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Assault Girls – Trailer for women hunting giant sand worms film

Posted by LiveFor on October 10, 2009

mamoru-oshii-assault-girl-movieThe full length trailer for Mamuro Oshii’s ( Ghost in the Shell, Avalon, The Sky Crawlers ) new movie Assault Girls is just stunning.

Great CGI, cool looking characters, beautiful ladies and stonking great guns.

The science-fiction story is set on a post-apocalyptic desert battlefield where giant monsters named “Suna Kujira” roam. Three beautiful female hunters, Gray (Meisa Kuroki), Lucifer (Rinko Kikuchi), and Colonel (Hinako Saeki), all of whom wield assault rifles and other powerful weapons, engage in battle with the monsters, including the biggest of them all, the Madara Suna Kujira
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Source: Twitch

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Musashi – Trailer for Mamoru Oshii’s samurai anime

Posted by LiveFor on December 13, 2008

The film deals with the fact and fiction about the Niten Ichi-ryū of Musashi Miyamoto, the seeker of the way of the invincible sword. Miyamoto is a legendary swordsmen who pioneered the Hyōhō Niten Ichi-ryū style of two-sword fighting and wrote The Book of Five Rings, a book that has been compared to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War for its insight on tactics and strategy.

The picture at the top is nothing to do with the anime, just one I stumbled across in google. It’s by an artist called Stuart Kim who has got some amazing pieces over on his website Saga of Seven. Go take a look.
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