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We3 – Morrison’s Homeward Bound meets Robocop has a script and a director.

Posted by LiveFor on June 16, 2009

Don Murphy, one of the producers of the planned adaptation of Morrison’s graphic novel We3, spoke with Sci Fi Wire about the film. According to Murphy it is ready with a script and a director — all it needs now is a studio.

“We’re working with a director named John Stevenson,” Murphy said. “Don’t be confused, though. Even though he directed ‘Kung Fu Panda,’ the movie’s going to be live action. It’s going to be a combination CG, puppetry [and] real animals. We have a great script, a great director, and we’re trying to figure out who’s going to pay for it in this marketplace, but we’re looking.”

Described as an amalgamation of “Homeward Bound” and “RoboCop,” Morrison’s “We3″ focused on three domestic animals — a dog, a cat and a rabbit — that are turned into high-tech, cybernetic weapons courtesy of the military. The animals eventually flee their masters, but are left to wonder where they can exist peacefully in the outside world.

“Well, they talk like in the comic book,” Murphy said. “There’s a little electrode on their larynx, and they don’t have full conversations. It’s more like [in robotic monotone], ‘Where go do we,’ that kind of thing.”

The comic mini-series was excellent and extremely violent. I do hope that they stay faithfull to the book as it will make an excellent film.

I’m not sure about the choice of John Stevenson to direct, but we’ll have to wait and see what he does with it. What studio would be the best home for We3?

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Grant Morrison talks about Batman And Robin

Posted by LiveFor on May 29, 2009

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s new comic book series, Batman And Robin, looks like it will be great.

The debut of the series follows the events of Batman R.I.P., Final Crisis, and Battle for the Cowl in which the original Batman, Bruce Wayne, apparently died at the hands of DC Comics villain Darkseid and features the winner of the Battle for the Cowl as the new Batman. The conclusion to Battle of the Cowl shows Dick Grayson becoming the new Batman, while Damian Wayne becomes the new Robin.

I love both the creators involved and now that Dick Grayson (Robin, Nightwing) has now taken on the mantle of the Batman we should see some cool wisecracking action.

io9 have some more news on the feel of the series. Grant Morrison describes it below.

The only way I can explain the tone is that I had this idea of recapitulating the television show in a certain way… I was thinking of what other aspects of Batman are completely out of favor – that people tend to hate and don’t seem to work anymore. The Batman 60s TV show was one of those. Obviously it was camp and a product of its time. But when I was a kid I thought it was really serious. [laughs] So I wanted to take some of that bizarre, psychedelic feel. I wanted to take the idea of very short, punchy stories that just kind of existed on their own terms. Rather than Batman RIP, which was a big, epic story that had a lot of secret subtext and hidden meanings and stuff, these are just crazy stories that are pretty upfront.

It was taking that aspect of the Batman TV show and then trying it in with David Lynch and Twin Peaks. [laughs] And creepy European cartoons and marionettes and stuff like that. That bad dreamlike feeling of a Marilyn Manson video in the ’90s, or like Chris Cunningham’s video for ‘Windowlicker’. [laughs] Again, it was about trying to fuse those two things together into a bad trip, Lewis Carroll kind of world.

Morrison details that the tone of the series will be a “reverse” of the normal dynamic between Batman and Robin, with, “a more light-hearted and spontaneous Batman and a scowling, bad ass Robin.” Morrison also divulges that this is a continuation of his previous work on the Batman character, although this is a different title than what he wrote previously. “This is the next book in what will be a 5-volume series beginning [with] Batman & Son, but it can be read on its own too. Batman and Robin welcomes new readers!” Morrison also said that even though the series deals with familiar identities, the series features all new villains and situations, but also revealed that some villains were glimpsed in Batman #666.

When asked if the series would deal with the new Batman being unable to fill Bruce Wayne’s proverbial shoes, Morrison answered, “When I started out I had that in mind, and I thought we’d finally prove that nobody else could be Batman. But I do believe certain aspects of RIP were about how nobody but this guy could be Batman. I think with this, it’s fun to start by seeing what happens when someone else tries. Sometimes it goes wrong, and sometimes it goes really well. Some of the things these guys do are things that Bruce Wayne would never have thought to do”. In regards to using Frank Quitely as the artist, Morrison described the difference between this particular collaboration with previous ones, specifically on JLA Earth-2 and All Star Superman. For instance, Morrison asked Quitely to choreograph the flow of the action in his own way, rather than through Morrison’s normally heavily detailed scripts.

Morrison said, “I’ve asked [Quitely] to re-introduce the much-maligned sound effects to superhero comics, but in a way that integrates them more closely with the art.” He also described Batman and Robin as, “a shorter, pacier collaboration so we’ve tried to keep it looser and more open than All Star Superman.

When given the question about a possible appearance by the Joker, Morrison said, “I think we’d all love to see [Quitely’s] take on the Joker, so yeah, I’d like to think I can make that happen in some way.”

What do you think about that? Will you be reading it?

The comic is due out next week.

