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Die Hard 5 – Bruce Willis says it could be out in 2011

Posted by LiveFor on February 22, 2010

While chatting to MTV’s Josh Horowitz about Kevin Smith’s Cop Out, Bruce Willis happened to mention that Officer John McClane will be be in the wrong place at the wrong time once more for Die Hard 5. He also said Len Wiseman who did Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4.0) would be cool to direct it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What did you think of the fourth Die Hard film? If they do make a fifth what would you want to see in it?

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Len Wiseman takes on Shrapnel

Posted by LiveFor on July 23, 2009

Len Wiseman has signed to develop and direct a film adaptation of the graphic novel Shrapnel for Radical Pictures.

Wiseman said was browsing comic-book stores with his 10-year-old daughter, Lily, when he happened upon the comic the day it hit shelves. He quickly had his agent at ICM scout the rights.

The graphic novel, which Radical Publishing teased at last year’s Comic-Con, describes a sci-fi future where humans have colonized the solar system and formed a Solar Alliance to govern the planets. The story focuses on Venus, the last rebellious holdout, and a self-exiled former Marine who teaches the colonists how to fight back.

“I am really drawn to the reluctant-hero story,” said Wiseman, who noted that the last hero he directed — John McClane in “Live Free or Die Hard” — fit that archetypal mold.

Being developed as a live-action pic, a 3D approach is considered possible. A video game is planned with Zombie Studios.

Wiseman is attached to direct “Motorcade” at DreamWorks from a Billy Ray screenplay and also will helm DreamWorks’ adaptation of the comic book “Atlantis Rising,” penned by Joby Harold, for a summer 2011 release.

Wiseman also plans to direct the video game adaptation “Gears of War” for Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. and is producing the original sci-fi action thriller “Nonstop” for DreamWorks.

Source: THR


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Underworld may be heading to a TV screen near you

Posted by LiveFor on January 27, 2009

Underworld director Len Wiseman is set to downsize his werewolf versus vampire movie franchise by turning it into a TV drama.

The director has just released Underworld: Rise of The Lycans in America, and he admits he has small-screen plans for the future.

Wiseman, who met and fell for his wife Kate Beckinsale on the first Underworld film, tells, “There’s a lot of talk about a television series and I’m looking into that. If I could be very involved… I’d be very interested in that.

“We had always hoped to do a trilogy, and now that we’ve completed that, it’s kind of open.”
Source: WENN

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Atlantis Rising – As a result will we see a Namor or Aquaman film?

Posted by LiveFor on December 5, 2008

“After more than a thousand years of peaceful coexistence, Atlantis and the surface world are on the brink of war with the fate of both civilizations hanging in the balance.”

Mr Kate Beckinsale or Len Wiseman, (Underworld, Live Free or Die Hard) has jumped on board to direct an adaptation of the comic Atlantis Rising for DreamWorks. First though he has to get through Motorcade. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Eagle Eye) will be producing the project . No writer has been attached yet.

I’ve not actually read the comic yet but it does sound rather good. Atlantis Rising is a five-part miniseries published by Platinum Studios. It was created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg.

The tale begins when seismic disturbances at sea force the military to investigate the deepest part of the ocean, where an underground civilization emerges to engage in war with planet Earth. Seems a bit unreasonable of the sea people. Check out the website for the comic and have the first four issues posted so you can read them for free.

Big fantastical sea based films of recent years haven’t done that well – Waterworld and The Abyss spring to mind (although I do think The Abyss is excellent) – but effects have moved on so this could be good.

Have you read the comic book? Does this intrigue you?

If this is a success could it mean we will eventually see Namor and / or Aquaman on the big screen? Do you say aye shiver me timbers or am I just walking the plank? (Oh that was a stinker of way to wrap up this post!)

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