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Iron Man 2 – Screenwriter Justin Theroux talks about The Mandarin and after the credit wonders

Posted by LiveFor on April 26, 2010

You may well recognise Justin Theroux’s face from Mulholland Drive and Charlie’s Angels 2. He is also a cool screenwriter who wrote Iron man 2. With the film due out in the UK on Friday and the USA next week he has been chatting to MovieWeb about the story.

They asked him whether Iron Man’s arch-nemesis, The Mandarin, would show up in the sequel (he was hinted at in the first with the whole 10 Ring terrorist group).

“Yeah, we tip our hat to that but that’s a tough one to get in because it’s such a big storyline,” explained Theroux. “So that, I don’t know, and I don’t dare say it but it might feature in Iron Man 3, I don’t know?”

As he is also an actor are there any roles Theroux would live to play in the Marvel universe?

“I don’t know? Hawkeye would be great,” answered Theroux. “No, I don’t know? Yeah that would be fun. We’ll have to see because I’ve never even thought of that? We’ll see?”

Collider also spoke to him and got onto the subject of what we may see after the credits (we got to see Nick Fury at the end of the first one) and whether something like that could be improvised as many of the scenes in the film were.

“No, that’s got to be very specific because you can’t…if it was all of a sudden Tony opens a tool box and there’s a friggin’ hammer in there, you can’t bone the next guy. You know it’s not like…you want to create possibilities. So that’s a very thought out piece. If the shield all of a sudden just falls out of the sky, whatever it is, whatever that thing is, you want to be very specific about it.

Only a few more days to wait until we get to see. What would you like to see after the credits?

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UPDATED: The Avengers – Joss Whedon is hours away from directing it

Posted by LiveFor on April 13, 2010

Great news for fans of Joss Whedon (oh Firefly!) but a rumour from a few weeks ago that said he was in the running to direct The Avengers for Marvel Studios could well be true.

Deadline (who are usually spot on with these things) have the news that Joss Whedon is in final negotiations to direct The Avengers.

That means he would be in control of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), as well as SHIELD leader Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and whoever else they decide to include – possibly the Hulk, the Wasp, Hawkeye.

After Iron Man 2, Marvel has three pictures left on a distribution deal with Paramount before it moves to Disney, and the studio has been churning them out. Iron Man 2 gets released in May, Captain America will begin shooting this summer in Europe, Thor is in production, and Marvel Studios just set Pete Sollett to direct Runaways, based on the comic book series created by Lost writer Brian K. Vaughan. Whedon also wrote for that last one along with Astonishing X-Men so he knows how these things work.

True, Serenity is his only feature film, but all of his shows involve an ensemble cast of people with various abilities so his transition to directing the team of Avengers should work quite well.

I really think he is an excellent choice for the film although it is still not set in stone. Do you agree that Whedon is the one to direct the Avengers or is it a terrible choice? Who else should they have on the team?

The Avengers is due out in May 2012.

UPDATE: Variety have picked up on the news that Whedon is in final negotiations to direct and if it does go ahead he will also rework the screenplay by screenwriter Zak Penn.

It will be nice if this all happens. Now another question – if he could bring in some of his crew what characters would you like to see the following play?

Nathan Fillion – Neil Patrick Harris – Charisma Carpenter – Felicia Day – Summer Glau

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UPDATED: Who will be a Secret Avenger?

Posted by LiveFor on February 9, 2010

Marvel have been sending out teasers for the new Avengers comic book by Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr – the team is comprised of Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Hawkeye, Captain America and Thor.

That was thought to be the end of it as Marvel kept saying that all the different Avengers titles would be cancelled after the big Siege event and there would just be the Avengers.

Looks like that isn’t the case as a new teaser poster for Secret Avengers came out today. As you can see it is similar in composition to the Avengers posters, but the character is blacked out.

Turns out the new series will be writtern by Ed Brubaker with Mike Deodato on art.

