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Cowboys and Aliens – Sam Rockwell saddles up

Posted by LiveFor on May 4, 2010

Sam Rockwell working with Jon Favreau again in the adaptation of the comic book, Cowboys and Aliens

It starts shooting in June and Rockwell, who can currently be seen in Iron Man 2 as Justin Hammer, will be joining Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde and Harrison Ford.

Rockwell will play a bar owner named Doc who joins in the pursuit of the aliens. Once Favreau and the writers — Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof — learned that Rockwell was interested in the movie, they reconceived and expanded the role, which initially called for a heavy-set man.

Rockwell’s previous experience with Westerns was in 2007’s The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

I’m made up Rockwell will be in this sci-fi Western as I think he is a brilliant actor. From Lawn Dogs, Galaxy Quest through Charlie’s Angels Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Moon and more he is always great to watch.

Source: Heat Vision

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The Empire Strikes Back special screening with Han Solo

Posted by LiveFor on April 16, 2010

That’s right true believer.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of “The Empire Strikes Back,” Lucasfilm is planning a yearlong charity campaign called “The Empire Gives Back” that kicks off in the U.S. on May 19 in a really cool way: A one-night-only digital screening of the 1980 “Star Wars” sequel at the ArcLight Hollywood and an on-stage Q&A with Harrison Ford.

The ArcLight screening will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and it is because of this that Ford agreed to attend.

I would love to get to that showing, but sadly tickets are all sold out over on St Jude’s website.

Source: LA Times via Hollywood Elsewhere

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UPDATED: Casting News – Yelchin in Fright Night, Harrison Ford in Cowboys and Aliens, Emily Blunt as Catwoman

Posted by LiveFor on April 7, 2010

Rumours, reality who knows. Here’s the skinny.

Fright Night – Anton Yelchin (Star Trek) is in negotiations to star in “Fright Night,” DreamWorks’ remake of the cult 1985 vampire film. Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl) is helming the new version, which sticks to the concept of a teen being convinced that his new neighbor is a vampire, although no one will believe him. – Heat Vision

Catwoman – Rumour has it that Emily Blunt passed on “Captain America” because she’s hoping to star as Selina Kyle in “Batman 3” accordingto Batman on Film — “if Chris Nolan uses the character,” the source notes. They stress that this is very much a rumour. I do think that Blunt would make a cracking Selina Kyle.

Cowboys and AliensLatino Review have another rumour saying that Harrison Ford could be joining Jon Favreau’s next comic book film, based on an anonymous tip indicating that “Ford was about to join a huge comic book movie to be directed by a director coming off a soon to be released huge comic book movie.”

Favreau did writer Twitter: “Some very cool Cowboys & Aliens casting news coming soon.” Take that however you wish.

UPDATE: “Please stop asking if Harrison Ford is in Cowboys & Aliens. Okay? He is,” wrote Favreau on Twitter. “Please don’t tell anybody.”

What do you think about the possible casting bits? I would love to see Ford back in a sci-fi kind of thing. He needs to make up geek points since the last Indy film.

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Shia and Harrison at the Kids Choice Awards. Why Indy Why?

Posted by LiveFor on March 29, 2010

This just said it all.

Cheers to Andy M for the link.

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in a few seconds

Posted by LiveFor on January 13, 2010

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Harrison Ford talks Indiana Jones 5

Posted by LiveFor on January 12, 2010

We all know that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a crushing disappointment to many Indy fans. It had a few enjoyable moments, but it was deeply flawed in many ways and just didn’t have enough classic Indy moments.

Although no script has been written for the fifth film Harrison Ford has been chatting to MTV about what he would like in the next installment of Indiana Jones – I hope there are no swinging monkeys.

“I don’t think I’ll do it in a wheelchair,” said Ford “George [Lucas] is working on an idea, and if it comes to a fruitful stage, all of us are very interested in making another.”

Now, Ford is promising that the idea Lucas has for the fifth film is outrageous.

“Yeah,” he said when reminded of a quote he gave saying that Lucas’ idea was “crazy but great.” Does he want to elaborate? “No,” he responded.

“Some of the best ideas are crazy ideas, you know?” he conceded.

“I think it would be interesting to advance the understanding of the character, as we always have had that ambition throughout the series,” Ford said of what he needs to see in an “Indy 5” script. “I think it would be interesting to deepen the relationship between he and his son [Mutt, played by Shia LaBeouf] and play on that relationship. … It’s full of opportunity. The series is full of opportunity.”

“I think [scenes with a married Indy and Marion] would be nice grace notes,” admitted the actor, who will next be seen in “Extraordinary Measures,” a January 22 drama.

“We’ll see what we come up with.
“Karen [Allen]’s a wonderful actress, I’ve always enjoyed working with her,”
he added. “I’m hoping that there’ll be a part for all of us in the next one.”

To sum up Ford would like more Mutt and George Lucas has a crazy idea for the next sequel. Anyone else feel a little worried about that?

Of course they could easily side step Mutt and the marriage by setting the fifth film before the fourth. They did it with Temple of Doom being set before Raiders.

What would you want in a fifth Indiana Jones film? What could he be searching for this time?

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Scar Wars – Han Solo is Tony Montana

Posted by LiveFor on November 25, 2009

An excellent Star Wars / Scarface mashup.

I think I may paint the classic Scarface poster but with Han instead.

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Extraordinary Measures – Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser make a miracle

Posted by LiveFor on November 11, 2009

EM 1-Sht (Page 1)
If you think this is a Mummy / Indiana Jones cross over then you are sorely mistaken.

The film is based on the true story of John Crowley, a man who fought the system to pursue a cure for his child’s life threatening disease.

You know what, Indiana Jones in a fridge is probably better than this. What happened to Indy and Han?

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Kurt Russell’s audition tape for Han Solo

Posted by LiveFor on November 2, 2009

What did you think of that? Would Kurt have made a good Han?

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Star Wars – What’s All that Noise?

Posted by LiveFor on October 20, 2009

Han Solo was a bit of a plonker sometimes.

Source: I Watch Stuff

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