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Cop Out – First poster for Kevin Smith’s new film

Posted by LiveFor on January 15, 2010

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan star in the new comedy Cop Out as two cops who track down a stolen baseball card, rescue a Mexican beauty and must deal with gangsters and laundered drug money. Directed by Kevin Smith, the film also stars Seann William Scott, Adam Brody, Kevin Pollak, Jason Lee, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Mark Consuelos. Cop Out is in theaters on 26th February 2010.

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Jason Lee to direct Time travelling love triangle film involving John and Yoko

Posted by LiveFor on November 19, 2009

I’ve always liked Jason Lee. I first saw him in Kevin Smith’s Mallrats and have enjoyed pretty much everything he has done – Almost Famous, My Name is Earl was great. The whole scientology thing sucks as did Alvin and the Chipmunks but I still dig him.

Now it looks as if he is getting behind the camera to direct his first feature. It is called Get Back and it tells the story of two music-obsessed friends who time travel back to 1966 London, where one gets caught in a love triangle with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Sounds pretty cool and could be rather funny.

The article over on THR also mentions Lee’s new TV show. Called Delta Blues, from George Clooney and Grant Heslov’s Smokehouse Pictures and Warner Horizon, it centers on Dwight Hendricks (Lee), a Memphis police officer who lives with his mother and moonlights as an Elvis impersonator.

What do you think of those two projects?

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A Couple of Dicks – Kevin Pollack and Jason Lee on set

Posted by LiveFor on July 14, 2009

Here are a couple of photos from the set of Kevin Smith’s A Couple of Dicks. They show Kevin Pollack (Usual Suspects) and Jason Lee (My Name is Earl, Mallrats) looking all swish in their suits.

Still sad that My Name is Earl has been cancelled.

Source: /Film


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Hancock – Deleted scene that shows why Superman and Lois would never have a baby. Brodie in Mallrats was right!

Posted by LiveFor on December 1, 2008

I finally got to watch Hancock the other night and to be honest I enjoyed it. It wasn’t anything brilliant but it made me chuckle and the first half was better than the last half. Will Smith was pretty good, but I get the feeling he felt stuck in his own image. I still couldn’t figure out why Charlize Theron would stay with a mortal human and child knowing they would grow old and die, also why didn’t she become a crime fighting hero as well? You could definitely tell that it had gone through a number of rewrites and it was sad to think about how great it could have been.

Here is the scene that was mentioned a while ago about Hancock getting busy with a lady and showing that everything about being superhuman is risky. Remember the original title for the screenplay was Tonight, He Comes.

As Brodie (Jason Lee) said in Mallrats, “It’s impossible, Lois could never have Superman’s baby. Do you think her fallopian tubes could handle the sperm? I guarantee you he blows a load like a shotgun right through her back. What about her womb? Do you think it’s strong enough to carry his child?”

io9 had the clip and also have a list of Superheroes who cannot have sex.

Should the scene have been kept in the film? What are your views on Hancock?
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