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Battleship – Gambit joins Peter Berg’s fleet

Posted by LiveFor on April 8, 2010

Taylor Kitsch, he who was Gambit, and who is playing John Carter is joining the crew of Peter Berg’s sci-fi alien invasion action film, Battleship, based on the Hasbro board game.

The script, by Jon and Erich Hoeber, sees an international fleet come together to battle a water-bound armada of otherworldly origin.

I had previously reported that, Jeremy Renner (S.W.A.T., 28 Weeks Later, The Hurt Locker), was in the running for the role but, according to Heat Vision, he is going on to Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest drama, with scheduling conflicts preventing his involvement in both.

Kitsch is playing a Naval commander named Alex Hopper, described as “wildly spirited” and “a great seaman but a lousy politician.”

Other key roles in the film include the female lead as well as a Japanese commander.

Do you think Kitsch is the right choice for the film? Are you excited about a film based on the board game?

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Battleship – Update on the aliens in Peter Berg’s boardgame adaption

Posted by LiveFor on March 6, 2010

Still trying to get my head round the adaption of Bill and Ted vs Death’s favourite game and the fact it has aliens in it, but it is sounding a bit better with every new piece of news. Last I heard Jeremey Renner (The Hurt Locker, S.W.A.T.) was in talks to be the lead.

IGN spoke to great comic book artist, Jock (The Losers). As well as doing concept art for the new Judge Dredd film he’s also busy working on the look of the aliens for Peter Berg’s film.

“I met Peter when he was attached to The Losers and have done bits and piece for him since then. I did some work for his Dune adaptation which has now gone on to Pierre Morel.” said Jock “When he moved onto Battleship, rather than having two human forces, one is an alien force, and they needed designing and concepts done. I’m currently doing costumes for the aliens and their head-gear. I’ve also been doing a lot of key-frames of environments and events.”

Peter Berg spoke about the film and the aliens a while back. Jock confirms some of the things mentioned then. “They are aliens called ‘Regents’ and there is a battle, hence it’s called Battleship, but they didn’t come here to have a battle.” He continues, “Pete’s got such a great sensibility, he wants stuff to be raw and real and aggressive and frightening and hard and tough. There are different characters in the alien race that will have different service to the film, but generally they are totally new. Not really harking back to anything, but more trying to give Pete what he wants and what he’s trying to achieve.”

Jock added, “Something struck me after working on this for a few months — they are going to make a new version of the game with the aliens and the alien ships. There’s a folder online and that’s for Hasbro, so some action figures of what I’ve designed would be kind of cool!”

Can’t wait to see some of the concept art for the film as I love Jock’s work. Anyone else getting a bit more excited about Battleship?

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Battleship – Peter Berg talks about the Aliens in the water

Posted by LiveFor on December 2, 2009

A while back it was announced that Peter Berg’s adaption of the Hasbro board game, Battleship, would feature a human fleet going up against aliens. Everyone scratched their heads at that one.

Now Berg has spoken to a Latino Review (he flew a few journalists down to a proper battleship for the show and tell).

First of all the concept art of the alien ships shows they are black, and had legs that spread out sort of like water spiders you see on the top of lakes. They looked pretty H.G. Wells-ish and supposedly each ship matches up very well to our ships. Technologically, the two enemies are almost evenly matched.

Here is some of what Berg had to say about the film. Be sure to check out the rest of the interview though as there is a lot of info over there.

The goal was to put up something that could exist as a big, dynamic, entertaining summer blockbuster. That’s clearly what you aspire to make when you take on something like ‘Battleship’ and I think we’re well on our way. I want to share a few pictures with you guys of the enemy, pictures of what the enemy is going to look like. Nobody has seen these…but the enemy does come from another planet. That’s not news. It’s true, you guys uncovered it first. We tried to keep it a secret, but it’s our goal to make that as intelligent and logical, certainly as ‘District 9’ was able to do. But to provide a real intelligence to our opponent, a logic, a rationale for being there and not purely hostile, violent creatures bent on global destruction. They’ve got a much more logical agenda planned that happens to come into conflict with us. Then there’s a chance for two relatively equal opponents to go at each other and you get a sense of some of the equipment you saw, the level and intelligence of that character of what modern sailors are today.

