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A Nightmare on Elm Street – Hear the new Freddy speak

Posted by LiveFor on April 22, 2010

Why he sounds like Rorschach on weed!

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A clearer look at Freddy Krueger

Posted by LiveFor on April 12, 2010

Here is a better look at Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen, Human Target) as the new version of Freddy Kreuger in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Still not sure whether it is a cool look for the horror icon or if he just looks goofy.

Source: BD

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A Nightmare on Elm Street – New trailer for the remake

Posted by LiveFor on April 8, 2010

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A Nightmare on Elm Street – New Poster

Posted by LiveFor on March 4, 2010

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A Nightmare on Elm Street – New poster for the Jackie Earle Haley reboot

Posted by LiveFor on February 23, 2010

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Nightmare on Elm Street – Freddy Krueger Action Figure gives us a look at his new face

Posted by LiveFor on November 25, 2009

The trailer for the new Nightmare on Elm Street trailer didn’t really show Freddy’s face – turned out the effects were still being worked on but they had said they’d done a lot of research regarding burn injuries.

Now had this photo of Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy and we can now see that he does look a little different to the original. Definitely a more burn victim look.

I think it will work in the film. What do you think of Freddy’s face?

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Green Lantern – Rorschach may be Sinestro and Superman could be in it

Posted by LiveFor on October 17, 2009

sinestroOkay calm down. Before I go any further let me just say that this is a rumour from Harry Knowles over at AICN. However, he states it is from a pretty reliable source from someone working on the film. We know Ryan Reynolds is playing Hal Jordan in the Martin Campbell directed Green Lantern film, but until now there hasn’t really been much movement on who will be playing the other roles.

Here is what Harry had to say:

This story came from someone working on the film. That part is solid, what isn’t – and won’t be till it all gets finalized is the fact that JACKIE EARLE HALEY is leading the list to play SINESTRO!!! That’s just about perfect in my book! Something that makes me absolutely giddy as all hell!

Oh… and according to my source, it’s looking like SUPERMAN will be making a cameo, but that all depends upon how… other DC things go, but it is an indicator that DC is paying attention and taking note of what MARVEL is doing, which has excited all of us so much! But remember, you heard it all here first!

Jackie Earle Haley as Sinestro. For those not in the know Sinestro is the big bad of Hal Jordan’s tales – he used to be a Green Lantern who trained and was a friend of Hal’s but it turned out he was a bit of a nasty chap. Haley was great as Rorschach and is Freddy Krueger in the remake of Elm Street.

In my opinion he has the right face for Sinestro, but he is a little short for the purple faced fella.

As for Superman cameoing (no word if that would be Brandon Routh) well I really hope they have some kind of cameo from him or a few other DC characters just to tie it all in as that is what we comic fans love and geek out on.

Do you think Jackie Earle Haley is the right fit for Sinestro? If not him who? How should they get Superman or other DC characters to cameo in it?

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Blood Feast, 1963 – Movie Review by Andrew Barker – 31 Days of Horror

Posted by LiveFor on October 9, 2009

blood feastI asked Andrew Barker, director of Straw Man (check out my interview with him), if he fancied doing a review for the 31 Days of Horror. He said yes and sent this fantastic review.

Send me your horror film reviews.

Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Starring: William Kerwin, Mal Arnold, Connie Mason, Lyn Bolton, Astrid Olson

Picture this; it’s 1963, you’re at a Drive-in somewhere out in the mid-west. Overhead, the stars glimmer like a scattering of diamonds in the dirt. A Chuck Berry number is playing somewhere across the sea of cars. Kennedy is still in office (just), Vietnam is, for many, just the name of a far off country, and Dylan and The Beatles are yet to change everything. In the movies, Rock Hudson and Doris Day are endlessly chasing one another round in the search of the perfect Hollywood romance, and Charlton Heston is still playing that all-American messiah. But that was just in the theaters, in the flea pits and drive-in’s it was a different story entirely. There you would find juvenile delinquents, 50ft women, teenage werewolves, flying saucers and, most dangerous of all, Rock n’ Roll!

