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Troll to be remade by the original director

Posted by LiveFor on September 11, 2009

trollI remember watching the original Troll back in the day and really enjoying it. I was young and looked past the low budget special effects. John Carl Buechler was the man behind it as well as Friday the 13th Part VII. Speaking to Sci-Fi Wire Buechler mentions that he is going to remake the original Troll. One small point from the original that I was not aware of was that if had a character called Harry Potter Jr. (Noah Hathaway – The Neverending Story). What are the chances? It also starred Michael Moriarty, Sonny Bono and a young Julia Louis-Dreyfus who was Elaine in Seinfeld.

“I’m getting ready to remake a film that I did back in 1985,” Buechler said in a news conference Wednesday in Hollywood. “It’s a little movie called Troll that is likely to be fairly controversial when I do it; that’s part of the reason why some of the hurdles that I’ve been jumping through to get the movie financially secure have been what they’ve been. But it is now quite financially secure, and I’ve got everything in place, so we’re going to make some major announcements with regard to cast and other specifics.”

Troll was Buechler’s feature directorial debut, and like his experience on Friday the 13th Part VII, which he made two years later, the production suffered from too little money and too many time constraints. The difference now is that Buechler can actually complete his vision with a remake.

“I think the remake promises to be so much better than the original,” he said. “I have so much passion for it that there was no other alternative but ‘I gotta direct it.’ I know that I can bring to it what I wanted to initially, [because] I was very much surprised the first time around with a radical budget cut a month before shooting. We had to sort of change our whole approach from a more serious, darker kind of a project into, well, ‘We can’t really show it, so we have to talk about it, so we have to play it more for laughs now.'”
Buechler went on to say that many of the familiar elements from the original would remain in the new version. “The first film, I think it’s fine as it is in terms of it is a campy little kids’ film, but now I don’t have to make it that way,” he explained. “But because of the existence of the first movie there has to be some of that aspect in there as well. So it’s a hybrid of tone; it’s still going to have some of the humor, but it’s going to be more ironic as opposed to winking at the camera. I won’t have to play it light. I mean, on the first one I got 10 percent of what those things were capable of, so now I’ve got more money, I’ve got more time, and what I can’t do physically with animatronics and prosthetics, I’ll do CGI.”

The film begins with the Potter family moving into a new apartment complex. While unpacking, their young daughter Wendy is attacked by a troll, who inexplicably lives in the basement. Using an emerald ring, it captures Wendy within it and transforms itself into her. After meeting the other eccentric tenants, the family notices Wendy’s unusual behavior (roaring, biting, tossing people across rooms), but they attribute her behavior to the stress of the move. The only one that notices something is terribly wrong is Wendy’s brother, Harry Potter Jr. (Noah Hathaway).

Frightened by his sister’s sudden and violent changes, he seeks solace in the company of a mysterious old lady, named Eunice St. Clair (June Lockhart), who lives upstairs. When he tells her of the strange goings-on, she reveals to him her real profession: a witch. Harry asks Eunice to teach him magic, but she says that there isn’t time. She tells him of her long history stretching back to the time of magic, when she and a man named Torok fell in love. However, the balance between the realms of magic and men was challenged by Torok in a great war, and he was transformed into a troll as punishment. Eunice stands guard in her apartment, waiting patiently for Torok to challenge the realms again, and that is what is going on now.

While he didn’t make any major casting announcements, Buechler indicated that several members of the original cast would return for the remake, if not necessarily in their original roles.

“We plan to reunite some of the original cast, but in cameos,” he said. “I’ve talked to Annie [June Lockhart], and I’ve talked to Noah [Hathaway], and there are folks that are very interested; one person will reprise their role, and that will be Phil Fondacaro. But the character of the troll is going to be played completely by someone else, a person of great stature, because we see Torok before he becomes a troll, and we see him after he transforms back into the person that he was. He also plays the personality and the voice of the troll.”

As for the similarities with J K Rowlings books – In one of two interviews, producer Charles Band stated that “there are certain scenes in [Troll], not to mention the name of the main character, and this of course predates the Harry Potter books by many, many years. So there’s that strange connection.” In 2008, John Buechler’s partner in the Troll remake, Peter Davy, said about Harry Potter: ” As of June 18, 2009, John has filed a lawsuit against J.K. Rowling, claiming that she stole the idea for her famous series from Troll.’ – Wikipedia’s words, not mine.

Are you ready for a Troll remake? Who is the person of great stature playing Torok?

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows films in Liverpool

Posted by LiveFor on September 8, 2009

As many of you know I live in the wonderful city of Liverpool (Beatles Rock Band out tomorrow). However, I originated from the Wirral which is separated from Liverpool by the River Mersey. Connecting them are a bridge and two tunnels called the Queensway and the Kingsway.

What does this local geography lesson have to do with Live for Films and Harry Potter I hear you ask?

I am glad you did ask otherwise this post would have come to a swift end.

It turns out that there is some second unit filming going on for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It is taking place at the Liverpool side of the Queensway Tunnel. I had a top secret source tell another source…well it was a friend of my Mum telling her and my Mum telling me…that filming was taking place last night, tonight and tomorrow night. The plan was for me to nip down for some snapping of photographs but I was unable to do so.

However, the Liverpool Echo and The Leaky Cauldron got some video of the shoot.

The photo below is from July when they did some filming at the Dartford Tunnel with stunt doubles. It looks as if all of this will tie into the one scene.

The scene is thought to involve Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane), racing through the tunnel on Sirius Black’s motorbike with Harry Potter in a sidecar fighting off enemies with his wand. This is the bit from the book where there are seven Harry’s to confuse the Death Eaters.

A publicist for the film said: “We have got a unit shooting for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows “There are no principal cast members there. “It is all going very well and everybody has been very accommodating locally.”

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