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Green Lantern – Tim Robbins to play Hector Hammond’s father

Posted by LiveFor on February 9, 2010

Tim Robbins (Bob Roberts, The Shawshank Redemption, The Hudsucker Proxy) is joining the cast of Green Lantern, the Martin Campbell-directed adaption of the DC Comic.

According to Heat Vision, Robbins will play Senator Hammond, the disapproving father of the movie’s villain, Dr. Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard), who becomes infused with psychic powers.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Green Lantern, with Blake Lively as the hero’s love interest, Carol Ferris.

This marks the second time Robbins had been attached to a comic book adaption in recent years (he was of course in George Lucas’ adaption of Howard the Duck – a guilty pleasure of many, an abomination to many more) as rumour abounded that he was to play Tony Stark’s father in Iron Man 2, but this never came to pass.

It is not clear how much screen time Robbins will have, but good to hear that he is onboard as he is a top actor.

It begins shooting in March.

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Green Lantern – Concept Art for Sinestro and The Guardians

Posted by LiveFor on January 29, 2010

A few days ago there was some concept art from the Green Lantern movie – it showed Kilowog, Abin Sur and Tomar Re.

Now Latino Review have dug up some art for Sinestro (the Green Lantern who helps train Ryan Reynold’s Hal Jordan. He’ll possibly be played by Mark Strong) and on of the Guardians of the Universe (they’re the blue guys who built the Lanterns and power rings).

Again, the art work looks cool and they seem to have the right idea (although something seems a bit off about the look of Sinestro) but there is no actual confirmation that any of it is official concept art for the movie. Only time will tell…or someone from the studio!

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Green Lantern – Concept art – Look it’s Abin Sur, Tomar Re and Kilowog, you lousy Poozer!

Posted by LiveFor on January 27, 2010

That is the current situation for the Martin Campbell directed adaption of the DC comic. Sinestro probably won’t be the main bad guy (like the comics he’ll start out as a Lantern) and Legion could well be one of the bad guys along with Hammond, but what about the other members of the Green Lantern Corp? Well it looks as if Cosmic Book News scored the first look at some concept art for Abin Sur (the Green Lantern who’s death leads to Hal Jordan getting the power ring), Tomar Re and my favourite, Green Lantern trainer, Kilowog.

The DC Database gives a quick background to Kilowog for those not up to speed on who he is (mind you due to the convoluted DC continuity it may mean nothing to you if you’ve never read the comics):

Bolovax Vik was one of the most crowded planets in the universe; it had 16 billion residents with a communal mind. Kilowog was a geneticicist and one of Bolovax’s most brilliant minds. After the previous Lantern, Branwill, died, Kilowog was chosen to be a member of the Green Lantern Corps. It was a great honor, but it meant leaving Bolovax and going into space on missions; this was tantamount to exile for a Bolovaxian. Nevertheless, Kilowog carried out his duties with pride. He would go on to be one of the Corps’ best recruiters and trainers.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Bolovax Vik was destroyed. His ring automatically protected Kilowog, but not his people. Acting quickly, he placed all 16 billion life energies into his ring. By sheer force of his will they survived until Kilowog found a suitable planet to release his people. Sadly, the planet was soon destroyed by Sinestro. Kilowog could not rescue them again. He was now alone for good

Cosmic Book News also have the story from the 2008 Green Lantern script. It makes interesting reading but as we don’t yet know whether this will be the exact script they are using there could well be major spoilers involved.

The concept art for all three looks a lot like the comic book characters which is a good thing.

Concept art is always great to see but the final look depends upon who will be working on the effects. Variety have the news that Karen Goulekas (The Day After Tomorrow) Kent Houston (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus) and Jim Berney (I Am Legend) will be in charge of making the effects look real. Sony Pictures Imageworks will also be the lead visual effects studio on the film. They worked on Watchmen and Superman Returns. All of those films had their flaws, but in the main they had excellent special effects so Green Lantern should look splendid.

Green Lantern is due out on 17th June 2011.

The question is who will voice Kilowog, Abin Sur and Tomar Re?

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The Deadpool Redemption – Fan film for the Merc with the mouth

Posted by LiveFor on January 25, 2010

While we wait for the Ryan Reynolds official Deadpool movie (we’ve got the Green Lantern film to look forward to first) here is a fan made film by Strange Stuff Studios starring our favourite Merc.

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Marvel’s Siege #3 Deadpool cover could be having a dig at DC’s Blackest Night

Posted by LiveFor on January 23, 2010

Blackest Night has lots of different Lantern rings and this J Scott Campbell variant cover features Deadpool with lots of rings. Is it a dig at DC?

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Smallville – Trailer for Absolute Justice. The one with Hawkman and Dr Fate

Posted by LiveFor on January 23, 2010

I’ve been mentioning it for a while no, but we finally have the trailer for the two-hour Smallville JSA movie Absolute Justice written by Geoff Johns. It stars Michael Shanks (Carter Hall/Hawkman), Brent Stait (Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate), Britt Irvin (Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl), Phil Morris (John Jones/Martian Manhunter), and Erica Carroll (Inza Nelson).

Clark, John Jones, Green Arrow and Chloe team up to help the Justice Society of America stop a killer before he murders another member of the retired superhero group. Lois receives a package from an agency called Checkmate, which is run by Amanda Waller.

If you are a fan of the DC Comics universe then there is a whole heap of things to watch out for.

Absolute Justice shows on Friday 5th February 8/7c

I love the glimpses we get around the halls of the JSA. Mind you would Alan Scott’s Green Lantern and Power Ring just be lying around like that?

