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Just for the Record – Trailer for Brit Mockumentary about the film biz

Posted by LiveFor on March 27, 2010

Quite a cast – Steven Berkoff, Phil Davis, Danny Dyer, Craig Fairbrass, Ciaran Griffiths, Roland Manookian, Lisa McAllister, Callum McNab, Billy Murray, Sean Pertwee, Colin Salmon, Victoria Silvstedt, Triana Terry, Ian Virgo. It tells the story of a catastrophic low-budget film-shoot, as related by its cast and crew to a documentary maker played by comedy superstar Rik Mayall.

Just For The Record is a warning to anyone thinking of making a feature film on the cheap. By turns hilarious, tragic and poignant, the direct to camera interviews of the cast and crew expose the truth of the seedy, cash-strapped and ultimately thankless world of micro-budget filmmaking.

Reminiscing about every stage of the process from conception through scripting, casting, preproduction, shooting, editing and ultimately giving up in despair – this pathetic tale will entertain, inform and warn off anyone thinking of getting involved in a similar project.

In 2008 an independent production company set out to make the micro-budget feature film ‘Just For The Record’. Armed with a stellar cast of top TV actors, the world’s most advanced digital camera and a quirky location to die for … what could possibly go wrong? A lot, as it happens.

A year after the film has been abandoned, the cast and crew reunite for a series of interviews about the ill-fated production.

Directed by Steven Lawson (Dead Cert)
Source: /film

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Devil’s Playground – Photo from Danny Dyer’s athletic zombie film

Posted by LiveFor on February 23, 2010

Directed by Andrew Gunn and starring Vinnie (MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN) Jones, Danny (SEVERANCE) Dyer, Tamer (THE FERRYMAN) Hassan, Martin (EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE) Kemp, Jemima Rooper, Billy Murray and Lisa (PUMPKINHEAD: ASHES TO ASHES) McAllister this one was first mentioned back in November 2008. Now Quiet Earth have a couple of photos and a more detailed synopsis.

London: The not too distant future. Newgen Industries, a leading pharmaceutical company company, is trying to placate a media uproar. Its new “legal performance enhancer”, RAK-295, has met with spectacular failure during testing, causing severe physical and allergic reactions in all 30,000 of its test subjects….

Allergic reactions in all but one user… Angela Mills.

Angela is pregnant and is making arrangements for own leave of absence from a city full of woe and bad memories for her.

With Angela being the only person not to report any type of reaction to Newgen, Dr. Brooke (Head of Newgen) understands that Angela may hold the key to solving this disaster and enlists Cole, the head of security to find her and bring her in for examination.

But Cole, a hardened ex-mercenary, has just handed in his resignation to Peter White, the CEO of the company. Why? He wants out – the undercover violent and murderous job of solving problems ‘off the record’ has started to weigh heavy on his conscience.

…His timing couldn’t be worse. A violent outbreak of a RAK-295 test subject at Newgen’s labs reveals that the drug has far, far more catastrophic consequences then either Brooke, White or Cole could imagine. The drug reacts with extreme volatility in the subject, taking over their physiology and mental faculties, and causing accelerated and highly advanced muscular improvement, where that person becomes incredibly fast, incredibly agile, and incredibly ferocious – effectively that person ceases to be who they once were and instead are now these crazed and enraged beings. What’s more, not only does it make them impervious to pain, the drug carries a vicious contagion – one bite and the victim ‘turns’ too.

The outbreak claims Brooke and Peter White and during the struggle Cole is bitten – his fate sealed.

Or is it?..

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Devil’s Playground – Free Running Zombies, Danny Dyer, Martin Kemp and Vinnie Jones

Posted by LiveFor on November 11, 2008

Andrew Gunn will be directing Devil’s Playground based on a script by Bart Ruspoli (an actor in Band of Brothers and Rome) and the film will be produced by Jonathan Sothcott who clearly has the most experience out of the three. Here’s what producer Sothcott had to say about the film:

”Starring Vinnie (MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN) Jones, Danny (SEVERANCE) Dyer, Tamer (THE FERRYMAN) Hassan, Martin (EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE) Kemp, Jemima Rooper, Billy Murray and Lisa (PUMPKINHEAD: ASHES TO ASHES) McAllister, DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND details the plight of the last remnants of a civilization destroyed by an all-out zombie armageddon, following the misguided experiments of a presumed-dead Nobel Prize-winning virologist. In a bid for survival, a group of survivors seek safe haven on a coastal British island, where they hole up in a gas station. Joining them is Cole, a man Sothcott describes as having “little or no conscience, who was made to survive in a world such as this, and who is after someone or something. He will stop at nothing until he succeeds in his mission.”

The group’s sanctuary is compromised by a freak accident, however, and all hell breaks loose once they seek refuge in a house on the outskirts of a nearby forest. Channeling NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, the danger comes from not only the encroaching zombie horde, but also from within, as desperation and paranoia mount. Not in keeping with George A. Romero’s zombie oeuvre are the flick’s ghouls, which—like the infected in 28 DAYS/WEEKS LATER, are lightning-fast, and Sothcott reveals that they’ll be portrayed by “free runner” athletes. “I’ve seen the stuff these guys do and the way they move, and it will be more terrifying than any CGI trickery. These boys are going to be savage. Teaming tough-guy icons Danny, Tam and Vinnie, we need some pretty serious adversaries—and our monsters are as brutal as they come.”

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