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Independence Day 2 and 3?

Posted by LiveFor on November 12, 2009

id4This is another one of those newsy non-news kind of things. Roland Emmerich is pushing his new disaster movie 2012. However, when speaking to MTV he again mentioned a sequel to his alien invasion movie, Independence Day.

“What we want to do in the next – it’s actually two movies – we want to do a bigger arc,” he explained. “‘Independence Day’ was always like the king who leads his troops into battle against an evil force, and that stays like that.”

So the plan is not just one sequel but two. And Emmerich has got a nifty title in mind: “‘ID4-ever,’ Part I and II maybe?” he suggested.

There is no script but Will Smith is apparantly going to be involved “The idea is just to continue the story and actually I don’t know how many years ago this was—twelve, thirteen, fourteen years ago—and just continue where it ended.”

There you have it. Basically it is just being talked about.

However, thinking about it a sequel set all these years after could be pretty cool. How has society moved on after the invasion? Did we become one planet united or did it all fracture and go to crap again? How has the alien technology been used and adapted? Loads of potential there, but it could just end up with a bigger, meaner alien species heading to Earth.

The comic book, Resurrection, by Marc Guggenheim (WOLVERINE) and drawn by David Dumeer, goes along similar lines. That would make a great movie. You can read the first issue here.

I always looked on the aliens in the first one being on the run from another alien species and moving from planet to planet. That’s just me. ID4 was a bit hit and miss, although the audio book spin off with the aliens invading London with only Patrick Moore to stop them was cool.

What are your thoughts on a sequel? What should be in it? Should Bill Pullman still be President?

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Whiplash has a new look

Posted by LiveFor on August 18, 2009


Mickey Rourke is playing Whiplash in Iron Man 2 and had looked like this. That was an early look of his armour and so far we are waiting for confirmation on what the full armour will look like.

Marvel have released the above image from a forthcoming comic book Mini-Series. Written by Brannon Braga and Green Lantern movie co-writer Marc Guggenheim thee four-issue series will, according to editor Bill Rosemann, tell you all you need to know about Rourke’s character before the movie:

Before he flays the metal off of Tony Stark’s hide in ‘Iron Man 2,’ this is every True Believer’s chance to crawl inside the twisted head of the wicked Whiplash… If it’s jet-setting, globe-trotting, eye-popping action you crave, Iron Man Vs. Whiplash will make you believe that Tony Stark is indeed a cool exec with a heart of steel… and Whiplash is the fiend that will break it!

As this is for the comic book there may be no correlation with the final look of the character in the film, but you never know.

What are your thoughts on the art work? Could it work on the big screen?

Source: io9

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Green Lantern – Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds or Justin Timberlake? Who will play Superman though?

Posted by LiveFor on July 10, 2009

The Guardians of the Universe and Warner Bros. are getting closer to a decision as to who will wield the most powerful weapon in the Universe.

That’s right Green Lantern may soon be cast

THR have the news that along with director Martin Campbell and producers Donald De Line and Greg Berlanti, Warners has spent the past five months searching for the actor to play Hal Jordan, the hot-shot Air Force pilot who is chosen by a dying alien to be his successor in an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lanterns.

There have been numerous rumours as to who would play Hal – Anton Yelchin, Sam Worthington, Chris Pine, Nathan Fillion (my favourite choice), Michael Fassbender, Henry Cavill, Bradley Cooper and Jared Leto.

However, they have now picked three definite maybes and only Bradley Cooper is from the above list. The other two are Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake. The holding deal the studio had on the actors expired Monday, meaning the three are now free to accept other offers.

I am a bit surprised about this threesome as none of them really fit the Hal Jordan I picture. Out of the three Ryan Reynolds is about the closest, but I would much rather see him as Deadpool (I hope that Green Lantern doesn’t impact on that).

Bradley Cooper can act, but I just don’t see him as Hal.

Justin Timberlake….I just don’t know. Stunt casting like that can often harm a big film and I definitely cannot see him as Hal.

Apparently, De Line, Campbell and the studio each had a different favorite among the three finalists, making it difficult to come to a consensus.

Another issue impacting the casting process is the rising budget. “Lantern” is a full-blown space epic that is expected to cost between $150 million and $200 million, if not more. Warners would like to have the production costs at a reasonable level before proceeding.

The studio has scheduled the movie for a December 2010 opening.

I am assuming that one of these three will be Hal Jordan. Sadly the excitement I had for the film has gone down a notch or two.

On a slightly different tangent, there is the slight possibility that Superman, or more likely Clark Kent, may cameo in the Green Lantern film. MTV spoke to scriptwriter Marc Guggenheim.

“Honestly, it changes on a daily basis. Whatever information I gave you today would be obsolete in a week, and maybe come back again in two weeks,” said Guggenheim. ” And even if it wasn’t in flux at the script stage, it would still be constantly in flux because you can film it, put it in the original cut, and eventually it could end up on the editing room floor.”

However, he didn’t deny that the Superman’s alter ego would be making an appearance.

What do you think about one of those three playing Jordan?

Which of the three should play Green Lantern?(polls)


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Green Lantern film to have an all new Green Lantern?

Posted by LiveFor on June 18, 2009

Marc Guggenheim spoke to MTV about the Green Lantern film. He got onto casting of Hal Jordan and most intriguing is the bit at the bottom when he mentions a new Green Lantern being created specially for the film.

