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Mark Millar to direct Trainspotting style Scottish Superhero film

Posted by LiveFor on March 5, 2010

While talking to STV comic book writer Mark Millar (, Wanted, Kick-Ass, Nemesis) spoke about his independant Scottish superhero movie he will be directing this year.

The plan with the Scottish movie was that I realised that everything I’d written, even though I’m a Scottish guy from Coatbridge, everything I’d written was set in New York or Los Angeles. I just thought that’s quite weird; normally people will do something that is a wee bit to do with where they came from, so I thought that it was quite odd that I’ve never done that. It’s a lazy shorthand to always set something in America that everybody understands.

I saw District 9, the South-African alien movie. I thought that that was quite interesting to see something that people don’t associate with South Africa, which is alien invasions, to juxtapose two things and make something quite interesting and quite odd, and I thought wouldn’t it be cool to do a superhero movie in Scotland.

Not a cheesy BBC Scotland comedy kind of thing, but to make it cool, as cool as X Men 2 was or whatever. Not costumes and that kind of stuff, a 21st century Trainspotting kind of thing about people with superpowers and make it epic, make it big and grand in scope, try and do something that’s unexpected.

So my plan is to start directing that in June, June and July. We’re prepping it just now. We want to do it with an entirely new cast, people nobody have seen before, young people from Glasgow and Edinburgh and work with local teams. Everyone that works on the movie we want to try and keep Scottish and just create a superhero movie with its own unique flavour.

Sounds very good doesn’t it. Will be interesting to hear more about the plot as at the moment it sounds a little like the Channel 4 TV show, Misfits. Millar is certainly becoming big news in movieland. Wanted was a big success at the box office and the Kick-Ass adaption has had hugely positive reviews from preview screenings.

I just hope that when he gets into the directing chair it doesn’t go all Frank Miller on The Spirit!

Source: Bleeding Cool

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300 – Frank Miller talks prequel

Posted by LiveFor on December 15, 2009

The Los Angeles Times have a great article about the forthcoming crop of films based on tales from Ancient Greece – The Clash of the Titans, Percy Jacksons and the Olympians to name but two.

They also spoke with Frank Miller about his follow-up feature to 300, the Zack Snyder-directed adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel about King Leonidas and his doomed army of Spartans. It was a huge success and since then there have been rumours of sequel and/or prequels.

Miller said the follow-up is now titled Xerxes, and is set about 10 years before the events of 300. “It’s the battle of Marathon through my lens,” Miller said Wednesday. “I’ve finished the plot and I’m getting started on the artwork.”

Miller said he is not surprised Greece is resurgent in Hollywood. “Every generation returns to ancient Greece because, well, the stories are so damn good,” said the artist, who also directed last year’s The Spirit.

Miller said that during his research trips to Greece he realized that the myth and history overlap begins to blur, which adds to the storytelling allure. “The fact and the myth are inseparable and, believe me, when you go sailing for a while in the Aegean Sea, you start believing in Poseidon.”

There you have it. Straight from the creator’s mouth. 300 prequel is good to go and sounds very interesting. Will Zack Snyder or Gerard Butler return? Do you want to see a prequel?

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Buck Rogers leaves Frank Miller behind

Posted by LiveFor on December 14, 2009

Not much of a surprise after the disaster that was Frank Miller’s adaption of Will Eisner’s The Spirit. He needs to stick to making comics.

Paradox, along with Lawrence Abramson and George Furla, is producing the long-awaited big screen return of sci-fi icon Buck Rogers but Frank Miller, who was previously attached to direct an earlier incarnation developed by different producers, is no longer involved.

No word on who will be taking over the helm or how far along the film actually is so it looks as if we’ll have to wait a while longer for a big screen Wilma Deering.

Paradox Entertainment develops and licenses mainly character-based properties, including the stories and characters of the late author Robert E. Howard. Their next movie will be Conan the Barbarian, which has been in full casting mode for the last month. We were told that rumors that Conan will be a teen for most of the story are untrue. No final casting decisions have been made or announced yet. Marcus Nispel (Friday the 13th, Pathfinder) directs.