But still, even if that was your bag, nothing could have prepared you for what was to become known as the world’s first splatter movie; Herschell Gordon Lewis’ monumental Blood Feast. The flick’s introduction to the world came by way of a trailer, in which Feast player William Kerwin announced to the audience:

You are about to witness some scenes from the next attraction to play this theatre. This picture, truly one of the most unusual ever filmed, contains scenes which, under no circumstances should be viewed by anyone with a heart condition or anyone who is easily upset. We urgently recommend that if you are such a person, or parent of a young or impressionable child now in attendance, that you leave the theatre for the next 90 seconds.

And boy, he wasn’t kidding! Nothing so shocking, primal and downright nasty had ever been seen before. Nowadays, we are somewhat numb to violence in the movies, but back in 1963 this film must have been like an atomic bomb being dropped on cinema.

Produced by legendary exploitation filmmaker David F. Friedman and directed and photographed by H.G Lewis, Blood Feast was made on the kind of budget that Michael Bay would sink on one frame. It starred Mal Arnold as psychopathic caterer Faud Ramses and Playboy Playmate Connie Mason, and was shot in a mere five days in and around Miami Beach.

It tells the story of our boy Ramses, who wants nothing more than to worship his Egyptian Goddess, Ishtar (actually a Babylonian Deity, but lets not worry too much about that hey) and resurrect her by way of an ancient and sacrificial feast. For the feast to work properly, and for these trailblazing filmmakers to drip the screen in glorious, unshakable requisite gore, Ramses needs fresh young body parts, mainly taken from nubile young women. Of course.

He takes a brain from one; the legs from another, and in the films most infamous sequence, the tongue clean from the mouth of a pretty young blonde (Astrid Olson). Using a lamb’s tongue and strawberry jam for imitation blood, HGL created one of the most visceral and memorable death scenes ever committed to celluloid. Once you’ve seen that girl’s fleshy, flapping, and unnervingly long appendage yanked from her mouth, you don’t easily forget it. In that moment HGL single-handedly created a whole new genre, and laid the foundations down for what was to become known as the slasher film. Faud Ramses can clearly be seen as a forerunner to Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers, and other characters of that ilk.

Herschell Gordon Lewis blew open the doors for filmmakers like George A. Romero, Wes Craven and ultimately, Quentin Tarantino. His other films, The Gruesome Twosome, the excellent Two Thousand Maniacs, The Wizard of Gore and his final film before semi-retirement from movies, 1972’s The Gore Gore Girls, pushed horror films into new and uncharted territory. But it is Blood Feast that overshadows his other work, simply because it was the first of its kind. Regardless of the flicks lack of production values and ropey ‘acting’ style, its sheer power can still not be diminished.

HGL returned to directing in 2002 with the much belated sequel Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat, leaving a 30 year hiatus that makes Terrance Malick look like a workaholic; but that was played more for laughs, than shocks.

Blood Feast remains a milestone in horror, a seminal piece of work which pretty much set the tone and formula for the modern slasher film. After all, they do call Herschell Gordon Lewis, the Godfather of Gore!

Previous 31 Days of Horror reviews: Paranormal Activity, Braindead, Halloween, Friday the 13th Part 2, Martin, Fright Night, Zombieland

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Nightmare on Elm Street – Teaser Poster and photo of Freddy

Posted by LiveFor on July 23, 2009

Here is the first look at Jackie Earle Harley as Freddy Krueger via /film and the poster via First Showing.

The look is not too different from the original and I like the photo of Freddy. What do you think of the new look?


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Jackie Earle Haley is Krueger for a Trilogy

Posted by LiveFor on July 1, 2009

Jackie Earle Haley has told Bloody-Disgusting that he’s signed on to return for more striped jumper mayhem as dream master Freddy Krueger.

“Two more,” prompting us to confirm, “So, three total?” Haley smiles, displaying three fingers, “yeah.”

Rooney Mara (Nancy Thompson) is signed on for one more trip to Elm Street. Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema will release the remake in theaters 16th April 2010.


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