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The Crazies, 2010 – Movie Review. Glasgow Film Festival

Posted by LiveFor on February 25, 2010

Director: Breck Eisner
Starring: Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell
Released: February 26th 2010

This review by Richard Bodsworth

The Hollywood production line continues to churn out remakes of old horror films, this months outing is a reimagining of George A. Romero’s 1973 The Crazies…

When a small town is plagued by a mysterious virus, the military are called in to control the infected citizens. Sherriff David Dutton and his nurse wife Judy attempt to make their way to a safe place while dodging their crazy neighbours and the military with their shoot on sight policy.

Before we have even settled in to our seats the first ‘incident’ occurs on the town baseball field, a local man shot dead by Sherriff Timothy Olyphant. What follows is a slow building creep crawl as more of the town members begin to be struck down by the virus. Some nice, tense scenes including one which features a combine harvester create some solid tension before the military intervene, declaring martial law on the town. This is where the film switches to the predictable formula that we have been accustomed to for the past few years. You know exactly what to expect in each scene, where each ‘crazy’ is, what the outcome will be, all of this accompanied with a slow pull out and pan with accompanying screeching music. Eisner manages to botch some major set pieces with the technique, and by the time he fails to capitalise on what could have been an all so terrifying car wash sequence, you know this isn’t moving far out of mediocre territory. The crazies themselves are weak; except a Joker-esque laughing Crazy and another scraping a pitchfork across the ground, the rest are dull, veiny faced Madonna lookers.

You do have to credit Eisner however, as he manages to avoid the ‘torture-porn’ route, but you do wonder if a gore-fest may have been more fun than an attempted nerve shredded from the man who brought us Sahara. Romero films have always been signalled out as having underlying political themes and in his original he touched on the idea of surveillance but you’d be scraping the barrel trying to find such stuff in this version. I sincerely hope that the line, “The Crazies are loose!” was an attempt at embracing its B movie origins, if not it deserves a lower rating!

Verdict: **

While there may be enough to satisfy a few, it’s not quite the fun many had expected leaving us another by the book horror remake.

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Micmacs à tire-larigot, 2009 – Movie Review: Glasgow Film Festival

Posted by LiveFor on February 21, 2010

Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Starring: Dany Boon, Dominique Pinon
Released: 26th February 2010

This review by Richard Bodsworth.

The sixth annual Glasgow Film Festival opened last night with the European premiere of Jean Pierre Jeunets Micmacs.

Jeunet himself was in attendance and was in comical form during the brief question and answer session following the film.

The film itself however was not as magical as the director’s previous outings. Jeunet conceded that the film was thrown together quickly after he spent almost two years in pre production for a film adaptation of novel, Life of Pi. Budget restrictions put a halt to that and he quickly jumped in to Micmacs.

Video store worker Bazil (Dany Boon) is struck in the head by a stray bullet which has to stay lodged in his brain. After finding the company the bullet was made by, he teams up with a group of misfits to take revenge on the arms dealers that shot him.

Jeunets attempt to mix slapstick humor with an arms dealing plot doesn’t work, the story itself a rather messy affair which leaves you wondering what on earth is going on and do you really care.

French comedian Danny Boon has enough charisma and comic timing to pull the role of Bazil off, and Jeunet regular Dominique Pinon is fantastic as always. The characters themselves are under boiled, offering little to nothing in except a few laughs which in their own right are rather weak. Do people really want to see a modern day film with old slapstick humor? As expected the film is visually impressive, a golden tint blankets the expertly framed shots and this is the films saving grace.

Jeunet is no doubt an excellent director, perhaps one of the best, but this is by no means his best work. A quick stop gap before his next project perhaps, not unlike the Coens Burn After Reading. With his trademark visual style and a few chuckles this may be a good Sunday watch, but will no doubt become a forgettable mark on a sterling filmography.

3/5 – A tough one to call, but the visual style of Jeunet manages to pull the film up from two stars.

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Glasgow Film Festival 2010 – 18th – 28th February

Posted by LiveFor on January 28, 2010

The Glasgow Film Festival is next month. Unfortunately I can’t make it, but Live For Films intrepid reviewer, Richard Bodsworth can. Here is what he has to share about it.

