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Green Lantern – Is John Stewart in the film?

Posted by LiveFor on March 17, 2010

A person by the name of Nick Jones has been tweeting that he has a small role in the Green Lantern film. He is a former marine who is now an actor.

He has mentioned that he has been filming a “bar scene” with Ryan Reynolds (who is playing Hal).

There is a scene in the Geoff Jones written Green Lantern Secret Origins story that shows Hal and some Air Force pals getting in a fight with some Marines. One of the Marines is John Stewart who later becomes a Green Lantern – he was also the Green Lantern used in the Justice League cartoons.

The pic above was posted by Nick on his Twitter account, but it has since been taken down. It is possible that he could be Stewart and they’re setting it up for later films.

What do you think?

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