Who would you like to see direct Buck Rogers? More importantly who should play Buck?

Source: IGN

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Sylvian White talks Ronin and Castlevania

Posted by LiveFor on September 14, 2009

Ronin06[1]Director Sylvian White is currently working on DC’s The Losers. MovieWeb recently caught up to him to speak about his proposed work on an adaption for Frank Miller’s Ronin and the video game Castlevania.

“Well, you always worry about being pin holed,” said White. “I haven’t been yet. You always worry about that, no matter which genre you do. Luckily for me so far, every time I’ve done a movie it’s been a completely different genre. If I went to Ronin, it would be a very different genre from this movie, even though the source material is still a graphic novel. You’re going from a gritty action film to a sci-fi, fun, light and contemporary action film to a very dark, futuristic sci-fi film, so I’m not worried.”

How close would he be to the original comic – would he be shooting frame for frame or instead take more freedom with the project? “The fortunate thing is that Ronin is some of Frank’s earlier work,” said White. “What works for me in the graphic novel, aesthetically-speaking, is the design of Aquarius and the design of New York. So I would pay homage to him more in the production design versus the actual frames. The frames in Ronin are some beautiful frames. To me the beautiful thing about Ronin is the production design, the character design and the colors that are used. I think you can frame things with much more depth and beauty on film than you can in a graphic. Replicating frames, that’s a different language. You want to always stay true to the graphic novel, but you’re watching a different medium. You never want to remind the audience that they’re watching a graphic novel or [something from] a graphic novel source. You just want them to watch a great movie. If they know it’s based on a graphic novel, awesome and if you make the fans happy because you paid good tribute to the source material, awesome. I don’t think you make fans happy by just replicating frames. What they want to see is that you stayed true to the story, true to the characters and true to the design.”

The director continued to explain his vision for the film. “It’s a big-budget, big blockbuster take on it,” White said. “I’d love to do it in 3D. I think it’d be ridiculous and amazing. That’s an additional budget issue, but it’s the kind of movie that would be great. I think it’d make a brilliant video game as well, something along the lines of ‘Assassin’s Creed’ but from a first-person perspective. I think it’s just a great property and a great concept. It’s got so many ideas in it in terms of commentary and philosophy. Frank Miller is a genius when it comes to that. It took so long because the source material is so complex. It’s very difficult, and it’s not linear, and it doesn’t really fit into a film format off the bat. It’s not a straight adaptation like ‘300 was or even Watchmen. It’s not as simple. I think with Ronin we need a little bit of streamlining, otherwise it’s too esoteric. You need a little bit of streamlining, but the story and the characters, if I get to do that movie, will all be there. I’m the guy who wants to respect the authors and the source material as a fan of graphic novels who grew up reading them. It’s something that needs to be done right.”

What is the deal with the adaption of Castlevania?

Castlevania is a project that I developed for a couple of years at Universal. We got to a really good point, then the division of Universal folded, and I jumped on another movie. Now it’s set up somewhere else, and I believe that someone else got attached. It’s one of my favorite video games, and I’m a huge video game player. I played that game for 25 years, and I loved developing it. I almost feel like I’ve already shot it because I was so into it for a while. I think it’ll be a great movie if they do it right,” concluded the director.

I’ve never played Castlevania so I am open to whatever it looks like on screen. As for Ronin, it is one of those graphic novels that gets raved about, but to be honest, it left me a little cold when I read it. Still it may work well on the big screen.

What are your thoughts on the two adaptions?

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Batman talks about Bale’s Batman voice

Posted by LiveFor on September 1, 2009

batmanKevin Conroy is the voice of Batman for many people. If you enjoy Batman: The Animated Series then you know what I am talking about. He is cool as Bruce Wayne (I still think Billy Zane should have been a live action Batman), but as Bats he excels with the self assured, menacing voice. The clip below shows what I am talking about.

