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Tron Legacy – Encom news and first look at Bruce Boxleitner

Posted by LiveFor on February 25, 2010

Things are shaping up in the world of Tron Legacy. There was a world wide race to find clues to open a site which brought us the photo from earlier today and now which has lots of things on it including links to other Tron related sites.

One such site is for Encom, which as you’ll all know, is the company from the first Tron movie. Bruce Boxleitner’s character Alan Bradley worked there and it was he who developed the Tron program.

The Encom site has this photo of Bruce as Alan Bradley who is now Executive Consultant for the company. He’s looking well.

The Encom catalogue shows a number of games they have been working on. Tron and Space Paranoids were in the original film and that gave us the flying tank things, so the names of the other games may have give us a clue as to what we can expect in the sequel – Laser Maximus, Arc Wars, Vice Squad, Astro Gunner, Code Wars, Kras Bot, Matrix Blaster and more.

Encom also say that Verbisware 7.1 OS is almost ready for the market and it will soon become the new gold standard in computing.

There is some mention of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) in the timeline of the company becoming CEO of Encom. It says he disappeared on 26th July 1989. Alan Bradley then took over as CEO.

It is a great site and I love it when they spend time on these viral sites. Looks like Encom is doing well and has spread all over the World. What that means for the world in Tron Legacy I have no idea.

The future is Encom.

Lots to see on that site and many others from the FlynnLives forum – let me know what you find.

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