Any idea who it is in the picture? I’m thinking Spider-Man, Black Panther, Beast, Dr Strange or maybe Cloak. Just can’t work it out.

Source: io9
UPDATE: Ed Brubaker sent a Tweet pointing to a new Secret Avenger teaser pic over at CBR.
This one appears to be wearing a cloak and with the caption with it I am thinking it could well be a former bad guy. Maybe The Hood or Taskmaster. Any ideas?

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Thor is an Avenger

Posted by LiveFor on February 5, 2010

Thor is the next on the teaser posters for the new Avengers Marvel comic by Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr. He joins Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Hawkeye and Captain America.

Is this the final line up of the team?

Source: CBR

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Hawkeye is an Avenger

Posted by LiveFor on February 5, 2010

Hawkeye is the next on the teaser posters for the new Avengers Marvel comic by Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr. He joins Iron Man, Spider-Woman and Captain America.

Although I am starting to wonder whether this will be the actual team or if it could be showing all the people who were Avengers but have since died or moved on to different things? Case in point is the Captain America pic – it looks like it is the Bucky version has he has a gun, yet Steve Rogers has returned to the Marvel Universe and surely he would be in the Avengers?

Then there was the pic of the Heroic Age which we thought was the Avengers team, yet there’s no Spider-Woman there, plus Hawkeye in that pic looks like it could be Bucky as he seems to have a cybernetic arm. Am I looking into this too much?

Only time will tell.

Source: CBR

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The Avengers – John Romita Jr is on art

Posted by LiveFor on February 1, 2010

One of my all time favourite comic book artists, John Romita Jr, will be on art duty for the new Avengers comic due out in May. He was worked on so many comic books it would take too long to list them all, but he has done sterling work on Kick-Ass, Thor, Spider-Man and the X-Men to name just a few.

After all the Civil War, Dark Avengers and Siege all of the Avengers comics are being cancelled a single Avengers title will live on written by Brian Michael Bendis. No more Mighty Avengers, Dark Avengers etc.

I recently posted a picture that shows what could well be the line-up of the new team. Captain America is in the line-up – in that pic I thought it was the Steve Rogers version in the Bucky Cap outfit as there was no gun. However, the Romita Jr teaser poster for the new Avengers comic shows a Captain America with a gun…I have no idea if it is Bucky or Steve.

It looks as if Bucky is the new Hawkeye as I think the original will die (again). The solicitation for Siege issue 2 does state one Avenger will die:

The blockbuster Marvel event of the year goes full-blown carnage and madness as the biggest and most brutal battle in Marvel’s history brings together heroes from all sides. Lines have been drawn, and an unlikely hero will save one Avenger, but they can’t save them all. The Siege has begun and it claims its first victim as AN AVENGER WILL DIE!!

Looking forward to more of the teaser posters for the new series. How do you feel about Romita Jr working on The Avengers?

Source: THR

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The New New Avengers…possibly

Posted by LiveFor on January 28, 2010

The Marvel Universe has been through a lot over the past few years – Civil Wars, Villains taking over, Avengers disassembled, Spider-Man have his marriage wiped out of living memory by Mephisto, Skrulls secretly invaded, Nick Fury found out SHIELD was actually controlled by HYDRA, Hawkeye died, Hawkeye came back, Daredevil became leade of the Hand, Wolverine found out he had a son who was tougher than him, Captain America died, Bucky came back from the dead, Bucky became Captain America, the real Captain America came back, Iron Man was a bit nasty then wiped his memory to save the world, Wolverine was in everything, Mutants were almost wished into extinction and Wolverine was in everything. Plus lots more.

Currently Marvel is going through Siege where Norman Osbourne is at war with Thor and the Asgardians. Once that is all resolved things are going to get brighter.

“Heroes will be heroes again,” Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada told USA Today. “They’ve gone through hell and they’re back to being good guys — a throwback to the early days of the Marvel Universe, with more of a swashbuckling feel.”

