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Marvel Studios to make low budget films featuring lesser known characters

Posted by LiveFor on April 22, 2010

Marvel Studios have been doing a great job with the big name characters such as Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America. However, they have so many characters to choose from, but many are lesser known so they would never get the big budget treatment.

That means those of us who love the smaller characters – Moon Knight, Dr Strange, Dazzler, Ka-Zar, Power Pack, Deathlok, Luke Cage, Sleepwalker, Night Thrasher, Speedball and so many more may never get to see them on the big screen.

Well hold onto you hats true believers. Turns out Marvel Studios may be doing just that. According to CHUD they are meeting with writers and directors to work on small scale movies based on some of those very characters. The movies would cost in the range of 20 to 40 million dollars (very small when we’re talking studio films) and would allow them to take risks with less obvious characters and with interesting talent.

Filmmakers are being offered their pick of characters and it sounds as if Marvel will go with any cool story put to them.

I think this is excellent news and Kick-Ass shows that with a low budget and minimum advertising you can make headway against some of the bigger budgeted film.

Plus lower budget means filmmakers will make sure every penny is spent well and could lead to some awesome kind of films. Imagine the street level Marvel characters such as Luke Cage made in a French Connection style, Iron Fist as an R rated kung-fu movie, or a truly gory body part swapping Terror Inc!

Of course no word yet on what characters will be used just yet but I think this is a breath of fresh air for the comic book movies and exciting for comic fans such as me.

What characters would you like to see get onto the big screen? Who could play them and who could direct?

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Cool Minimalist Posters – Thor, Hulk, Captain America and more

Posted by LiveFor on April 21, 2010

Check out the excellent work of Rogan Josh. He’s really done excellent jobs in the minimalist style. Hell, he’s even included a reference to Frog Thor. Lots more to check out on his Etsy site and you can buy them for $18.00 a pop.

I think the Doctor Strange one is my favourite.

Source: Scifi Wire

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Doctor Voodoo – Marvel has a new Sorcerer Supreme

Posted by LiveFor on September 29, 2009

I know Doctor Strange passed the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme over to Brother Voodoo a while back but I really like the artwork for this cover.

Source: CBR

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Del Toro’s Deadman definitely due or is there a Doctor in the house?

Posted by LiveFor on September 8, 2009

guillermo-del-toro-on-the-set-of-hellboy-2Remember last week when I posted the news that Guillermo del Toro would be producing a Deadman film based on the exploits of DC Comics character Boston Brand? What am I talking about. This is the internet you don’t need to remember anything. It’s all there at the click of a mouse. Go read and come back….good. Here we go then.

The Deadman film is meant to be directed by Nikolaj Arcel. The thought was that it would be getting done, along with his Frankenstein film and numerous other projects once the big task of The Hobbit was all done and dusted.

Then the mighty Filmstalker drew my attention to this post that del Toro left on

In a few days there will be a BIG announcement (big for me, at least) that is not-Hobbit related. BEFORE anyone starts wondering the usual “how does he have time?, Is this detracting form The Hobbit?” etc It is a project that started over 2 years ago, before The Hobbit and will render fruits in the mid-term, not intruding on my Hobbit duties. Rest assured. The key letter is “D”

The letter D…the obvious one is Deadman, but I don’t think he started that over two years ago. The other options are Dr Strange (which would be amazing in the hands of del Toro), Drood, Daredevil, and whatever else you can think of with D. Maybe Tenacious D?
I reckon it will be Deadman or Dr Strange, probably the latter as that’s been talked about for a few years and Marvel being bought by Disney means another D, but only time will tell. I am surprised that he is going to whack out a quick film before The Hobbit is finished. He sure loves keeping busy.

What D do you think it will be? If Deadman I could see Doug Jones playing him, but if it is Dr Strange then who could be the right actor for that?

This post is brought to you with the letter D and the number 7. Now off to Sesame Street.

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Kevin Feige talks Avengers, Captain America and Thor

Posted by LiveFor on June 5, 2009

There is a great interview ove on Ugo with Marvel Films President Kevin Feige about the new films coming out over the next few years. He talks about the Hulk with the Avengers, Will Smith as a possible Captain America (which I think is a big mistake although he could fit into that universe as Isaiah Bradley that I’ve previously mentioned), Thor on Earth, the return of Blade and more. Here are some of the highlights.

Are you planning on putting The Hulk in The Avengers?

Feige: I think it’d be cool. I’d like to see The Hulk again. It will have been a number of years, four years since he was in a movie by that point, by 2012. So I’d like to see him in it. I’m not being coy. We’re just starting the story. I was on the phone with Zak Penn this morning. He’s coming in next week and he’s going to work on the outline this summer, but because it’s so intertwined with what we’re doing before – I almost wanted to get done with production on Iron Man 2 [and] the scripts to Thor and Captain America well underway before we even started Avengers.

Is there any possibility of having SHIELD show up in a Spider-Man movie? Is that something you guys would like to do and is there a possibility of bringing these disparate properties back into the fold?