“It’s always particularly funny when there’s a rumor that goes around and I’m like, ‘I know that can’t be true because that actor’s schedule doesn’t permit them to do the movie in our time frame,’ or any number of other things,” said the writer. “But I’m a very big believer that in acting, people can surprise you. People you didn’t necessarily think were the right choice on paper can be the absolute right choice.”

“When Heath Ledger was first announced as the Joker that wasn’t the obvious right choice, but now that everyone has seen ‘The Dark Knight,’ can any of us imagine someone else in that role?” he added.

Beyond the lead actor, however, a “Green Lantern” movie offers a unique chance at casting a wide range of roles — a massive, universe-spanning police force full of characters, in fact. While Guggenheim wouldn’t comment on whether we’ll see fan-favorite Green Lanterns like Kilowog or (my personal favorite) Ch’p, he did reveal that one new Green Lantern would be created specifically for the film.

“One of our rules has been: ‘Don’t create a new Lantern when a pre-existing one from the comic books would work just as well,’” he said. “There’s only one Lantern who we’ve decided to completely create from scratch, but there’s a very specific reason why we’ve made that decision.”

Who could be Hal Jordan? What could be the reasoning for a totally new Lantern?

Who should play Green Lantern?(online surveys)

Discuss in the forum or leave a comment below.


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Green Lantern – Updates and confirmations

Posted by LiveFor on June 16, 2009

Green Lantern scriptwriter Marc Guggenheim told Sci-Fi Wire that the latest draft of the screenplay was just turned in on the weekend.

“You know I really can’t [say anything]. I’ve sworn a blood oath of secrecy in relation to the project. But, you know, the thing I can tell you is that it is a very loving and respectful approach”

Guggenheim did confirm the story will focus on Silver Age DC Comics incarnation Hal Jordan and how he became a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Guggenheim added: “The goal here is to do the best cinematic representation of the Green Lantern character. You know, there’s no desire on anyone’s part to completely change the character and just call this other character Green Lantern and try to … draft off the name recognition. This is all about ‘How do we bring the best version of this character to the silver screen?'”

As for the movie’s source material, Guggenheim said, “We’ve drawn heavily from … a lot of different sources in terms of the comic books. … The character … is several decades old, so … we’ve really had an incredible amount of source material to cherry-pick from.”

The most recent news on the film has all been about who would be cast in the lead role. The Hangover’s Bradley Cooper and Star Trek’s Chris Pine being the most recent.

“They’re all false,” Guggenheim said. “I mean, they’re all false insofar as we haven’t chosen anyone yet. They’re still in the negotiations, you know? There’s a lot of names being talked about, and there’s a lot of people being met, and a lot of … actors reading the script. But if you read online [that] Pauly Shore’s been cast as Hal Jordan, I can guarantee you we have not cast anyone.”

Shooting kicks off at Fox Studios in Sydney around the end of this year for a release Summer 2011. It is due to be directed by Martin Campbell.

Now if we could just get an announcement on who will definitely be playing Hal Jordan. What classic storyline and characters do you want to see in the film?

Who should play Green Lantern?(poll)

Discuss in the forum or leave a comment below.


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Will Superman be in the Green Lantern movie?

Posted by LiveFor on December 1, 2008

MTV spoke to Marc Guggenheim about the new Green Lantern film.

“This morning, we sat down to talk Green Lantern,” Guggenheim told MTV, “and we ended up riffing for an hour and a half on another, much more obscure character. Sometimes, you just have to roll with it when inspiration strikes, you know? I’m sure the studio wouldn’t be happy about it, but we’re not going to blow the deadline. We’ll get it in.”

Guggenheim said that he and fellow screenwriters Michael Green and Greg Berlanti (who’s also directing the film) are on the third studio draft, and they’ve just been refining the script based on studio notes and locations.

“[The changes are] nothing that’s affecting the storyline, really,” he said. “It’s pretty well set. But sometimes we’ll move a scene to a different location for budget purposes, perhaps in an already established location instead of a new one. It’s a question of, which locations can we live without? It’s a constant process to streamline what you’re going through, even after the film is shot, when you’re cutting things in the edit. That’s what the rewrite process is like, how you sand down the roughness of the a movie to its smoothest.”

Besides scripting, Berlanti is in constant talks with the designers such as Aaron Sims.

“I’ll come over and drool [at the designs],” Guggenheim said. “I will say that the design work is truly mindblowing, and it’s hard to pick a favorite. But the shots on Oa are spectacular. What Oa looks like has never been seen on film.”

And while there’s already a lot of speculation over who would play Green Lantern — Ryan Gosling? Matthew Settle? David Boreanaz? — what about Clark Kent, who will make a small cameo? Will the part go to someone already established on film or television to be the Man of Steel, like Brandon Routh or Tom Welling?

“There were rumors that Tom Welling would have a cameo in ‘Batman Begins’ as a young Clark Kent, to meet up with a young Bruce Wayne,” Guggenheim noted. “But you have to be careful when you do things like that, because it sounds great in concept, but when you sit down to watch it, it poses the danger of pulling you out of the film.”

But as a self-proclaimed “sucker for a good Easter egg,” Guggenheim said, “The fanboy in me would love that. Robert Downey, Jr. in ‘The Hulk’ was awesome. I love that stuff in general, and I think the fans would enjoy it. Brandon Routh or even Tom Welling [in ‘Green Lantern’] would be awesome. And anything is possible. The beauty part of being the writer, though, is that I don’t actually have to make that judgment call.”

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