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Straw Dogs – On the set of the remake

Posted by LiveFor on October 3, 2009

The always excellent Jeffrey Wells visited the set of the Straw Dogs remake and took these cool photos.

Kate Bosworth and James Marsden (above) play Amy and David Sumner.

Visiting the exterior of the farmhouselocated in the fictional Mississippi town of Blackwater, that David and Amy Sumner (James Marsden, Kate Bosworth) move into, live in and then, during the third act, defend in a violent siege by five locals (James Woods, Alexander Skarsgard, Drew Powell, Rhys Coiro, Billy Lush).


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The Warriors Ways – Trailer for Samurai Western

Posted by LiveFor on June 10, 2009

The Warrior’s Way stars Kate Bosworth, Danny Huston, Geoffrey Rush, and Dong-Kun Jang as Yang. It mixes westerns, martial arts, and fantasy. Have a watch of the trailer and let me know what you think.

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