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Halloween 3D is on hold – Halloween 2 to be released again

Posted by LiveFor on September 30, 2009

h2Pre-production on “Halloween 3D” at Dimension Films has come to a halt says Deadline Hollywood Daily

Todd Farmer turned in his script on Friday, however Dimension head Bob Weinstein feels the production is being rushed and has decided to wait until director Patrick Lussier (“My Bloody Valentine 3D”) is free so they can take their time with the project.

Lussier signed on to the film but had to begin shooting by November so he could start work on the Nicolas Cage film “Drive Angry” early next year.

As a result, the film will move from an October 2010 to a release sometime in 2011.

TWC is re-releasing the $31m grossing Halloween 2 on…wait for it…Halloween. Those marketing guys are on the ball with that one.

Source: Dark Horizons

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Weinstein talks Scanners, Hellraiser and An American Werewolf in London remakes

Posted by LiveFor on September 25, 2009

weinsteina_1130Bob Weinstein has said “I’m going back to doing what I do best,” that seems to mean going back to genre films for Dimension, with familiar faces onboard, such as Neve Campbell back for Scream 4, and a new emphasis on 3D.

Robert Rodriguez is writing “Spy Kids 4,” which he will direct in 3D. The movie will be made in partnership with Disney and will start shooting in March, Weinstein said.

In addition, the company wants to shoot “Halloween III” in 3D, aiming to release it in October 2010.

“I’m heading back to my franchise films,” Weinstein declared, citing plans to shoot sequels to “Hellraiser” and “Scanners” in 3D. Also on the slate are remakes of “Short Circuit” and “An American Werewolf in London.” “These films are our strength, and we are committed to doing them in style.”

The first two “Scream” pictures grossed more than $100 million each, while “Scream 3” grossed $89 million in the U.S.

Weinstein also said that “The Road” will open wide Nov. 25 in some 800 theaters.

In response to a query, Weinstein said, “There is no question that financing is readily available to produce and market these films.” He added: “I am eager to expand our scope in the 3D business.”

I think jumping on the 3D bandwagon is a bit silly as there is still no guarantee this is not just going to be a flash in the pan.

Plus Hellraiser and Scanners have probably been picked as they have chains flashing out to you and exploding heads to smash out at you. As for remaking An American Werewolf in London I really, wish they would leave that well alone.

What do you think about the list of remakes Dimension are working on?

Source: Variety

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Halloween 3D has a director and Children of the Corn to be remade

Posted by LiveFor on September 8, 2009

children-of-the-corn-child-cultBob Weinstein is hoping to add a whole new dimension to genre label Dimension Films with artier fare such as Cormac McCarthy adaptation The Road, while staying true to the company’s core audience with a new version of Stephen King’s The Children of the Corn and the third part of its revamped “Halloween” franchise in 3-D.

“I can work with my brother Harvey on the artistic side of the film, which has the potential for awards,” Bob Weinstein told Variety. “There are also people out there who may not have read the book but would love the aspects that deal with the basic survival story and are like an action thriller.”

The Weinstein Co. is planning a domestic Thanksgiving release for the film, which stars Viggo Mortensen and newcomer Kodi Smit-McPhee.

However, the company isn’t about to give up on the genre pics that have brought it such success over the years.

Weinstein has tapped Ehren Kruger (“The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”) to adapt Stephen King short story “Children of the Corn,” which tells the story of a boy preacher who persuades the children in a Nebraska town to kill all the adults. “Corn” was previously made into a feature in 1984 by New World Pictures.

“We felt the New World film was a missed opportunity,” said Weinstein. “If you read the short story, it’s got such a strong feeling to it and there’s this religious overtone to it as well. Ehren wants to hit it hard. It’s popular in Hollywood to say you re-envisioning a project but a lot of the time they’re just carbon copying the original. We are bringing something new to the story.”

Weinstein is also in negotiations with Patrick Lussier (“My Bloody Valentine”) to write and direct a third “Halloween” franchise in 3-D. Weinstein is hoping to release the pic next summer.

“Our core business is always going to be family films like ‘Spy Kids,’ comedies like ‘Scary Movie’ or horror films,” added Weinstein. “I’m not going to start making ‘Shakespeare in Love’ but if something like ‘The Road’ comes along then I’ll do it.”

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Halloween 3D – No Rob Zombie

Posted by LiveFor on August 31, 2009

michael-myers-mask-1“Halloween II” may not have won the box office this weekend, but Weinstein Co. is taking a lesson from the movie that did as it prepares a sequel for next summer.

The independent studio’s co-Chairman Bob Weinstein said today that the 3-D sequel, titled, appropriately enough, “Halloween 3D,” is in development.

The investment it takes to shoot movies in digital 3-D has proved particularly lucrative for horror films. For “The Final Destination,” this weekend’s No. 1 movie, theaters with at least one 3-D screen earned 3.25 times as much as those that showed the movie in 2-D only, according to distributor Warner Bros. That’s substantially higher than for other recent releases. The equivalent 3-D multiple for last month’s “G-Force,” for instance, was only 1.7 on its first weekend. For July’s “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” it was 1.4 andm for June’s “Up” it was 2.2. January horror flick “My Bloody Valentine” earned 6.4 times as much from 3-D theaters as it did from 2-D on its opening weekend.

Weinstein said Rob Zombie, who directed “Halloween II” and 2007’s reboot of the 31-year-old horror series, won’t return for “Halloween 3-D.” He said the studio is in negotiations with a new director, whom he declined to name, who has experience in horror and has a “different take” on the franchise.

Do you think a 3rd Halloween movie will work? Should it follow on from Rob Zombie’s sequel or go its own way? Does it need to be in 3D?

Source: LA Times

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