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Zonad – Trailer for the next film by the director of Once

Posted by LiveFor on February 1, 2010

Once is that lovely film about a busker and an immigrant who make wonderful music together and the due in the film formed The Swell Season.

It was written and directed by John Carney and here is the trailer for his next film, Zonad, which was co-direct with Kieran Carney.

It stars Simon Delaney, David Pearse, Rory Keenan, Don Wycherley, and Janice Byrne. Collider have the story as a rehab escapee named Liam whose arrival in a small Irish town coincides with a rare comet sighting, making the (very) gullible local community hail him as an alien from another Galaxy.

Sounds more like a bad sitcom than a feature film, but if it is as good as Once was then it should be fantastic. Have a watch of the trailer and let me know what you think.

Looking at IMDB there is another film called Zonad from 2003 by the same filmmakers. It starred a young Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later) and I am assuming it is a short by John Carney.

A quick wiki search brings up this: In 2003, John Carney co-wrote and co-directed an earlier version of Zonad, a short film, with Ciarán Carney and Tom Hall. Starring Simon Delaney and Cillian Murphy, Zonad was extremely low-budget and was never released

Now we know.

Here is some footage from that earlier short.

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