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Captain America – John Krasinski won’t wield the shield. Who will?

Posted by LiveFor on March 10, 2010

Yesterday news was out that Krasinski was the favourite for the role of Captain America. Like so many stories on the internet it turns out this is not quite true as he is apparently out of the running for the role according to Deadline (although that could also be misinformation). I know lots of people will breathe easy with that news. Also out of the running are Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl), Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights), Michael Cassidy (Privileged) and Patrick Flueger (Brothers).

Who does that leave? Out of the original five shortlisted only Mike Vogel (Cloverfield) and Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy) are left, but Marvel has also added Chris Evans (Fantastic Four, Push, The Losers) and Wilson Bethel (Generation Kill) to the mix. Out of the first two Vogel has more of the look and if Tron Legacy is a big success Hedlund may have scheduling conflicts in the future.

Chris Evans could possibly play the role, but as he was the Human Torch that could go against him, although as there are plans to reboot the Fantastic Four with an all new cast then that may not hinder him. As for Bethel, I haven’t got a clue as I’ve never seen his work.

Of course it could turn out to be none of them. Out of those mentioned who do you feel would be a good Steve Rogers?

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Captain America – The Office’s John Krasinski is so close to the Shield

Posted by LiveFor on March 9, 2010

Who would have thought it. Looks as if John Krasinski is getting close to pay the ultimate American Hero, Captain America. He was one of 5 shortlisted actors mentioned a while ago and now Fox 411 have the news that he has had a number of screen tests.

“John has read 4 times and is doing screen tests,” says their source. “He has screen tested 2 times so far. It’s very likely that he will be the new Captain America. He is a favorite among the key decision makers and has been asked to come back for more this week.”

At this point, Krasinski is the main focus at Marvel.

“The big bosses are having him read with multiple actresses up for the female leads. They want to lock down the role and then they will narrow down everyone else.”

“It’s a surprise and we are bracing ourselves for ‘that guy from ‘The Office” to land Captain America. They are not really looking at the other guys, so it’s time to get ready to work with him.”

I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of the American version of The Office so not sure how good he will be as Steve Rogers. I’m sure between now and filming they will get him into shape. Of course, if he is not in good shape to begin with they could film him now as Steve Rogers before the super soldier serum. Plus he has got the ears to stick out of Captain America’s helmet!

The photo is from Men’s Health Magazine and I thought it fits quite well considering Steve Rogers’ story begins back in the Thirties and that is an old school looking pic. He is also not a huge name so that will help people around the World buy into him as Captain America.

As they say, it is not definite, but is looking highly likely.

How do you feel about Krasinski as Cap?

The First Avenger: Captain America is due to be released by Paramount on July 22, 2011.

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Captain America – Will one of these wield the shield?

Posted by LiveFor on February 24, 2010

There is still no official word on who will play Captain America in Joe Johnston’s Marvel movie, but Deadline are saying that these are the people on Marvel’s wish list for the role:

Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl)
John Krasinski (The Office)
Scott Porter (Friday Night Light)
Mike Vogel (Cloverfield)
Michael Cassidy (Privileged)
Patrick Flueger (Brothers, The 4400)
Garrett Hedlund (Tron Legacy)

There’s a salary scale, but if you’re not a known quantity like Crawford or Krasinski, the offer is around $300,000 for the first film – not much for a big film such as this but whoever gets the role will have to sign for another nine options for future films that include sequels, The Avengers and other Marvel films. Deadline also mention that director Johnston recently reached an impasse with Marvel and briefly walked off the film when Marvel informed him the budget was too high and he’d have to take a pay cut. That dispute was sorted out.

Of course it doesn’t mean that any of these will get the part.

However, Comic Book Movie are saying they have a source saying Krasinski has the role. Not sure how reliant that source is though.

Which of them should be Captain America?

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Away We Go – Trailer for Sam Mendes’ latest film

Posted by LiveFor on March 17, 2009

A couple who is expecting their first child travel around the U.S. in order to find a perfect place to start their family.

In addition to John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph, this also stars Maggie Gyllenhaal, Catherine O’Hara, Jeff Daniels, Chris Messina, Paul Schneider, and Cheryl Hines. Focus Features will premiere Away We Go in limited theaters starting on 5th June.

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