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R.I.P.D. – Ryan Reynolds to play dead cop

Posted by LiveFor on April 2, 2010

Welcome to the Rest In Peace Department — the devoted, yet dead, officers of divine law enforcement “patrolling the deadbeat…reporting to one boss.” Yep — THAT boss. Nick Cruz was murdered by an unknown assailent, at the height of his personal and professional life. Now he’s traded a hundred years of service to the R.I.P.D. in exchange for a shot at finding who killed him. Unfortunately his search will take him to Hell and back — literally!

R.I.P.D. is a Dark Horse comic written by Peter Lenkov and drawn by Lucan Marangon.

Collider spoke with producer Neil Moritz who mentioned that Ryan Reynolds is down to play Nick Cruz which will be his third comic book character after Green Lantern and Deadpool (I wonder what this means to the Deadpool film?).

Moritz said “It’s terrific based on the graphic novel. It’s about two cops, one recently dead and a gunslinger who’s been dead for hundreds of years who work on the Rest in Peace department – which is the police department of the dead. And they basically…it takes place on a normal day and it’s about trying to keep the dead quiet.”

It is a great sounding concept but reminds me of a TV show from a few years ago where dead cops had to police the spirit world. Had a guy with a big afro..what was it called?

Lots of potential in this film although it is going to be rated PG-13 which means not as much nasty stuff as you would think. Who could play the gunslinger? Lance Henriksen maybe.

R.I.P.D. Graphic Novel at

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The Random – Conchords go Muppets, 3D Porn, Sam Raimi to do the Shadow, Dune in 3D, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Scream 4, Take This Waltz, Scott Pilgrim, Green Hornet, Deadpool

Posted by LiveFor on January 30, 2010

“Flight of the Conchords” co-creator James Bobin has decided to sign on to direct Disney’s new Muppet movie.

Tinto Brass (Caligula) is planning what he calls the world’s first-ever 3D pornographic production says The Hollywood Reporter.

Sam Raimi may direct a new feature based on the pulp tales of The Shadow.

Pierre Morel has said he would like to do the Dune remake in 3D.

John C Reilly and Tilda Swinton are to star in the adaption of Lionel Shriver’s We Need To Talk About Kevin. The novel follows a mother’s shock and horror when her son initiates a high school killing spree.

Kevin Williamson talks about Scream 4

Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams are set to star in the romantic drama Take This Waltz says Dark Horizons. The story follows a young woman (Williams) who struggles with her infidelities and the budding realization that she may be addicted to the honeymoon period of her relationships. Sarah Polley (“Away From Her”) directs.

Edgar Wright’s adaption of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World will be released on 13th August 2010 so will go head to head with Stallone’s The Expendables.

Danny Elfman is scoring The Green Hornet film starring Seth Rogen and directed by Michel Gondry.

Ryan Reynolds talks to the Deadpool screenwriters (“Zombieland” writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick) everyday.

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The Deadpool Redemption – Fan film for the Merc with the mouth

Posted by LiveFor on January 25, 2010

While we wait for the Ryan Reynolds official Deadpool movie (we’ve got the Green Lantern film to look forward to first) here is a fan made film by Strange Stuff Studios starring our favourite Merc.

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Marvel’s Siege #3 Deadpool cover could be having a dig at DC’s Blackest Night

Posted by LiveFor on January 23, 2010

Blackest Night has lots of different Lantern rings and this J Scott Campbell variant cover features Deadpool with lots of rings. Is it a dig at DC?

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This is why Deadpool rocks

Posted by LiveFor on January 12, 2010

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Could Stephen Lang play Cable? Rob Liefeld thinks so

Posted by LiveFor on December 22, 2009

Avatar has been having a huge effect on the box office and the technology of cinema. However, it has also inspired a certain comic book creator on who he would like to play one of his creations.

Rob Liefeld is the creator in question. He is the guy behind Deadpool, currently in early pre-production for a Ryan Reynolds starring film. He also developed the time travelling cybernetic mutant known as Cable.

Cable’s real name is Nathan Summers and he is the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey, but was taken far into the future after being infected by a techno-organic virus. His mutant powers of telepathy and telekinesis was off the charts but was mainly used to keep the virus at bay. He returned to the present day as an old grizzled warrior where he formed X-Force had many adventures and also teamed up with Deadpool for a while. He was last seen heading across time with the Mutant Messiah, Hope, while being pursued by Bishop. It is a very convoluted life for Cable but when written well he has been a cool character

Liefeld explained the creation of the character:

“ I was given a directive to create a new leader for the New Mutants. There was no name, no description besides a ‘man of action’ the opposite of Xavier. I created the look, the name, much of the history of the character. After I named him Cable, Bob suggested Quinn and Louise had Commander X” – Wikipedia

After seeing Avatar Liefeld posted the following on Twitter.
@robertliefeld Dear 20th Century Fox, Please sign Steven Lang as Cable and put him in your next X-men film. Thanks, Rob

@robertliefeld Steven Lang’s performance as Quaritch in Avatar was brilliant. Just attach a cyborg arm to him and presto! he’s Cable. Perfect age too.

