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Warwick Davis talks about Hitchhikers, his book and an Ewok film

Posted by LiveFor on April 27, 2010

Warwick Davis will soon be starring in Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant’s new sitcom, Life’s Too Short. We know him as Wicket the Ewok, Willow, the Leprechaun and Marvin the Paranoid Android.

He always comes across as a top bloke and he has a book out called Size Matters Not, which is just the best title ever.

In the book he also recounts learning the etiquette of false beard cleaning from Michael Gambon while filming Harry Potter (check that out below); smoking a bong taller than him for comedy slasher Leprechaun; and what it was like to work with George Lucas while playing the part of Wicket the Ewok in Return of the Jedi – upon their first meeting on set, twelve year-old Warwick had no idea who the luminary director was, and passed him off as “a man with big hair, glasses and a beard” (they get on much better now, and Lucas wrote the foreword to his book).

You can pick up the book at the following links:
Size Matters Not: The Extraordinary Life and Career of Warwick Davis –

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The Empire Strikes Back special screening with Han Solo

Posted by LiveFor on April 16, 2010

That’s right true believer.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of “The Empire Strikes Back,” Lucasfilm is planning a yearlong charity campaign called “The Empire Gives Back” that kicks off in the U.S. on May 19 in a really cool way: A one-night-only digital screening of the 1980 “Star Wars” sequel at the ArcLight Hollywood and an on-stage Q&A with Harrison Ford.

The ArcLight screening will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and it is because of this that Ford agreed to attend.

I would love to get to that showing, but sadly tickets are all sold out over on St Jude’s website.

Source: LA Times via Hollywood Elsewhere

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Star Wars – Samurai style in Samurai Wars

Posted by LiveFor on April 16, 2010

Check out the cool Samurai style action figures by an artist called Sillof. Lucas based the original Star Wars on Akira Kurosawa’s classic The Hidden Fortress hence the reason for these figures and they look mighty cool.

Samurai Wars is a line of custom figures that imagines what a Star Wars movie directed by Akira Kurosawa would look like. George Lucas has said publically what a fan he is a Kurosawas and also the influence that Kurosawa’s “The Hidden Fortress” had on Star Wars. At the bottom of the page is a fake write up that I did for a convention that claims this is a real movie.

Last year you may recall reading or hearing about a discovery that shook the cinematic world to its foundations. The famed Ekafama Auction House in Yokahama announced its astonishing discovery, pictures. However, these were no ordinary pictures, they were in fact stills from a movie a half a century old that was not supposed to exist.

The film was a movie that even the most wishful cinephile thought was an urban legend. The movie was Mononofu Woza: Ryu-Mikomi by acclaimed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. Very little has been written about the film over the years as very little was known. The facts are hard to come by as the story and legends surrounding it grew substantially over the years until the entire project entered an ethereal state.

The facts that can be confirmed by the limited studio records that survive are few. It was to be something of mega project unheard of in its day. The film was budgeted to be the most expensive film in Japanese history and boasted a veritable who’s who of Japanese cinema and Kurosawa regulars (see inset table below). It began filming in 1955 and would have been released the following year in 1956. Most of the principal photography had wrapped when tragedy struck. A fire broke out in the offices at the famed Toho Studios. The arson investigation ruled newly installed faulty wiring as the cause of the blaze. The studio decided the project could not be restarted due to the numerous commitments of its many stars to other films, many of which Toho studios was also overseeing.

I love it when they come up with excellent back stories to go with the art. What do you think of the figures?

Source: Sci-Fi Wire

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Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones – 90 minute review

Posted by LiveFor on April 5, 2010

You thought Attack of the Clones was flawed and the whole Anakin and Amigdala romance was weird? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

The following review also shows us how Lucas ruined the lightsaber amongst many other things.

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Darth Vader + Cat = Awesome

Posted by LiveFor on March 3, 2010

Stick that in a Star Wars Blu-Ray special edition Lucas.

Source: Topless Robot

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Green Lantern – Tim Robbins to play Hector Hammond’s father

Posted by LiveFor on February 9, 2010

Tim Robbins (Bob Roberts, The Shawshank Redemption, The Hudsucker Proxy) is joining the cast of Green Lantern, the Martin Campbell-directed adaption of the DC Comic.

According to Heat Vision, Robbins will play Senator Hammond, the disapproving father of the movie’s villain, Dr. Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard), who becomes infused with psychic powers.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Green Lantern, with Blake Lively as the hero’s love interest, Carol Ferris.

This marks the second time Robbins had been attached to a comic book adaption in recent years (he was of course in George Lucas’ adaption of Howard the Duck – a guilty pleasure of many, an abomination to many more) as rumour abounded that he was to play Tony Stark’s father in Iron Man 2, but this never came to pass.

It is not clear how much screen time Robbins will have, but good to hear that he is onboard as he is a top actor.

It begins shooting in March.

