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Sweatshop – That guy has a really big hammer

Posted by LiveFor on May 8, 2010

Stacy Davidson directs and the film stars Ashley Kay, Peyton Wetzel, Julin, and Danielle Jones.

I told you it was a big hammer.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Source: STYD

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I Spit On Your Grave – Poster for the remake

Posted by LiveFor on May 1, 2010

A great poster for the remake of the 1979 horror.

Jennifer Hills, who takes a retreat from the city to a charming cabin in the woods to start on her next book. But Jennifer’s presence in the small town attracts the attention of a few morally deprived locals led who set out one night to teach this city girl a lesson.

They break into her cabin to scare her. However, what starts out as terrifying acts of humiliation and intimidation, quickly and uncontrollably escalates into a night of physical abuse and torturous assault. But before they can kill her, Jennifer sacrifices her broken and beaten body to a raging river that washes her away.

As time passes, the men slowly stop searching for her body and try to go back to life as usual. But that isn’t about to happen. Against all odds, Jennifer Hills survived her ordeal. Now, with hell bent vengeance, Jennifer’s sole purpose is to turn the tables on these animals and to inflict upon them every horrifying and torturous moment they carried out on her…only much, much worse.

Steven Monroe directs. Sarah Butler, Chad Lindberg, Daniel Franzese, Rodney Eastman, Jeff Branson and Andrew Howard star

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The Hole – Trailer for Joe Dante’s new film

Posted by LiveFor on April 30, 2010

Joe Dante…let’s see what films he has done Piranha, The Howling , Segment 3 of Twilight Zone: The Movie; Gremlins, Gremlins 2: The New Batch; Explorers, Innerspace, Amazon Women on the Moon, The ‘Burbs, Matinee, Small Soldiers. Quite a few good ones and some okay ones. This one looks like a good one.

Life couldnt possibly get worse, or so thought 17 year old Dane and his 10 year old brother Lucas, when their single mother Susan uproots them from New York City to the sleepy little town of Bensonville. For Dane the only exciting thing about their new town is the beautiful girl next door, Julie. With Susan spending more and more time at work, Dane and Lucas are left unattended to explore the depths of their eerie new residence.

With Dane paying more attention to Julie, he has far less time and patience for his little brother. But then everything changes when they find a sinister bottomless hole under a locked trap door in the basement. As the brothers experiment with the hole they realize that the cold pit goes on forever. They drop a nail and never hear it hit bottom. They lower a flashlight and a video camera and they get consumed by the darkness. Hoping for some answers about the houses past, Dane and Lucas bring Julie in on their new discovery. When the hole is exposed, evil is unleashed. With strange shadows lurking around every corner and past nightmares coming to life, the trio will have to come face to face their darkest fears to put an end to THE HOLE.

Source: Quiet Earth

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Dead Space 2 – Trailer

Posted by LiveFor on April 30, 2010

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The Thing – Prequel will explain what we saw in the original

Posted by LiveFor on April 27, 2010

The prequel to John Carpenter’s The Thing is underway and like many of you I am excited yet nervous about the whole thing. We’ve all seen many favourite films have prequels or sequels that are nowhere near as good or ignore what made the original great in the first place.

The new film takes place at the Norwegian Camp that we see briefly in the original when Kurt Russell visits it to see why some mad Norwegians were trying to kill a dog. While there they come across an axe in the door, a man with his throat and wrists cut, a big block of ice where the Thing originally came from and lots of death and wanton destruction. Quite a lot to cover in the prequel.

io9 spoke to screenwriter Eric Heisserer about how close they are sticking to the original and, fellow Thing fans, it sounds very promising. Very promising indeed.

You’re actually in the Norwegian camp, before all that stuff happens. You get to see how it happens — that’s the reverse engineering there. The way we approached it was by autopsy, where the director, producers and I pored over Carpenter’s film. We must have screened it two or three dozen times. And we’d freeze frames and have lengthy discussions about what evidence is there, that would lead to so much blood. It was a forensic discussion of Carpenter’s films. That’s probably where the whole “fire axe in the door” probably came from. Because we said, we have to justify that, we have to have a moment in our movie where you see that happen.

If we do this right — I just spoke on the phone today with [Producer] Eric Newman on the phone today, he’s on set up in Toronto [and] he said things are going well. But if we can pull this off, this movie will work perfectly [as] the first half of a double feature. So that the last shot of this film will be two Norwegians and a chopper chasing after a dog. And you can plug in Carpenter’s film and they will both feel and look as they have been made around the same time.

there are things that definitely called attention, [such as] dealing with the body in the chair. What we didn’t notice before was that it looked like both his throat and his wrists were slit. And there are a lot of papers scattered on the floor that Copper picks up. And the stuff that we looked at closely were the holes in the walls and on the ceiling, in various parts of the base. And this is how anal retentive we were, we wanted to justify what happened to cause all those holes, pieces and incidental damage. You just know some set guy that day [during the original filming] was like, “well it burned down, let’s put a hole here.” [Laughs].

But the one thing we’re not going to pull off well, because we realized it was just unrealistic and just one of those goofs, I guess, from Carpenter’s films, is when they get into that giant block of ice that’s been carved out. The way it’s been carved where it looks like they just dug into it like a chicken pot pie — it’s impossible to get something out of the ice like that. There are so many better ways to do it. So we deviated just a little bit from there, we tried to cover our tracks a little and justified it and showed that it can still work. But yes there are a couple of things where because we were logic cops all the way through this movie there are a handful of, “Wait a minute — how come… that doesn’t work at all?!”

How do you like them apples? He does seem to have a great love of the original and great they are looking at it so closely.