Lang was one of the acting highlights in both Avatar (my review) and Public Enemies (review) and Liefeld’s comments are spot on. He would be the perfect Cable and I can’t believe I didn’t think of that when watching him in action.

If Cable was ever committed to film (maybe the Deadpool film would be the best place for his debut) then Lang is definitely the man to play him. However, they would have to leave out his hugely complex and twisted backstory for the film.

Don’t forget this is not saying that Cable is due to appear in any film, it is just the guy who created him coming up with a great idea – if he could just get the hang of drawing feet and backgrounds then he is laughing (an old joke I know – sorry Rob).

Do you think that Lang would be a perfect Cable?

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Deadpool’s X-MAS Special

Posted by LiveFor on December 14, 2009

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Is Deadpool going to Zombieland?

Posted by LiveFor on December 8, 2009

The Deadpool movie is something I am really looking forward to. One of my fave characters and Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) is down to play him – in previous interviews he’s said that Deadpool will be breaking the fourth wall which is very much in keeping with the character.

While nothing is official just yet, it looks like Fox could be hiring Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writers of Zombieland, to script the adventures of the Merc With A Mouth. CHUD had the rumour and we are all still waiting for confirmation of this.

I think this is excellent news as Zombieland was a great film that had me laughing throughout it. It had the anarchic kind of craziness that would fit Deadpool very well. Of course there probably won’t be any zombies in the Deadpool film if they write it, although there has been a Zombie Deadpool head from another dimension in the comic book series.

As Deadpool or rather Wade Wilson was wasted in X-Men Origins: Wolverine I really hope they get his solo outing spot on. Reese and Wernick could be the ones to do it.

How would you feel about the Zombieland writers scripting the Merc with the Mouth?

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Hitman Monkey – is this genius or plain stupid?

Posted by LiveFor on November 16, 2009

hitman monkeyFans will get a chance to properly meet Marvel’s newest star, Hitman Monkey, in a special two-part Marvel Digital Comics Exclusive beginning this December, courtesy of writer Daniel Way and artist Dalibor Talijic, all wrapped in a gorgeous Frank Cho cover. This will mark the historic first time a character has debuted through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

“Hitman Monkey is a soulful, tortured, jazz-loving 30-pound engine of destruction,” explains Executive Editor Axel Alonso. “Think Chow Yun Fat from ‘The Killer’ as a monkey. To be specific, [a Japanese Macaque] monkey.”

The character’s origin will incorporate a number of different elements, ranging from the comedic to the dramatic.

“Let’s be clear: HITMAN MONKEY is the harrowing tale of a Macaque monkey from the mountains of Japan who, though fate and circumstance, is transformed into the world’s deadliest assassin,” Alonso continues. “I fail to see what could be funny about-oh. I see your point.”

When asked how he feels Hitman Monkey’s appearance in a Marvel Digital Comics Exclusive will help build anticipation for the character’s appearance in February’s DEADPOOL #20, Alonso sees at least one simple reason:

“The fact that our protagonist is a monkey won’t hurt.”

Going back to the character’s genesis, Alonso re-enacts a conversation he had with writer/creator Daniel Way on Hitman Monkey’s design.

“Daniel Way [said] ‘I’m thinking Spider-Monkey,’ [and I responded] ‘In a sharply-tailored black suit?’ [He said] ‘Yep.’ Frank Cho added the gloves and colorist Jason Keith added the red tie. It’s a wrap.”

Once Hitman Monkey does make his way into the pages of the Merc With a Mouth’s own book, Alonso promises that “Deadpool and Spider-Man will never know what hit ’em. Hitman Monkey is a skilled martial artist and crack shot, plus he’s got mad hops. He is really good at what he does-one might even venture to say, he’s the best there is at what he-Wait.”

Source: Marvel

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Ryan Reynolds says Green Lantern starts shooting in a few months

Posted by LiveFor on October 3, 2009

ryan_reynoldsRyan Reynold’s was on last evening’s “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” and he chatted about the forthcoming Green Lantern and Deadpool films.

According to MTV Reynolds had to keep quiet on specific details about the Green Lantern film but he did mention when they would begin filming.

“I’m 4-5 months away from beginning shooting,” Reynolds told Fallon.

“It’s crazy, it’s the only job I’ve ever had that I’m not allowed to really talk about. I think there’s like a representative from Warner Brothers who I’m sure is following me around ready to blow-dart me if I say a single word,” said Reynolds, “I probably have a chip in me somewhere, like if I start talking about it, I’ll just pass away.”

“A lot of [the film] is sort of like a space epic and some of it is on planet Earth,” said Reynolds, “[Green Lantern] has this ring and he’s been chosen to have this power and the ring can kind of create anything that his will or his imagination can conjure up.”

Though Reynolds didn’t have any new details about the upcoming “Deadpool” spin-off, he did confirm he’d be reprising his Wade Wilson role from “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

“At his point [playing both roles] makes you just like an Internet hero, nothing really more than that,” joked Reynolds.

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