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Invasion of the Not Quite Dead – Help finance a Zombie film

Posted by LiveFor on February 2, 2010

The Indywood Project are trying to get money together for their zombie feature, Invasion of the Not Quite Dead.

It stars Leslie Simpson (Dog Soldiers, Descent and Straw Man) who is a top bloke. Efisia Fele, Warwick Davis (Willow, Return of the Jedi), Jordan Rees, Lloyd Kaufman and Ken Russell as Mr Hickory. A nice cast there for a film such as this.

You can also be a part of the film by giving a bit of cash and becoming a producer. Check out their site for more info.

In 1978 a meteorite crash lands into the Swiss Mountains, unleashing a deadly virus. Killing everyone within a 20 mile radius, the incident was covered up by local officials. Now thirty years later the virus is released onto an unsuspecting island off the coast of the UK. A group of survivors must band together in order to survive the death and destruction of the once friendly local

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