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Whom Shall you Telegram? The League of S.T.E.A.M.

Posted by LiveFor on March 29, 2010

A lovely bit of steampunk here. The team is made up of Crackitus Potts, Professor Jager, JayAre (Jr), Baron Von Fogel, Sir Conrad Wright III, Jasper Mooney, Thaddeus, Zedediah, Lily Grey, Lady Ameliorette Potts.

This rare film was recently uncovered in the League of STEAM (Supernatural and Troublesome Ectoplasmic Apparitional Management) archives. It was the League’s first public advertisement. For all your supernatural elimination needs, visit

Source: Collider

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Cool Minimalist Posters – Innerspace, Ghostbusters, The Fly, Back to the Future, Network, 2001 and More

Posted by LiveFor on February 22, 2010

I love alternative movie posters especially those done in a minimalist style. These are some more stunning examples of the craft. All are done by Brandon Schaefer and he has lots more over on Seek and Speak. Which one is your favourite and which is the cleverest?

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Toy Fair – Ghostbusters, Venture Bros, Delorean and Batman toys

Posted by LiveFor on February 20, 2010

More cool toys that will hopefully see the light of day from the recent NY Toy Fair.

I love the Doc Venture and Brock Samson figures and the Arkham Asylum Batman looks as cool as the video game.

The Ghostbusters figures are fantastic. I love the fact you get the ghost storage vault and there is even a Walter Peck figure.

As for the Back to the Future Delorean it just looks lovely.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire

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Happy New Year – 2010: The Year we make contact

Posted by LiveFor on January 1, 2010

Have a great New Year everyone. Roll on lots more great movies and alien contact.

The bit at 4:20 in the clip below always makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Great film.

Okay everyone time to sing. Take it Ghostbusters.

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Hollywood vs New York – Four Decades of New York City Destruction on film

Posted by LiveFor on December 2, 2009

This is just great four decades of celluloid New York annihilation distilled into one musical montage.

Plus a fantastic use of Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin.

Can you name all the films?

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Cool Art: Venkman and The Joker by Jam-Wah

Posted by LiveFor on November 13, 2009

Venkman_by_Jam_WahI am loving the art of Jamie Roberts aka Jam-WahJoker_by_Jam_WahCheck out his gallery for lots of comic book style goodness.

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Where is Gozer when you need him?

Posted by LiveFor on November 8, 2009

The X-Factor ladies and gentlemen. One of the most popular shows in the UK.

We are all doomed.

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Dan Aykroyd is Yogi Bear. Justin Timberlake is Boo Boo. I want to gouge out my eyes with a spoon.

Posted by LiveFor on November 6, 2009

yogibearIn a story from The Hollywood Reporter, Anna Faris and Dan Aykroyd are in talks to star in Warner Bros. Yogi Bear. This will be a feature film based on the popular cartoon.

Yet another example of the film business destroying out childhood things.

Also negotiating to join the project is Justin Timberlake. Eric Brevig is directing this project which will be both live-action/CG.

Faris is going to play a nature documentarian who tags along on the antics of a bear in Jellystone Park. Aykroyd is going to voice Yogi, and Timberlake might voice Yogi’s companion, Boo Boo. I keep forgetting that Anna Faris was in Lost in Translation.

It looks as if the Ghostbusters are going to voice CGI characters one by one. Murray was Garfield, now Aykroyd as Yogi. That just leaves Ramis and Hudson.

The plan is for production on this project to start in New Zealand this December.

My plan is to get a posse together and stop yet another abomination of a film concept destroyed!

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Ghost Busters Multitrack by Matt Mulholland

Posted by LiveFor on October 23, 2009

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Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1951 – Trailer for Charlton Heston as Indy

Posted by LiveFor on September 16, 2009

raiders---50From the people that brought you the Ghostbusters of 1954 comes this excellent fan made trailer for our favourite archeologist.

What if Raiders of the Lost Ark was a 50s film serial? Who would be best suited for the role of Indiana Jones? How would his villains translate to this era? What would the film’s musical score sound like?

Thankfully, since George Lucas and Steven Spielberg created Raiders as a homage to classic serials, these questions are easily answered. Both directors have acknowledged that specific films influenced key sequences across all four Indiana Jones films. I tried my best piece these films together and create a loose narrative. I hope you enjoy this homage to “Raiders” and the many great films that inspired it.

This “pre-make” is a mash-up of old trailers and clips found all over Youtube. It is not endorsed or connected to Paramount Pictures or Lucasfilm. It was made as a purely technical exercise and for laughs. Here is the recipe:
The 10 Commandments, Prince Valiant, Naked Jungle, Secret of the Incas, Jungle Queen, Zulu, Look to Lockheed for Leadership, Casablanca, The City of Brass, Mr. Moto takes a Vacation, Star in My Crown, A Pain in the Pullman, On Dangerous Ground, Patton, King Solomons Mines, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Greatest Show on Earth, David and Bathsheba, The Screaming Skull, When You Know, Mysterious Mr. Moto, Lawrence of Arabia, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, and Superman at Bay.

Below is a frame by frame comparison with the original.

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