As you may well know, Conroy recently got back in the cowl to voice Batman in Batman: Arkham Asylum – an excellent video game that I am currently playing. The plot is written by Paul Dini and Mark Hamill is also back to voice the Joker, so it is very much the gang’s all here for the game.

Conroy recently spoke to Wired about the game and he had some interesing words on Hamill and Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker, but even better he had something to say about Christian Bale’s Batman growl in The Dark Knight.

“Mark is incredible as always,” Conroy said. “There’s no one I’d rather have voicing The Joker.”

“I think Mark created the definitive ‘crazy’ Joker. There’s no question Heath Ledger gave an unbelievable performance in The Dark Knight as a scheming, anarchist Joker. But Mark perfected that fun, insane character.”

“Reuniting the cast and so many people from the animated series made Arkham Asylum such a great experience,” Conroy added. “After working with (the animated series crew) for so many years, you develop a shorthand that allows everything to work really smoothly.”

What did he think of Bale’s voice in The Dark Knight.

“I thought Christian was excellent as Bruce Wayne, but I didn’t understand his choices there. I thought it was over the top and distracted from his scenes as Batman. I’m not sure what they were going for there. But, what do I know?”

When Christian Bale was asked what he thought about Kevin Conroy’s comments he had this to say:
Not really, that’s just the work of Frank Miller and Jim Lee in All Star Batman and Robin.

Good news for Batman fans as Kevin Conroy is also voicing him in the forthcoming Superman / Batman: Public Enemies DVD that is out on 29th September.

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300 sequel may have the return of Gerard Butler?

Posted by LiveFor on July 3, 2009

“Frank Miller’s working on something,” revealed producer Mark Canton when MTV spoke to him, telling them that he’s onboard to return for Snyder’s 300 sequel. “That, Zack has said.”

“Things are always looking good with ‘300,’ it’s a blessing and a gift. Zack’s a genius, and no matter where you go it’s the one movie that people around the world seem to somewhat identify with the most,” explained Canton “We’re thrilled for [a sequel]; it’ll be a blast. There’s a new Blu-Ray coming out all over again shortly, so that’s great. It’s like the gift that never stops giving.”

“[The key to the sequel] is about getting it right, you know,” the producer said of their dilemma after having killed off virtually the entire cast in the first film. “Frank is a perfectionist, and so is Zack. And I think they set the bar pretty high.”

Canton had the surprising news that even Gerard Butler’s King Leonidas could be brought back from the dead. “Never assume anything; never assume anything,” he repeated when I asked if the original cast were gone for good. “It’ll be what it’ll be. But if we really do it, in this case, we have a visionary creator and a visionary filmmaker.”

I loved 300. Thought it was great, but I really don’t see any need for a sequel. Especially if they bring characters back whose whole point was to die a warriors death. However, if it was a prequel then of course it would make sense for the characters to return or maybe it will be another tale told to the warriors waiting to go into battle.

I am also a bit fed up with this visionary creator tag continuously being slapped on Zack Snyder. He has not yet created anything visionary. Dawn of the Dead was a remake, 300 and Watchmen were pretty much the comic book on screen – all creations of other visionaries – George Romero, Frank Miller, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

Is Snyder a visionary? How do you think Butler could return as Leonidas? Should he return?

The “Complete Experience” Blu-Ray disc is out on 21st July.


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Could Katee Sackhoff be playing Typhoid Mary in a new Daredevil film?

Posted by LiveFor on May 24, 2009

It is possible that Fox may be setting up to reboot the Daredevil franchise, with none other than Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) set to play Typhoid Mary, an enemy and former lover of Daredevil.

Los Angeles-based Golden Apple Comics is reporting that Sackhoff recently came in and grabbed every comic should could find featuring Typhoid Mary.

