers and their connection to the mythology of the Green Lantern Corps is unveiled.

In BIRDS OF PREY, Hawk will have to be balanced out by Dove..and Dove’s connection to the white light will be revealed in BRIGHTEST DAY.

In TITANS, Osiris will be seen as a way to Black Adam and vice versa.

And finally, in GREEN ARROW #1… well… I’ve said enough. Let’s let the pictures doing the talking.

It’s a new dawn, but what tomorrow is like no one can say for sure. Except maybe Deadman… who is ironically the key to it all.

All very exciting and intriguing. Now if only I could afford to pick up all the titles to follow what was going on!

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Del Toro’s Deadman definitely due or is there a Doctor in the house?

Posted by LiveFor on September 8, 2009

guillermo-del-toro-on-the-set-of-hellboy-2Remember last week when I posted the news that Guillermo del Toro would be producing a Deadman film based on the exploits of DC Comics character Boston Brand? What am I talking about. This is the internet you don’t need to remember anything. It’s all there at the click of a mouse. Go read and come back….good. Here we go then.

The Deadman film is meant to be directed by Nikolaj Arcel. The thought was that it would be getting done, along with his Frankenstein film and numerous other projects once the big task of The Hobbit was all done and dusted.

Then the mighty Filmstalker drew my attention to this post that del Toro left on

In a few days there will be a BIG announcement (big for me, at least) that is not-Hobbit related. BEFORE anyone starts wondering the usual “how does he have time?, Is this detracting form The Hobbit?” etc It is a project that started over 2 years ago, before The Hobbit and will render fruits in the mid-term, not intruding on my Hobbit duties. Rest assured. The key letter is “D”

The letter D…the obvious one is Deadman, but I don’t think he started that over two years ago. The other options are Dr Strange (which would be amazing in the hands of del Toro), Drood, Daredevil, and whatever else you can think of with D. Maybe Tenacious D?
I reckon it will be Deadman or Dr Strange, probably the latter as that’s been talked about for a few years and Marvel being bought by Disney means another D, but only time will tell. I am surprised that he is going to whack out a quick film before The Hobbit is finished. He sure loves keeping busy.

What D do you think it will be? If Deadman I could see Doug Jones playing him, but if it is Dr Strange then who could be the right actor for that?

This post is brought to you with the letter D and the number 7. Now off to Sesame Street.

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Deadman to be guided by Guillermo Del Toro

Posted by LiveFor on August 29, 2009

mignola_deadmanAnother great DC Comic character is heading to the big screen and this one could be nice and spooky.

Bloody Disgusting is being told that Nikolaj Arcel (Island of Lost Souls ) is looking to direct Deadman for Warner Bros. Pictures. Guillermo del Toro is set to produce the film. that follows a a circus tightrope walker who is murdered and returns as a ghost with the ability to inhabit the bodies if others in order to find his killer.

Deadman is a ghost, formerly a circus trapeze artist named Boston Brand who performed under the name Deadman, a stage persona including a red costume and white corpse makeup. When Brand is murdered during a trapeze performance by a mysterious assailant known only as the Hook (in fact his last words were “Gee, from up here it almost looks like that guy with the hook for a hand has a gun…”), his spirit is given the power to possess any living being by a Hindu goddess (created for the purposes of the story) named Rama Kushna (a corruption of Rama-Krishna), in order to search for his murderer and obtain justice.

He has interacted with many of the other DC characters, most notably Batman and his adventures have been both comical and weird.

I’ll look forward to this one. Who could play Boston Brand?

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