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Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s Batman & Robin #1

Posted by LiveFor on March 13, 2009

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Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s Batman & Robin #1

Posted by LiveFor on March 13, 2009

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So is Batman truly dead now?

Posted by LiveFor on January 21, 2009

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We3 heading to the big screen – Cyborg Dog, Cat and Rabbit will kill you nasty

Posted by LiveFor on December 9, 2008

Kung Fu Panda co-director John Stevenson will direct a big screen adaptation of Grant Morrison’s comic book miniseries We3. Producer Don Murphy has also spoken to ShockTillYouDrop and confirmed that the film will be live action and rated R. This is cool news as the original graphic novel has scenes of immense violence and death my cyborg critters.

The original comic was published in 2004 by Vertigo and is well worth picking up. It’s got lovely art work by Frank Quitely (Morrison and Quitely also worked on the critically acclaimed All-Star Superman which is twelve issues of the best Superman stories ever).

“WE3 tells the unforgettable story of three innocent pets — a dog, a cat and a rabbit who have been converted into deadly cyborgs by a sinister military weapons program. With nervous systems amplified to match their terrifying mechanical exoskeletons, the members of Animal Weapon 3 have the firepower of a battalion between them. But they are just the programs prototypes and, now that their testing is complete, theyre slated to be permanently decommissioned” until they seize their one chance to make a desperate run for freedom! Relentlessly pursued by their makers, the WE3 team must navigate a frightening and confusing world where their instincts and heightened abilities make them as much a threat as those hunting them but a world, nonetheless, in which there is something called Home. Action-packed and heart-wrenching, WE3 is a new high mark from two of comics greatest talents.”

Source: /film

Have you read the comic book? Did you enjoy it? Do you think it will work as a big action movie?

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Batman R.I.P. – Bruce Wayne retires

Posted by LiveFor on November 18, 2008

Bruce Wayne has been through an awful lot in his time. Parents killed when he was young, travelled the World to see what evil lurks in the hearts of men and how to combat it, the rise of a grotesque rogues gallery epitomized by the psychotic Joker, his back broken by Bane, his city almost destroyed in an earth quake, the appearance of a son he did not know he had, fighting, the death (and return) of Jason Todd, the JLA turning on him when they found his plans to take them all down, and so on and so fourth.

Most recently he has descended into madness through the machinations of the Black Glove in Grant Morrison’s story arc Batman R.I.P. It was not clear whether this would mean the death of Bruce Wayne but has recently seen the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, a back-up personality that Bruce created in case things went drastically wrong and was mindwiped. Basically a Batman without Bruce Wayne.

Now USA Today have the cover of Batman #681 (above), due Nov. 26, wraps up writer Grant Morrison’s Batman R.I.P. story line, in which the crimefighter is so shaken by a secret from his past that a new Batman must be found.

What makes this “death” go beyond the usual circulation booster is the talent involved. Helping to bury Batman will be best-selling novelist Neil Gaiman, who created the goth-cult Sandman comic 20 years ago.

Gaiman is writing a two-issue tribute to the character, starting with Batman #686 and tentatively titled Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?, due in February.

The question is who will be the new Batman and Robin? Nightwing (Dick Grayson) has paid his dues and deserves the cowl, or maybe it will be Damien, Wayne’s son who recently appeared. As to what the secret is that causes Wayne to retire well until I read the issue I don’t know but it could be that his father, Thomas Wayne, is still alive and is the Black Hand or maybe Bruce has developed another personality and is the Black Hand. We will just have to wait and see.
Who do you think will be the new Batman? Do you think DC will make him more along the lines of the Christian Bale version? If you have been following the Batman R.I.P. storyline what did you think of it?


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Grant Morrison writing Area 51 script

Posted by LiveFor on October 20, 2008

Grant Morrison (The Invisibles, Batman R.I.P., Doom Patrol, Animal Man) has been talking to MTV about a script he is working on for Paramount called Area 51.

“It’s a new take on the mythology,” Morrison promised.

Morrison’s version is an adaptation of the Midway video game, in which a viral outbreak shuts down a research facility, the scientific and military personnel are locked inside under quarantine, and a small special forces unit led by the hazardous materials division investigates. In the game, the main character from HAZMAT discovers that the mutated virus controls the minds of those infected, as well as an ancient alien colony buried beneath the facility, and he has to solve several mysteries and uncover many conspiracies — including men in black to the Illuminati — to prevent the virus from being released and mutating life on Earth.

“That’s the existing idea,” Morrison said, “and I have to get to the core of that, dismantle it, and make it work. It’ll be a totally different view of the aliens and the whole mythology.”

Comics might be more sophisticated than movies, with many intense layers of ideas that you can go back if you missed one,” Morrison said, “but with movies, you get a wider audience. You get the guy in Milwaukee who doesn’t care about anything, so the idea has to be more simplistic. And it’s one idea. Get anywhere near two, and it’s trouble. You can have to be linear because if you miss something, you can’t rewind.”

What do you think of that news? Has anyone played either game? Would you want a movie based on the game?


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