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Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths – New DC Comics animated feature

Posted by LiveFor on September 16, 2009

I have still not got hold of the new Green Lantern: First Flight or seen any of the Superman / Batman: Public Enemies animated films that DC have recently released (if any PR people reading this have any screener copies they want to send me to review then send them my way – hey that’s one of the perks of running this site).

However, I do love cartoons, comics and superheroes so anything like this is immediately cool in my book.

MTV had this first look at the new film and it is based on some classic stories from the DC universe – some footage has now been released.

Written by Justice League alumni Dwayne McDuffie and Bruce Timm serving as executive producer, the feature borrows themes from DC’s “Crisis On Infinite Earths” and Grant Morrison’s “JLA: Earth 2” storylines with a heroic version of Lex Luthor traveling from a parallel Earth to enlist the aid of the Justice League in thwarting their evil counterparts, The Crime Syndicate. Owlman stands out as the most notable foe, apparently putting “the balance of all existence in peril” according to Warner Bros.
Earth 2 featured an alternate Earth where all the Justice League heroes had their evil counterparts (see the pic below) and was a very cool tale from the man who brought us The Invisibles, We3, Animal Man and so many more good things.
Crisis on Infinite Earths is a true classic and featured the DC multiverse being obliterated one Universe at a time. It also featured the death of Supergirl and Barry Allen who was the first Flash to don the full red suit. Since then Barry has returned and a new version of Supergirl has since appeared. That is the trouble with comics. No one stays Bucky dead anymore…not even Bucky although I don’t mind that so much as his time as the Winter Soldier and the new Captain America have been very cool.

Any way I digress and apparantly switched comic book universes in that last paragraph.

The feature’s voice cast will include stars Mark Harmon (“NCIS”) as Superman, James Woods (“Ghosts of Mississippi”) as Owlman, Chris Noth (“Sex and the City, Law & Order”) as Lex Luthor, William Baldwin (“Dirty Sexy Money”) as Batman, Gina Torres (“Serenity,” “Firefly”) as Super Woman and Bruce Davison (“X-Men”) as the President.

All in all this is shaping up to pretty darn tasty. Anyone else excited about it?

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Static is joining the DC Universe – Hopefully Xombi and Blood Syndicate will follow

Posted by LiveFor on December 3, 2008

I was a big fan of DC’s Milestone line of titles from back in the day. Some great artists (Chris Cross was the stand out) and great writers made for a cracking series of comics that where not tied into the normal DC Universe.

Although Milestone comics were published through DC Comics, they did not take place in the DC Universe. Under an arrangement similar to the one DC and Wildstorm established later, all Milestone characters existed in a separate continuity that did not fall under DC Comics’ direct editorial control (but DC still retained right of refusal to publish). Unlike Wildstorm, whose properties were bought by DC Comics, Milestone Media retained the copyright of their properties.

They included many great titles – Icon, Hardware and my favourites, Static, Blood Syndicate and Xombi.

Sadly Milestone cancelled several of its lower-selling series in 1995 and 1996, and aborted plans for several mini-series. Heroes, a new team book featuring Static and several of its more popular second-tier characters, was launched, but failed to sell well enough to justify an ongoing series. Milestone shut down its comic book division in 1997, with some of the remaining ongoing series discontinued in mid-story. Today, it is primarily a licensing company, focusing on its television property, the Emmy Award and Humanitas Prize winning animated series Static Shock.

The good news is that the Milestone heroes are coming back, starting with Static. At the 2008 Comic-Con DC Comics executive editor Dan DiDio announced that the Milestone Universe and characters would be revived and merged into the DC Universe proper.

It begins begins this week in Terror Titans #3, and DC has provided Newsarama with a first look at the issue’s last page – the DCU debut of Static (that’s the picture above).

The solicitation for the issue reads:

Written by Sean McKeever; Art and Cover by Joe Bennett and Jack Jadson

Dreadbolt faces a terrible decision, and his choice could elevate him in the Clock King’s eyes – but at an unthinkable cost. Meanwhile, the tournament between teen metas continues, and the fate of the winners and losers becomes clearer as the Clock King’s ultimate plan comes to light. Ravager’s role in the plan also becomes clearer, and she is beginning to openly rebel. So, to sweeten the deal, she is granted the honor of fighting the Dark Side Club’s hidden and true champion – one she could never have expected!

Static’s appearance in Terror Titans will be followed up in issue #4 before the character moves to the Teen Titans series, where he will join to the team. The bulk of the remaining Milestone characters will make their DCU debut in this month’s Justice League of America #27, written by Dwayne McDuffie

Static’s powers are all related to electromagnetic phenomena, particularly as manifested by electricity – Static’s powers are best described as Super-Conductor Electromagnetism (like the floating trains in Tokyo which are suspended by Super-Conductor Electromagnetism). Due to the wide ranges that Static has (see Electromagnetic Spectrum), Static’s electromagnetic powers behave with a range of frequencies, abilities, and power levels. For example: Static’s main weakness in confrontations with other Meta-Humans’ and Bang-Babies’, is water; if Static is hit by a large body of water, his powers can short out, especially if he’s charged up. However, he can fly in the rain. Thank you wikipedia!

Fantastic news to me. Anyone else out there a fan of the Milestone characters? Which one will you want to see next in the DCU? I vote for Xombi (a potentially immortal, technologically enhanced human being and magnet for the weird – the wonders of nanotechnology)

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