So we got a little visit in our comic shop last week by Katee Sackhoff, also known as Starbuck for her role on BSG. She proceeded to grab all the Typhoid Mary comics we had and has hopes to get a part for a marvel movie…

I mentioned back in August last year that Jason Statham, with the backing of Frank Miller, wanted to play Daredevil. I could see the Stath as Daredevil (his past as a high diver would help), but not his alter-ego Matt Murdock.

However, Typhoid Mary also cropped up quite a bit in the Deadpool comics. Now we all know that Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool has been given the go ahead for a film so maybe Mary will crop up in there.
I personally feel that Kate as Mary is actually a very good fit. Her time as the messed up character in the short lived Bionic Woman show shows she can act a bit mental and she was always great in Galactica.

Typhoid Mary is an enemy and former lover of Daredevil with low level psionic powers, including telekinesis. She has been employed by organized crime syndicates as an assassin in the past. She is also truly and gravely mentally ill.

Her condition was revealed to have been accidentally caused by a pre-Daredevil Matt Murdock. He had tracked a villain down to the brothel where Mary worked. He attacked the man, but to his surprise, the girls working there came at him. Panicking, he lashed out, knocking Mary out the window. It was at this moment Mary became Typhoid Mary, vowing no man would ever hurt her again. In later appearances, however, she would imply that she was a victim of child abuse.

Suffering from dissociative identity disorder, Mary Walker has two other abnormal personalities in addition to her seemingly healthy one. Her “Mary” personality is a timid, quiet, pacifist; her “Typhoid” personality is adventurous, lustful, and violent; and her “Bloody Mary” persona is brutal, sadistic, and hates all men. Mary once claimed that there was a fourth personality, who is ‘lost,’ but it has not since been mentioned. Aside from highly developed martial arts skills, Walker also possesses telekinetic powers and, more dangerously, pyrokinesis, the ability to set people or objects in her immediate vicinity aflame. –Wikipedia

Of course this is all very much a rumour.

So Deadpool or Daredevil? Which film do you think Mary may be starring in? If it is a Daredevil reboot who would you like to see throw the billy-club? Do you think Sackhoff would make a good Typhoid Mary?

Discuss in the forum or leave a comment below.


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Rosario Dawson to wear mask in Sin City 2

Posted by LiveFor on March 5, 2009

Superhero Hype have this little bit of confirmation from Rosario Dawson about the progress of Sin City 2.

Q: Jamie King said she’s read the “Sin City 2” script. Have you?
Rosario Dawson: No, I have not. She’s working with Frank [Miller] to possibly produce something together. I just talked to Frank about it though and said he finished it a couple of months ago so I’m really excited to get it going. Supposedly it’s going to happen in 2009.

Q: Did he tell you anything specifically about the script?
Dawson: I get to wear a mask in this one. Is that specific enough?

HOMEDiscuss in the Forum

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Watchmen Sin City Mashup

Posted by LiveFor on February 19, 2009

A very well done fanmade music video for Watchmen to the Sin City theme.

Discuss in the Forum

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Batman is the next Harry Potter

Posted by LiveFor on February 5, 2009

/film have the news that during today’s Time Warner earnings call, CEO Jeff Bewkes compared the Batman series to the Harry Potter film franchise, saying that they hope to release a long line of sequels.

“We look at Harry Potter. It’s fantastic to have franchises that last that long. We want to do that with Batman and Superman and perhaps Sherlock Holmes. The sequels are as good, with new characters added, as were the originals. That wasn’t the case in the years ago. Warners has more tentpoles as an on-going strategy taht very much lifts its distribution and performance. We think that’s going to hold up our slate in the 2009 – 2010 period. We’ve got four more big tentpoles coming this year.”

What do you reckon? Good news or bad? Christopher Nolan will do another one but will he do any more? Will Zack Snyder step in? Will it all end up with The Dark Knight Returns and an older Batman returning from retirement? It would be so good to see that showdown with Superman.

Who would you like to see directing Batman once Nolan steps down?

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