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Mila Kunis has Friends With Benefits

Posted by LiveFor on May 6, 2010

Mila Kunis (Extract, The Book of Eli) will star opposite Justin Timberlake in Screen Gems’ comedy, Friends With Benefits, according to Variety.

Directed by Will Gluck, the film is romantic comedy about two friends who try to take their relationship to the next level.

This one is being readied for a July start but there are a couple of other projects with the same name. Paramount are hoping for a May start for its Ivan Reitman directed film that has been alternately called “Fuckbuddies” and “Friends With Benefits.” NBC is also working on a comedy pilot with the same title for its fall schedule.

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Ghostbusters 3 – Ivan Reitman is back to direct it

Posted by LiveFor on January 14, 2010

Ivan Reitman directed the first two Ghostbusters films. The first was genius, the second not quite as good. Now, speaking to MTV he confirmed the script was almost done and he would be back to direct.

“They have delivered a draft,”
Reitman said of the script’s progress. “We are working our way through another draft… good work is being done and all of us have our fingers crossed.”

“I hope to start shooting in this next year,” he said, which ties in with Harold Ramis saying it would be out in 2011.

Asked if he would be returning to direct “Ghostbusters III,” Reitman answered with a simple and unequivocal “Yes.”

Unfortunately Reitman seems to have been on a poor run when it comes to quality of his later films – Twins, Kindergarten Cop, Junior, Dave, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Evolution and Six Days Seven Nights – All are perfectly servicible and I have a soft spot for Dave and Evolution. However, none of them have matched the brilliance of Ghostbusters and I am just not sure he should be back to direct the third film.

I’m not saying he is a bad director, just that he is just not as dynamic as he should be.

Still it all depends what the script is like I suppose, but it would have been good to see some flesh blood direct the ‘busters next adventure. Maybe his son Jason Reitman (Up In The Air) would have been a better choice.

How do you feel about Ivan Reitman coming back for the third film? Is he the right choice? If not him then who would you have liked to see direct it?

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Ghostbusters 3 – Ivan Reitman can direct it if he wants to

Posted by LiveFor on October 9, 2009

Ghostbusters2slimeBustin’ must make film director / producer Ivan Reitman feel good.

Why? Well he directed the first two Ghostbusters film and now Bloody Disgusting “have straight up confirmed, 100%, without a shadow of a doubt” that Ivan father of Jason is in fact attached to direct Ghostbusters 3.

You know what Bloody Disgusting? I am ready to believe you.

However he hasn’t decided whether or not he really wants to direct, yet.

Apparently, the sequel takes place when the paranormal researchers “reopen” their ghost removal service after it has been closed for quite a few years. As previously reported, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver have all confirmed their involvement.

The previous plot was rumoured to have a younger Ghostbusters crew taking over the business. I am not sure if that is still the case, and I would much rather see the old gang back together again for more than just an extended cameo.

As to Ivan Reitman directing the third one I am just not sure. His last film Super Ex-Girlfriend was not so good but Evolution was okay. I personally feel a director with a different set of skills may be better, but what do I know.

I just hope Ramis and Aykroyd can get in shape for the film. No one wants to see a chubby Spengler!

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UPDATED: Dan Aykroyd talks Ghostbusters 3

Posted by LiveFor on May 20, 2009

The Los Angeles Times recently caught up with Dan Aykroyd who confirmed that Ghostbusters 3 is in development at Columbia Pictures and may start filming in the winter:

Aykroyd said Sigourney Weaver is on board now, as are the original squad ofectoplasmic specialists — Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. Murray’s presence was the pivot point in making a third film happen.

“We could be in production by winter.”

The script is by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, the writing team behind the upcoming Jack Black/Michael Cera movie Year One (directed by Ramis), and Aykroyd is enthused about its premise of a new generation of Ghostbusters taking over the duties of the aging team.

Aykroyd said he wishes Ivan Reitman would return to direct the third film in the
series but that he’s “too busy as a mega-producer” to take it on; his second
choice is Ramis, who, of course, co-wrote the first two Ghostbusters films with
Aykroyd and has numerous directing credits, most notably Groundhog Day and
Analyze This. “He has a lot of things going on, but it would be wonderful to see
him do it.”

The details of story are still in play, but Aykroyd said he’s hoping for a five-member “new generation” team with several female members. “I’d like it to be a passing-of-the-torch movie. Let’s revisit the old characters briefly and happily and have them there as family but let’s pass it on to a new generation.”

He then mentions Alyssa Milano (who provided a voice for the upcoming video game) and Eliza Dushku as potential options. Nothing concrete about those two, but I could see Dusku as a Ghostbuster.

UPDATE: The two actresses Dan mentions quickly got onto this and had this mini-conversation on Twitter.

Alyssa Milano: Can’t speak for @ElizaPatricia (Hi, pretty lady)but this is the first I’m hearing of Ghostbusters 3. Did the VO in the game tho.

Eliza Dushku: Ghost-rumor-buster in a big way @Alyssa_milano (hey girlene) it’s nuthin’ I know of.

How do you feel about the news? Who would you want to see as a female Ghostbuster?

Discuss in the forum


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