“The ‘brand new day’ of the Heroic Age presents a tonal shift to optimism, a world filled with hope but quite hellish villains,” writer Brian Michael Bendis said. “The heroes realize it’s a blue-sky world worth protecting.”

Bendis says the story line was approved long before the sale to Disney. “This was always the plan, and I have the memos to prove it,” he says with a laugh.

“This was always the whole point — the reunion, the Avengers getting back together, because this is what the world needs right now,” Bendis says. “Now we get to the good stuff.”

Robot 6 think the above lineup of heroes will also be the new team for The Avengers and I have to agree with them. Looks like Bucky aka Winter Soldier aka Captain America will become Hawkeye (check out the cybernetic arm) so that could well be Steve Rogers in the new Captain America outfit.

Also great to Gorilla-Man from Agents of Atlas on the team. Is it just me or has Beast almost got back to his previous form – check out his George Perez classic hair.

Personally I think it is a cracking line-up (which will probably last for about 4 or 5 issues) and really do hope we can get back to some classic Avengers story telling.

What do you think of the line-up? What bad guys do you want to see them go up against?

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Could Hawkeye be in The Avengers and Thor films? Will Jeremy Renner play him?

Posted by LiveFor on November 26, 2009

Clint Barton, or Hawkeye, has been one of the mainstays of the comic book Avengers. A man with no superpowers but a talent with a bow and arrow. He was inspired to turn hero by seeing Iron Man in action and had a team up with Black Widow, before breaking into Avengers Mansion to join the team.

Like most comic book characters he has died, had amnesia, yadda yadda yadda. Last I heard he was running around the normal Marvel Universe as a character called Ronin (basically all ninja type stuff) and in the Ultimates Universe he was totally bad ass but had his family wiped out and he went all out balls nasty on the bad guys (I’ve used a pic of this version as I think they’ll go the more realistic looking route in the film version).

Okay, hope that brought you up to speed at least a little on the character – Wikipedia have a lot more detail.

Jeremy Renner is the American actor who starred in S.W.A.T., 28 Weeks Later and blew the house down in Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker where he portrayed the lone wolf devil may care SSgt William James who I figure could be a similar kind of character, in some aspects, to Hawkeye.

The reason he could be Hawkeye is that The Playlist spotted an interview with Empire where he said, “Hawkeye could be interesting. They’re going to send me some stuff on it, see what it is. But I think they’re pretty awesome, trying to make superhero movies almost plausible and not just some fantasy thing.”

Looking at the recent Marvel Studio films I reckon Hawkeye could be a cameo in either Thor, Iron Man 2 or Captain America (as Iron Man 2 has finished shooting I doubt it will be that one, unless they are super sneaky) and then we see him more in The Avengers film. Just a theory.

Do you want to see Hawkeye on the big screen? Is Renner the man to play him? How could he appear as a cameo in Thor?

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Iron Man 2 – Hawkeye and Black Widow are in it – Tim Robbins to play Tony Stark’s father

Posted by LiveFor on December 18, 2008

Latino Review has the news that Tony Stark’s father, Howard Stark, will be played by Tim Robbins in Iron Man 2. Jon Favreau wanted a top actor for the role as there is meant to be a big flashback in the sequel that helps set up The Avengers and Captain America films. For the Marvel films this is incredibly important to get right.

There is also the rumour that Hawkeye and Black Widow will both be in the next Iron Man film. This will help tie Iron Man further into the Marvel Universe and help the transition into the superhero world of the Avengers that much easier. Both Hawkeye and Black Widow have now powers but Hawkeye is a master marksman (mainly uses a bow) and Black Widow is female Russian spy. Both are basically superb atheletes and great characters.

It will be interesting to see if they follow The Ultimates version of the characters. I still think that is the way they will go for many of the Marvel films especially after the fact they cast Samuel L Jackson to play Nick Fury. Would be great to see the first volume of The Ultimates brought to the big screen.

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