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Green Lantern – Mark Strong not Jackie Earle Haley could be Sinestro

Posted by LiveFor on January 16, 2010

Looks like HitFlix were wrong. “Sherlock Holmes” actor Mark Strong is in talks to play Sinestro in the “Green Lantern” movie, according to director Martin Campbell.

Speaking with MTV News during the junket for “Edge of Darkness,” his upcoming action thriller opening January 29, Campbell dismissed rumors that “Watchmen” actor Jackie Earle Haley was in talks for the role.

“No, that’s completely wrong,” said Campbell of the persistent rumor, which popped up again recently despite Haley denying any involvement with the “Green Lantern” movie. “In fact, we’re in negotiations with Mark Strong to play Sinestro.”

“He’s not only a wonderful actor, but he looks like Sinestro,” he added. “If you look up old pictures of Sinestro, he’s very like him. The Jackie Earle Haley thing, somebody told me about it this morning; I had never heard it before in my life.”

If negotiations pan out, Strong will have a role in not one but two much-anticipated comic book movies, as he also plays mobster Frank D’Amico in Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of John Romita Jr. and Mark Millar’s “Kick-Ass.” However, Campbell didn’t stop there — he also offered up a list of characters from Green Lantern’s universe making an appearance in the film.

“Well, Kilowog will be,” said Campbell. “Tomar-Re is in it. Sinestro is in it. Abin Sur is in it. All the origin people. Carol [Ferris], of course, who will be played by Blake Lively. All the main characters are there, and it’s a complex story. The origin story of Green Lantern is complex, probably one of the most complex, which makes it a challenge to get it right.”

If Strong becomes Sinestro, he could join recently announced in-negotiations actor Peter Sarsgaard, who’s in talks to play villain Hector Hammond.

In the comic books, Sinestro is a former Green Lantern who trains Hal Jordan (played by Ryan Reynolds), only to become one of Jordan’s greatest enemies when he leaves the cosmic police force.

This is splendid news. I really hope Strong takes the role as he would be brilliant as Sinestro.

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Green Lantern – Jackie Earle Haley will be Sinestro?

Posted by LiveFor on January 15, 2010

Back in October 2009 it was rumoured that Jackie Earle Haley (“Watchmen,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street”) would play the villain Sinestro in the upcoming Green Lantern film. This was denied by the actor at the time.

Now HitFix reports that Haley remains the only choice for Sinestro by the studio and he’s in the film. In the first film Sinestro will only have a brief appearance apparantly – a short role that will expand into a fully-fledged villain in a further sequel down the track. This does make sense as in the comic book Sinestro was the Green Lantern who trained Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) in the way of the Ring!

Peter Saarsgard will probably play the main villain of the piece, the dangerous telepath Hector Hammond whose contact with an alien force threatens Earth’s security.

Drew McWeeney mentions that they have also managed to get the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott and Emerald Dawn’s Legion in to the plot.

How do you feel about Rorschach playing Sinestro? I still have a niggling doubt that he will be Sinestro but that’s just me.

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Green Lantern – Peter Sarsgaard could be one of the bad guys

Posted by LiveFor on January 13, 2010

Peter Sarsgaard (An Education, Garden State) is in negotiations to play the villain in “Green Lantern,” Warner Bros.’ big-budget, Martin Campbell-directed film according to Heat Vision.

As we all know Ryan Reynolds is starring as Hal Jordan, the test pilot who finds a downed spacecraft with a dying alien who passes him a powerful ring, introducing Jordan to a interstellar police force known as the Green Lanterns. Blake Lively was recently cast as his love interest, Carol Ferris.

Sarsgaard will play Dr. Hector Hammond, the pathologist son of a senator who is seen as a disappointment in his father’s eyes. He becomes infused with psychic powers when he discovers a meteor.

This could be very good casting. Sarsgaard is another big name for the cast, he is a good actor and I think he will be able to carry off Hammond’s sleazy aspects quite well. It sounds as if the film may be following Geoff Johns’ recent origin tale in the Green Lantern comic book. If that is the case Sarsgaard may end up spending half the film playing a catatonic big headed freak.

Still no word as to whether Sinestro will be in the film yet. As he is a major player in the comic I imagine he will show up, but who could play him?

How do you feel about Sarsgaard playing Hector Hammond if he gets the role?

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Green Lantern gets a Lively female lead

Posted by LiveFor on January 9, 2010

Blake Lively has landed the female lead opposite Ryan Reynolds in Warner Bros.’ Green Lantern according to THR.

Lively will play Carol Ferris, who runs her father’s aerospace company and hires cocky test pilot Hal Jordan (Reynolds), who later becomes Green Lantern. In the comics, the romance became complicated when an alien race bestowed her the power of a crystal called the Star Sapphire, but I doubt they’ll show that in the first film. You can see her as Star Sapphire in the pic below.

The search for the Martin Campbell-directed film’s leading lady was almost as intense as the one for its title star. Keri Russell and Jennifer Garner were reportedly among those in the mix for the role.

The role called for a slightly older actress but Lively, who stars in the CW’s “Gossip Girl,” impressed the studio and filmmakers with her audition. I make her as being about 22 which is a tad young for the character, but all depends how well she can act. I’ve never seen Gossip Girl so have no idea what she is like.

Warners was also impressed with her work in “The Town,” its adaptation of the gritty Chuck Hogan novel directed by Ben Affleck now in post-production.

The casting process will next turn its eye to the roles of Dr. Hector Hammond, one of the key villains, and the alien known as Sinestro.

Donald De Line and Greg Berlanti are producing the big-budget sci-fi movie, which is scheduled to shoot in Louisiana in March with an eye towards a June 17, 2011 release.

Is Lively a good choice for the role?

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