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Despair – News on a twisted love story starring David Hess

Posted by LiveFor on May 5, 2009

Psychomania Films are proud to announce their first feature production: Despair – a seriously twisted love story exploring the dark and unnerving relationship between a kidnapper and his captive.

Written by David Flint (author of Ten Years of Terror: British Films of the 1970s, Zombie Holocaust) and Andrew Barker (director of Straw Man – check out my interview with him) and to be directed by David Flint, Despair will star film legend David Hess (Last House on the Left, Hitch-Hike).

The film will be shot late in the summer of 2009 in the City of Nottingham, UK. The location will utilize the ancient labyrinthine caves beneath the city’s bustling streets.

Hess will play Lou, an American living in England who has a chance encounter with Meredith, a young girl travelling across Europe. She finds herself in a small English village, tired, weary and far from home. Meredith enters a local pub and finds herself talking to a fellow American – Lou, a seemingly ordinary man. But Lou isn’t all he seems to be; a darkly sinister mind lurks beneath this mundane appearance. Meredith is about walk into his trap.

Lou takes Meredith captive, descending them both into a spiralling nightmare of their own making.

Flint says, “Despair is a challenging, brutal project. It takes a very real horror – as many cases across the world unfortunately show – and delivers several new twists to the tale.”

He continues, “Having David on board is great. As anyone who has seen his incendiary performances in Last House on the Left, Hitch-Hike and House on the Edge of the Park can attest, he brings a multi-layered intensity and sense of humanity to his characters, and I think the character of Lou will allow him to further explore the dark psyche that he has been perfecting for over thirty years.”

What makes Despair different: The production crew will comprise of Director of Photography/Editor Adam Krajczynski (Straw Man), Special Make-up Designer Hannah Eccleston (Apocalypto, Clash of the Titans) and the production team of co-writer Andrew Barker, Matthew Waldram and Kate Horlor (Mutant Chronicles, Straw Man).
David Flint says, “I’m very excited about Despair – with the presence of David Hess and the backing of an excellent production team I feel confident that we will be able to produce a film that transcends genre and leave audiences both exhilarated and emotionally drained, while at the same time giving them something to think about.”

Despair will mark the first feature production for Psychomania Films; a new independent production company based in the UK, specialising in low budget, cutting edge horror, exploitation and underground film productions.

Founded by both David Flint and Andrew Barker, the company already has several films in development. Barker says, “Despair is a bold, uncompromising horror film that will grab you by the collars and will not let go until it has shaken you out of your skin. The scripts we now have in various stages of development all share the same goal; to provoke, unnerve and terrify.”

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