Feige: If we were talking about this four years ago and you asked if there was a chance to do an Avengers movie and a Marvel Cinematic Universe under one roof, I would’ve said that anything was possible, but that it’s a long shot and I’m not sure. Now we’re doing it. I’ll kind of give you the same answer to that now. Anything is possible. Right now they’re certainly different. What’s at Fox is at Fox. What’s at Sony is what’s at Sony and what’s at Marvel is what’s at Marvel. When I say the MCU that’s a goofy internal thing, but that’s [how] we’re referring to it.

You’ve got a lot now, but what other characters would you like to see make it onscreen?

Feige: Ant-Man. I want to make Ant-Man one of these days. I think that’ll be surprising and a funny thing. I love that what Edgar [Wright] likes about it is that when he says he’s doing Ant-Man people go, “Ant-Man? What the hell is that?” I think that’s fun. I think Dr. Strange would kick ass. I think we’ve done very well at the superhero genre, if you will, this street level superhero aspect of the Marvel Universe. I think with Thor you’ll see us cracking into the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe in a very good way that’s never been done before in our movies and I’d love to get into that supernatural element. I think that Dr. Strange could be a good way of being the lynchpin to that universe with Werewolf By Night, with Blade again someday – that side of the Marvel Universe.

Recently it’s been announced that more of the Thor story will take place on Earth. Is it a contemporary earth or Viking times?

Feige: It’ll be contemporary.

How are you going to deal with the fish out of water aspect of it? Are you concerned at all about Thor dealing with the wacky modern day aspects of his life, being on a cell phone or something like that?

I am concerned about that and that’s why we’re not going to do that. We always think about, not in terms of “Thor,” but if you talk about fish out of water; if a character is goofy at any time he’ll be goofy. If you bring in an idiot from the past he’s going to come into the future and go [holding a recorder up to his face] “What is this? Hello?” That stuff is not funny and it’s overdone. If Indiana Jones came to the future he’s going to be cool. He’s not going to be an idiot bumbling with things. There might be some fun humor out of him just getting something wrong for a minute, but he’s going to play it cool and just not come off like an idiot. I think that Thor…if you look at [Jack] Kirby’s Asgard, if you look at Walt Simonson’s Asgard; they are technologically superior to us by far. They’re not going to come and be flummoxed by much on Earth. There might be cultural differences that could be amusing or endearing, but he’s not going to be talking to a lamppost for five minutes.

Is Donald Blake going to be in Thor and is he still going to be handicapped?

Feige: No.

Will Thor still be recognizable as a what we understand to be a superhero movie or is it going to be closer to fantasy?

I think it’s going to be very much a Marvel superhero movie, but I think to the movie audience it’s going to expand that definition more and more. Again, we’ve got a forty four year old guy who’s going to be a superhero in a movie and he puts on an armored suit. That didn’t necessarily mean superhero to people. In that same way, I think, someone who’s got superpowers coming to Earth and dealing with other character from his realm will come off very much as a big ass superhero movie. But it’s going to expand that definition, I hope, in a way.

QCan you talk about the casting of Chris Hemsworth and what it was ultimately about this guy after looking at all these other actors?

Feige: You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. When he did his auditioned he worked for it. He put himself on tape. He put himself on tape again and then did it again and then came in and sat with Branagh and then worked again with Branagh and then ultimately did a very late in the process screen test and there was no question. It was very much like going back to 1999 when Dougray Scott got injured on Mission Impossible 2 and we had to go back to the videotapes and suddenly we saw Hugh Jackman who came in and did a screen test and it was like, “There’s no question that this is our guy.” In this case it was actually even cleaner with Chris because with Hugh he was like two feet taller than the character was supposed to be which was nerve racking, but Chris is six four and looks exactly Thor.

Are you going to get a big name for “Captain” or are you looking to get another unknown?

Feige: We’ll see. I do think that’s something that we’ll take into account, international appeal. There are only a handful of stars that mean anything here much less overseas. But I do think that will be a factor in it. As long as we have the freedom to do so at Marvel….to just cast the best actor for the part whether it’s an actor who’s been a great actor, but hasn’t starred in marquee action movies before like Downey or somebody that came out of Australia that they’ve never heard of.

There’s been some talk of going with a Will Smith and using the “Truth” storyline of Captain America.

Feige: I love the “Truth” storyline. I think that’s very cool. I wouldn’t do that as a first Captain America movie though. I think Will Smith is probably one of those handful of international stars. But I think that [arc] came about four or five hundred issues in to the “Cap” run. I don’t see launching with that comic.

If one of the movies doesn’t do well in this run, how will that effect The Avengers? It’s the riskiest one of the bunch because you’re relying on people wanting to come and see Thor again and Cap again.

Feige: I think Avengers is going to have it’s own vibe. I think Avengers will feel very much like…it’ll have a different tone than the other Marvel movies. I’m not talking budget level here, but it’ll have a much more massive global feel to it. Our movies aren’t about saving the world. Iron Man doesn’t save the world. Hulk doesn’t save the world. Captain America, a little bit. But it’s not about these comic bookey “I will save the world” things. The Avengers is about saving the world because there’s no other reason for characters that powerful to band together. So I think the scope and the scale will feel like a much bigger thing. So whatever you had seen – whether Starscream was your favorite character or Megatron is your favorite character or Soundwave is your favorite character – you’re going to see the experience of that epic thing together. I think it’ll be the same thing. Clearly I hope it’ll all work. I hope that people will, like they’ve done with the comics for years and years, argue about who their favorite is and who would win in a fight and all of that fun stuff.