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Star Wars 3D – Lucas feels the Avatar effect

Posted by LiveFor on January 19, 2010

George Lucas loves to tinker with his Star Wars films. There have been special editions, scenes changed to alter the whole feel of them (Greedo and Han I’m talking to you), sequels, spin-offs, TV shows, cartoons and for a long time Lucas was talking about rejigging them into 3D.

Then at the end of last year little Jimmy Cameron went and released Avatar (check out my review) – okay story but amazing special effects and for the first time we got to see just how 3D technology could really enhance a film.

This Monday, Avatar’s domestic gross hit $500 million after only 32 days in release. This smacked down the previous record of 45 days set by The Dark Knight. Avatar also earned $166 million worldwide for a total of $1.62 billion in ticket sales. It only has to make another $200 million to beat Titanic’s record of $1.84 billion.

Whether you loved or hated the film it has definitely been a monster success. James Cameron will have directed the two highest grossing films of all time. I think he will have no problem making whatever film he wants to make next.

I digress though. Turns out Georgy boy has been inspired by it.

“I liked it. I make movies like that, [so], I can appreciate what [James Cameron] went through to do it,” said Lucas at Sunday’s HBO Golden Globes party. “We’ve been looking for years and years and years of trying to take ‘Star Wars’ and put it in 3-D, but, [the] technology hasn’t been there. We’ve been struggling with it, but I think this will be a new impetus to make that happen.”

Chewie checked out the new 3D version of Princess Leia

There you have it, another re-release of the Star Wars we know and once loved above all others. Another box set to eventually buy.

Yet will 3D enhance what we have watched on numerous occasions? The space battles and flight through the Death Star at the end of Jedi should be amazing. No doubt the prequel trilogy will look the best or at the very least be easier to 3D-ify due them being shot digitally.

Then of course if Lucas is looking at going over all his films again will be decide to change things again? Could we see characters from the prequels being digitally placed in the original three? Could Jar Jar Binks be erased from existence and replaced by H R Pufnstuff?

Whatever we think it is going to happen and it is going to make even more money for Lucasfilm.

Personally I just want the original cuts of the original films to be cleaned up and released on Blu-Ray. That’s all I want. Is that too much to ask?

What are your thoughts on the matter? Should Star Wars go 3D? What scenes do you feel would look even better in 3D? If Lucas was to mess around with the films what changes would you like to see made? How could he mess them up even more? If you could sit down and have a pint with Lucas what would you say to him?

Source: MTV

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Harrison Ford talks Indiana Jones 5

Posted by LiveFor on January 12, 2010

We all know that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a crushing disappointment to many Indy fans. It had a few enjoyable moments, but it was deeply flawed in many ways and just didn’t have enough classic Indy moments.

Although no script has been written for the fifth film Harrison Ford has been chatting to MTV about what he would like in the next installment of Indiana Jones – I hope there are no swinging monkeys.

“I don’t think I’ll do it in a wheelchair,” said Ford “George [Lucas] is working on an idea, and if it comes to a fruitful stage, all of us are very interested in making another.”

Now, Ford is promising that the idea Lucas has for the fifth film is outrageous.

“Yeah,” he said when reminded of a quote he gave saying that Lucas’ idea was “crazy but great.” Does he want to elaborate? “No,” he responded.

“Some of the best ideas are crazy ideas, you know?” he conceded.

“I think it would be interesting to advance the understanding of the character, as we always have had that ambition throughout the series,” Ford said of what he needs to see in an “Indy 5” script. “I think it would be interesting to deepen the relationship between he and his son [Mutt, played by Shia LaBeouf] and play on that relationship. … It’s full of opportunity. The series is full of opportunity.”

“I think [scenes with a married Indy and Marion] would be nice grace notes,” admitted the actor, who will next be seen in “Extraordinary Measures,” a January 22 drama.

“We’ll see what we come up with.
“Karen [Allen]’s a wonderful actress, I’ve always enjoyed working with her,”
he added. “I’m hoping that there’ll be a part for all of us in the next one.”

To sum up Ford would like more Mutt and George Lucas has a crazy idea for the next sequel. Anyone else feel a little worried about that?

Of course they could easily side step Mutt and the marriage by setting the fifth film before the fourth. They did it with Temple of Doom being set before Raiders.

What would you want in a fifth Indiana Jones film? What could he be searching for this time?

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Jon Stewart asks George Lucas the questions we all want to ask

Posted by LiveFor on January 6, 2010

Just watching the Daily Show on More 4 and this came on. Jon Stewart lays into George in a nice way and I think George disses the fans, but then again he may not have.

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David Lynch talks about how he almost made Return of the Jedi

Posted by LiveFor on December 10, 2009

You’ve got to love the Lynch. Just imagine if he had made Jedi.

Who would have been in it? What would have happened? Would there have been people with Rabbit Heads and damn fine bantha fodder?

Source: I Watch Stuff

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