The other big problem is the creature effects. The original had superb practical effects that have yet to be beaten in my opinion. I am worried that the prequel will stick to CGI. However, it does look like they are staying faithful to what has gone before to show what has gone before.

When I came on board — like a writer has any authority to do so — but I went in like I did and I stomped my feet and banged my fist on the table and I said. I’m not going to write this if it’s going to be a CGI-fest. This has to be practical, this has to be an old school creature, as real as possible. Whatever CGI stuff it’s going to have, has to be as good as or better than that, we can’t get away with computer generated FX in this type of film.

Colour me excited but it sounds very cool.

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UPDATED: Ridley Scott talks about the Alien prequel – Space Jockey, Giger and more

Posted by LiveFor on April 23, 2010

If you didn’t know (where have you been), Ridley Scott is returning to the daddy of all space horror films with his prequel to Alien.

Until now we knew nothing about the plot and it was all rumours and guesses. Now Scott has had a chat with MTV about what, and who, we will see in the film. Yes that does include the Space Jockey.

“It’s set in 2085, about 30 years before Sigourney [Weaver’s character Ellen Ripley], it’s fundamentally about going out to find out ‘Who the hell was that Space Jockey?’ The guy who was sitting in the chair in the alien vehicle — there was a giant fellow sitting in a seat on what looked to be either a piece of technology or an astronomer’s chair. Remember that?”

“[The film] is about the discussion of terraforming — taking planets and planetoids and balls of earth and trying to terraform, seed them with the possibilities of future life,” he explained. “Weyland hasn’t joined Yutani yet, so they go and see Weyland,” Scott said.

“Well, the main character [in the prequel] will be a woman, yeah,” he revealed. “We’re thinking it could go down that route, yeah. When I started the original ‘Alien,’ Ripley wasn’t a woman, it was a guy. During casting, we thought, ‘Why don’t we make it a woman?'”

Turns out he thinks the original Alien designs are looking a little worn out, but Scott is already giving serious thought to collaborating with Giger again on a redesign.

“Yeah, he’s still around. Once I get more serious and get going, and the big wheels start turning, we’ll certainly talk. And maybe we’ll come up with something completely different.”

Sounds promising doesn’t it and if it has just half the greatness of the original then we are in for a treat. Made up we will find out more about the Space Jockey.

UPDATE: Collider spoke to Ridley Scott who confirmed that there would be two prequels and that he would be shooting in 3D.

What do you want to see in an Alien prequel? Will Lance Henriksen be in it as a another Wayland character?

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A Nightmare on Elm Street – Hear the new Freddy speak

Posted by LiveFor on April 22, 2010

Why he sounds like Rorschach on weed!

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Pig – Another chance to catch it

Posted by LiveFor on April 21, 2010

If you couldn’t work up the nerve to watch it last weekend, FEARnet has the exclusive encore presentation of Adam Mason’s latest gruesome creation, PIG, premiering Friday, April 23rd at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT on

Just prior to its theatrical release at the Hapapsalu Horror & Fantasy Film Festival in Estonia, FEARnet will offer the savage satire as a 24-hour exclusive, for those who can handle it.

PIG is not for the faint of heart, and has been described as gruesome, brutal, unsettling, violent, savage and a despicable experience. The film was shot completely in secret from fans and followers alike, and stars frequent Mason collaborator Andrew Howard, as an lunatic leading a family of psychopaths who inflict unspeakable evils on a group of hapless, captured victims. PIG also stars Molly Black, Lorry O’Toole, Juliet Quintin-Archard and Guy Burnet.

Mason, whose previous work includes “The Devil’s Chair,” “Blood River” and the highly-anticipated film “Luster,” marks a staggering technical achievement in PIG, namely, a single70+ minute take, within the films 90-minute run time; an impressive achievement for any director, cast and crew.

Check it out on FEARnet.

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The Weather Station – Trailer for Russian Horror

Posted by LiveFor on April 19, 2010

I am really digging the Thing vibe in this trailer for Russian film, The Weather Station. Directed by Johhny O’Reilly you can check out more photos on the official site.

A mysterious 18-year-old and two meteorologists are visited by a seductive beauty and her rich husband. When two detectives are sent up to investigate their disappearance, the secrets of their past merge with those of the weather station and they get sucked into a vortex of mistrust, betrayal and murder.

Have a watch of the trailer and let me know what you think of it.

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Adapt This: Bitter Seeds – Nazi Supermen vs Warlocks of Britain

Posted by LiveFor on April 17, 2010

This novel by Ian Tregillis sounds amazing and would make an amazing film.

Raybould Marsh is a British secret agent in the early days of the Second World War, haunted by something strange he saw on a mission during the Spanish Civil War: a German woman with wires going into her head who looked at him as if she knew him. When the Nazis start running missions with people who have unnatural abilities a woman who can turn invisible, a man who can walk through walls, and the woman Marsh saw in Spain who can use her knowledge of the future to twist the present Marsh is the man who has to face them. He rallies the secret warlocks of Britain to hold the impending invasion at bay. But magic always exacts a price. Eventually, the sacrifice necessary to defeat the enemy will be as terrible as outright loss would be.

“A major talent… I can’t wait to see more.”
—George R. R. Martin

“Mad English warlocks battling twisted Nazi psychics? Yes please, thank you. Tregillis’s debut has a white-knuckle plot, beautiful descriptions, and complex characters– an unstoppable Vickers of a novel.”
—Cory Doctorow

Could you imagine that on the big screen – German Ubermen going toe to toe with Warlocks controlling the very elements of Mother Earth.

Who would you cast in it?

Check out the official site.
Bitter Seeds –
Bitter Seeds –

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