For Avengers,will the threat to them come from outside the Earth?

Feige: It’ll be big. It’ll be something that no single hero can handle.

Discuss in the forum or leave a comment below.


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Marvel Studios to develop Nighthawk, Iron Fist, Black Panther and more

Posted by LiveFor on March 27, 2009

With more than 5,000 crime fighters and villains in its library, Marvel Entertainment is looking for some help in adapting those characters into films.
Comicbook giant is readying to assemble a group of scribes who will pen scripts for various properties Marvel wants to develop.

The writers group will be similar to that created by the fellowship program the Walt Disney Co. has been running since 1990. Latter enlists a dozen scribes to work with creative execs to develop films for the studio and TV shows for ABC, the Disney Channel and ABC Family.

Marvel will invite up to five writers each year to work on specific projects, said a source familiar with the deal. Those could include staffers behind Marvel’s comicbooks.

The company will provide the specific pitches it wants the scribes to tackle. Those could involve certain plot points for movies already in development or characters it would like to see in its future film slate.

Gathering of scribes will help Marvel come up with creative ways to launch its lesser-known properties, such as Black Panther, Cable, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Nighthawk and Vision.

So far, it has focused its efforts on more popular superheroes like Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America.

It was especially encouraged when Iron Man, who wasn’t as well known as Spider-Man, Superman or Batman, was able to cross over and launch a new franchise with a $582 million haul at the worldwide B.O.

Writers will receive a salary for the year. Disney fellows receive around $50,000. Marvel’s payment could double that.

A group of Marvel execs will choose the scribes, with the final decision made by Kevin Feige, Marvel Studio’s prexy of production.

High-profile writers such as Justin Theroux, Mark Protosevich, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely and Zak Penn, who are currently adapting “Iron Man 2,” “Thor,” “The First Avenger: Captain America” and “The Avengers,” respectively, will not be part of the group.

Terms call for Marvel to own whatever the writers work on during the year. Company has the option to continue a relationship with the scribes after that period.

The group, whose first members are currently being recruited, is expected to begin tackling projects this year.

Leave a comment on this post below.

Source: Variety


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Rumour – Clooney to play Dr Strange and directed by Ridley Scott

Posted by LiveFor on January 6, 2009

Pure supposition on the part of /film but it would be so good if it was true.

George Clooney was spotted in Hollywood having a business meeting with director Ridley Scott, and Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel.

Nothing is known about what happened in the meeting or what was discussed. It may have been all purely sociable but if there is any chance of Clooney and Scott being involved in a Marvel Studios film then that would be cool for all of us.

As /film say Clooney could play Dr Strange (I posted news on a Dr Strange film a while back and it was rumoured that Christian Bale would be playing the Master of the Mystic Arts) and Scott could direct it or another film – so far the only ones missing a director are The Avengers and Dr Strange.

Once again this is the very bare bones of a rumour.

However, what Marvel character would you like to see George Clooney play and what Marvel film should Ridley Scott direct.

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The Random

Posted by LiveFor on October 29, 2008

/film have some photos of Kick-Ass himself played by Aaron Johnson.

Cinema Blend say that the Dr Strange film that Marvel think will be made some time after 2012, could be starring Batman himself Christian Bale.

It looks like Preacher might finally make its way to the big screen. Columbia Pictures has picked up the rights to adapt the series into a feature film, with American Beauty/Road to Perdition director Sam Mendes attached to helm the project. give us an actual glimpse of what Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson will look like on the big screen.


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Master of the Mystic Arts, Dr Strange could be the next Marvel hero to hit the big screen

Posted by LiveFor on October 22, 2008

MTV have some news on the next Marvel character that could be heading to the big screen – the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr Strange.

[Dr Strange] is very much at the top of the list for a post “Avengers” make-over, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige told MTV News.

“Very much so,” Feige said. “I’d say in the next year, year and a half, as we start putting together our film slate for 2012 and 2013, I would not be shocked if we saw Dr. Strange on those lists. I love the idea of taping into the magical realm of the Marvel Universe, which is fairly significant and hasn’t yet seen life on screen.

“It’s something I’m very, very interested in,” he emphasized.

When asked about the fact Dr Strange is not that well known out of the comic community Feige had this to say.

“Ha!” Feige laughed. “I remember two years ago at Comic Con the cover of the ‘LA Times Calendar Section,’ read ‘Marvel calls out the B team’ and there was a picture of Iron Man. We don’t look at them as ‘B team.’ Dr. Strange? This is one of the best characters we have. [He represents] this amazing cosmic universe to Marvel that we haven’t played with in films yet and I think could be amazing to play with.”
What do you think of that news? Who could play the surgeon turned sorcerer?


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