The sixth Glasgow Film Festival is set to light up screens in February bringing a host of premieres, unique events and special guests to the city. Building on the record-breaking success of the 2009 Festival, the 2010 edition runs from February 18 – 28th and will screen more than 120 features across eighteen locations including host venue the Glasgow Film Theatre and three screens at the Cineworld. 

The Festival opens on Thursday February 18th with a gala screening of Micmacs, the latest delight from Amélie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet starring France’s hottest comedy talent Danny Boon. A hilarious tale of outrageous injustice and ingenious revenge, it features a star-studded cast of French greats that includes Andre Dussolier, Yolande Moreau, Dominique Pinon and Jean-Pierre Marielle.

The Festival closes on Sunday 28th with the world premiere of Legacy, a taut psychological thriller from Glasgow company Black Camel Pictures and writer/director Thomas Ikimi. The Wire star, Idris Elba, is the lead actor and executive producer of an ambitious production in which a veteran soldier broods on the guilty legacy of his past actions and the one possibility of his future redemption. The cast includes Clarke Peters and Eamonn Walker.

Funded by Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, Scottish Screen and the Glasgow Film Theatre, the full Festival programme is filled with big name stars in must-see films. Scottish Oscar-winner, Tilda Swinton, plays a stylish, enigmatic matriarch in the UK premiere of I Am Love, one of the most critically acclaimed films of the past year. Nicolas Cage gives an unforgettable performance in Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. Shirley Henderson and Charlotte Rampling lead a stellar ensemble in Todd Solondz’s Life During Wartime. Robert De Niro heads an all-star cast in Kirk Jones Everybody’s Fine. Maggie Smith and Dominic West appear in Julian Fellowes’ From Time To Time. Pierce Brosnan and Susan Sarandon star in The Greatest. Til Schweiger returns in the international premiere of Rabbit Without Ears 2 and Drew Barrymore turns director for the rollerskating romp Whip It! 

A strong line-up of international screenings consolidates the Glasgow Film Festival’s reputation for bringing the best of world cinema to Glasgow screens and includes key prize-winners from the international Festival circuit. The programme includes Cannes sensations I Killed My Mother, Dogtooth and Nobody Knows About Persian Cats, Venice Golden Lion winner Lebanon, Toronto People’s Choice winner The Topp

The Festival continues its widely applauded tradition of honouring a major Hollywood star each year with a 2010 retrospective devoted to the career of Cary Grant. The debonair star remains the gold standard for impeccable comic timing and tender-hearted romances and the Festival will screen a selection of his finest films including Bringing Up Baby (1938), Notorious (1946), An Affair To Remember (1957) and North By Northwest (1959).

FrightFest highlights include the world premiere of 2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams, the eagerly-awaited (REC) 2, 1970s shocker A Lizard In A Woman’s Skin and the UK premiere of Splice introduced by director Vincenzo Natali.

The Festival is also set to welcome a record number of guests to the city including the legendary James Earl Jones who will discuss a career in film that stretches from Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove (1963) to Field Of Dreams (1989) and includes such landmark films as Conan The Barbarian (1981), Coming To America (1988), The Hunt For Red October (1990), his towering Oscar-nominated performance in The Great White Hope (1970) and his contribution to the Star Wars series as the voice of Darth Vader.

A wide-range of masterclasses and special events will also include appearance from Oscar-winning Scottish director Kevin Macdonald and Peter Mullan who holds a unique position in world cinema as the Cannes Best Actor winner for My Name Is Joe (1998) and the Venice Golden Lion recipient for The Magdalene Sisters (2002).

There is a pretty impressive line up here, the prospect of FrightFest weekend is particularly exciting and I hope to attend Mark Millar’s scheduled In Person show. With a lot of big shows and big names attending you can expect tickets to go fast so book now. Money saving deals are available online if you wish to buy in bulk. 

Tickets are available through the official film festival website, in person at the box office and by calling +44 (0)141 332 6535.

GFF Box Office
Glasgow Film Theatre
12 Rose Street
G3 6RB

FrightFest weekend passes which include all 8 films (Frozen, 2001 Maniacs: Fields of Screams, Stag Night, A Lizard in A Woman’s Skin, Amer (Bitter), [REC] 2, Splice and Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre) are available priced at £40.  You can also purchase individual days or individual screenings.

I hope to see some of you guys there!

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