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Venn Diagram for Jesus Christ

Posted by LiveFor on November 18, 2009

Source: GeekForceFive

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Del Toro’s Deadman definitely due or is there a Doctor in the house?

Posted by LiveFor on September 8, 2009

guillermo-del-toro-on-the-set-of-hellboy-2Remember last week when I posted the news that Guillermo del Toro would be producing a Deadman film based on the exploits of DC Comics character Boston Brand? What am I talking about. This is the internet you don’t need to remember anything. It’s all there at the click of a mouse. Go read and come back….good. Here we go then.

The Deadman film is meant to be directed by Nikolaj Arcel. The thought was that it would be getting done, along with his Frankenstein film and numerous other projects once the big task of The Hobbit was all done and dusted.

Then the mighty Filmstalker drew my attention to this post that del Toro left on

In a few days there will be a BIG announcement (big for me, at least) that is not-Hobbit related. BEFORE anyone starts wondering the usual “how does he have time?, Is this detracting form The Hobbit?” etc It is a project that started over 2 years ago, before The Hobbit and will render fruits in the mid-term, not intruding on my Hobbit duties. Rest assured. The key letter is “D”

The letter D…the obvious one is Deadman, but I don’t think he started that over two years ago. The other options are Dr Strange (which would be amazing in the hands of del Toro), Drood, Daredevil, and whatever else you can think of with D. Maybe Tenacious D?
I reckon it will be Deadman or Dr Strange, probably the latter as that’s been talked about for a few years and Marvel being bought by Disney means another D, but only time will tell. I am surprised that he is going to whack out a quick film before The Hobbit is finished. He sure loves keeping busy.

What D do you think it will be? If Deadman I could see Doug Jones playing him, but if it is Dr Strange then who could be the right actor for that?

This post is brought to you with the letter D and the number 7. Now off to Sesame Street.

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Hobbit, Hellboy 3 and Frankenstein news from the mouth of Guillermo del Toro

Posted by LiveFor on June 11, 2009

Lots and lots of Hobbit goodness and it looks like Ron Perlman won’t be Hellboy anymore. BBC radio’s Simon Mayo had Guillermo del Toro on the show.

They were chatting about del Toro’s vampire novel The Strain, but they also discussed many of the films he’s working on. /Film picked up on this first.

The Hobbit – We know it is going to be split into two films and del Toro mentioned that they will be expanding on some of the things mentioned in passing.

There is a whole other chapter, so to speak, which is the comings and going of Gandalf which are dealt with, people that know the lore know that Gandalf was delayed with a crisis… with a character that is very shady called the Necromancer that proves to be Sauron.

He was then asked if Andy Serkis would be returning which led to some cool news.

Yes [and] Ian McKellen is back, [and] Hugo Weaving in the roles they originated in the trilogy.

That’s Gollum, Gandalf and Elrond. No news on who’ll be playing Bilbo. He also mentioned that they have got the basics down for Smaug but it will take a good few months before they get it finished. Will Perlman or Doug Jones have a role in the film?

Hellboy 3 – Ron Perlman has said he no longer wants to wear the prosthetics, so Guillermo “guesses” it will never happen. I hope this gets changed though as I would love to see another Hellboy film.

Frankenstein – Doug Jones (Silver Surfer, Abe Sapien) has been cast as the monster. Guillermo will be directing it and they are starting make-up tests very soon. I can’t wait to see what the Monster looks like.

The show is on BBC’s iPlayer for the next two days and the interview starts at the 1 hour 47 minute mark.

Discuss in the forum or leave a comment below.


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I, Frankenstein – The monster is a Private Dick, Dracula is the Kingpin. Someone call the Monster Squad

Posted by LiveFor on April 16, 2009

I, Frankenstein is a Darkstorm comic book created by Kevin Grevioux (Underworld) that combines the stories of Frankenstein’s monster, the Invisible Man, Dracula and other iconic literary creatures into one and places them in the all-new context of Dark Haven. The Monster, for example, has evolved, learned how to control his anger and now acts as a private investigator. Dracula, meanwhile, is a kingpin of crime, and the Invisible Man is a secret operative.