He went on to talk about the aliens.

They’ve got a problem. Upon arrival one of their ships is severely damaged and that’s posed a real existing problem for them and they’re trying to deal with that.

You’ll understand and ILM is doing an extraordinary job of creating, they’re called the Regents, the folks who inhabit these ships. Some of them are very scientific and very intelligent and not violent at all. Others of them are more violent but they’re all concerned with the fact that they have a very real mechanical problem with one of their ships and they’re trying to deal with that.

Their craft are sea based. They don’t fly. But you can see sort of that there’s an equal number of American and there’s actually one Japanese ship involved in this conflict with the enemy.

They are actually able to fly, insert themselves through the earth’s atmosphere and make contact through the water. Once they get on the surface they don’t fly. They stay put. They’ve enabled moving in a fairly unique manner, along the different ways of the sea. They don’t have the standard propulsion but they have weapons systems and some of them are very violent. There are some that aren’t but there are some that are the equivalent of our destroyers.

Berg then went on to talk about the sequel to Hancock 2 and other projects he is working on.

It’s being written now and it’s an issue of everybody involved in ‘Hancock’. There are so many cooks in that particular kitchen that it’s so busy and Will [Smith] has kind of taken time off to be with his kids and his kids are now making all kinds of films. There are so many people involved in that, from Will to his partner James Lassiter to Akiva [Goldsman] to Michael Mann, myself and to get us all in the same room just like this where we can all talk and then agree on anything, you’ve never met a group of people that have a harder time agreeing on anything. It’s like the Israeli peace process times a thousand how tough it is to resolve. I think it’ll happen though. We just have to kind of get in the same room for some consistency.

Lone Survivor is what I want to do next. If you haven’t read that book it’s an incredible story and a really dynamic one, in the vein of like a ‘Black Hawk Down’. It’s a true story about seventeen SEALS that were killed in one gunfight in Afghanistan. It’s a great story. One survived.

The Battleship film is actually growing on me after hearing what Berg has to say about it. I like the sound of the aliens and their ships. Just a pity he had to pull out of the Dune remake to do it.

What are your thoughts on Battleship? Will it work? Who would you like to see leading the human fleet?

Go read the rest of the interview over at Latino Review as I’ve barely scratched the surface.

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UPDATED: Peter Berg to take on Battleships

Posted by LiveFor on September 15, 2009

UPDATE 08/11/09: Now it appears the film will involve the battleships fighting aliens! More here.

Universal has set 1st July 2011, for the release of Battleship, confirming Peter Berg as director of the live-action pic based on Hasbro’s naval combat board game.

According to Variety the deal is part of a two-picture pic pact Berg has made where he’ll follow Battleship with an Afghan war drama Lone Survivor.

Aside from “Battleship” and “Stretch Armstrong,” Universal is separately developing “Clue” with Gore Verbinski, “Monopoly” with Ridley Scott, “Candyland” with director Kevin Lima, and “Ouija” with Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes.

Personally I find the whole adapting a board game into a film a bit strange. Although the original Clue (Cluedo to us Brits) was rather funny. Mind you I would love to see adaptions of board games such as Dark Future, Zombies!!!, Arkham Horror and Descent.

For Berg, the picture realizes a passion for ship-bound war stories that he picked up from his naval historian father.

“I’ve been consumed with doing one of these since I tried to convince Tom Rothman at Fox to make a film about John Paul Jones, the founder of the American Navy,” Berg said. “As a kid, I was dragged from Navy museum to museum, and spent so much time on ships, listening to my father talk about the great battles of WWII, I did my high school thesis on the Battle of Midway. When this came up, it didn’t take me long to find a take for a film that is filled with raucous action-packed naval battles.”

That does sound cool though. Lots of ships blowing the crap out of each other. As long as they get a good cast involved then it could be a great war movie.

Berg called the film “a contemporary story of an international five-ship fleet engaged in a very dynamic, violent and intense battle” — but he would not disclose any details about the enemy force.

The film will be the next directorial assignment for Berg. Obviously this means that some of Berg’s other projects such as Hancock 2 and a remake of Dune will be pushed even further back.

What do you think of a Battleship film? Any other board games out there that should be made into a film?

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