Death Ray Films, director Patrick Tatopoulos and Grevioux have teamed up to develop the story for the big screen. It’s also a comic series from Darkstorm Comics, set for release later this year.

Speaking to Sci Fi Wire, Grevioux said that his prescription for success is to take the source material seriously rather than reduce it to a reference or punch line. “These things could work together, given the proper execution and respect for the material,” Grevioux said. “If you look at it more realistically, and look at it in a cooler sense, I think you’re really going to get more out of it. Looking at what is traditionally considered silly or sophomoric by the public at large, I think you could take and make them very serious and get a really cool action-adventure piece out of it, and that’s what we’re trying to do here.”

“Like with Underworld, my inspiration has always been the classic horror movies, in particular House of Frankenstein, which had Frankenstein, the Wolf Man and Dracula all in one film. Looking at stuff like that, I conceived building a world where all of the classic … monsters of literature lived in the same city, called Dark Haven. So I thought it would be cool to put them in a modern film noir kind of setting, where the public is completely unaware that these creatures of legend actually exist. I thought that would be interesting, and have Frankenstein as the star, so it was kind of cool, it was kind of fun. Like, one of the things that I’ve always wanted to see is Frankenstein versus the Mummy, so in a sense we’ll get a little bit of that, things like that: pairings of different monsters, how they would interact in this city.”

This all sounds like excellent stuff, but could easily go the wrong way as the not very good Van Helsing did. However, the whole premise does seem as if it could work and I do like the updating of all the characters. I also like the fact that Frankenstein’s monster is the hero. Grevioux had this to say about the reason why the monster was chosen as the lead.

“I guess because he’s just the classic motif of an action hero: He’s big and strong. Also, I guess if you want to get down to a more, I don’t want to say existential sense, but he was the first sci-fi piece that ever existed. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is what kicked all of this off. Using Frankenstein and looking at the original novel, this was a very intelligent creature. He was smart, he was cunning, he asked questions about his existence, things like that. There is a lot of mythology there that you can pull from in terms of his motivation—why he is like he is right now—and I like that.”

What do you think of this? Has the Wolfman got nards?

Leave a comment on this post below.


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The Random

Posted by LiveFor on October 17, 2008

Following the trend for trilogies set by Douglas Adams Bourne 4 is in the works and is aiming to be out in 2010. Matt Damon will still be Bourne. The next movie could be set in South America.

More Star Trek photos are out and First Showing also have lots of info on the movie.

Prince Adam does not have the power. Latino Review have the news that Warner Bros have killed the He-Man movie.

Kevin Smith is developing a $45-$50 million futuristic outer space comedy. “The moment someone steps out of the spaceship, it’s going to cost a little more,” Smith told The Hollywood Reporter. The story will revolve around a father-son relationship, and will reference other science fiction films.

More Zack and Miri Make a Porno ads have been banned as they contain the word Porno.

Further details are online about the recently announced Bull Durham sequel.

Guillermo del Toro says he would love to get illustrator Bernie Wrightson to design the creature for his upcoming Frankenstein feature. You can find some of Bernie’s illustrations of scenes from Mary Shelley’s original novel here.

The second half of the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica is scheduled to start airing January 16th.

Larry Charles says that he would love to recut the hundreds of hours of footage he shot for the Bill Maher religion-skewering doco Religulous into half-hour shows to air as a series on HBO or the like and has already talked to Lionsgate about doing such an idea… (full details)

The new Seth Rogen comedy Observe & Report is said to be excellent, but early test audience response may end up cutting out the best gags… (full details)

Pretty much everyone who was involved in the previous four Saw films will return in cameos, flashbacks and the like in the upcoming fifth film… (full details)


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