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Dennis Hopper: The Middle Word in Life. Video Essay by Matt Zoller Seitz

Posted by LiveFor on April 8, 2010

UPDATE: As you probably know Dennis Hopper has now passed away. More here. END OF UPDATE

This is just brilliant. So sad that Hopper is so ill.

“Dennis Hopper: The Middle Word in Life” is an attempt to capture the essence of what we think about when we think about Dennis Hopper. This video essay isn’t trying to be a comprehensive biography because the prospect of capturing Hopper in a relatively short running time is too daunting to consider. The piece offers glimpses of Hopper the method actor, Hopper the monologue master and word-jazz babbler, Hopper the scenery-gnawing villain, Hopper the substance abuser and ex-substance abuser, and Hopper the filmmaker (a facet that often gets overlooked because, while Hopper appeared in nearly 60 films and hundreds of hours of TV, he directed just six motion pictures). Other notable aspects of Hopper—the twentysomething enfant terrible briefly blacklisted in Hollywood for arguing with directors; Hopper the photographer and art collector; Hopper the rock ‘n’ roll gadfly; Hopper the Civil Rights-era Democrat who became a Reagan Republican and then switched back late in life; and on and on—aren’t represented here. That’s a job for biographers. The focus here is on Hopper’s life force: his personality, his philosophy; his thrilling, often contradictory, sometimes abrasive or ugly sense of what acting and filmmaking and art and life should be.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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We Love the Aughties: An End-of-Decade Clip Party, Part One

Posted by LiveFor on January 1, 2010

This is a great video essay by Matt Zoller Seitz of The L Magazine looking back at the last decade of film.

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Kingdom of the Blind: Clint Eastwood and Revenge, Pt. 1: “Hell Rode With Him”

Posted by LiveFor on December 3, 2009

This video essay is part of a series on Clint Eastwood, the 2009 honoree of the Musuem of the Moving Image’s Annual Salute.

It is by Matt Zoller Seitz and is well worth a watch.
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more about “Kingdom of the Blind: Clint Eastwood …“, posted with vodpod

Clint Eastwood’s long career as both actor and director is a homestead built atop a graveyard. From his breakthrough role as The Man With No Name in Sergio Leone’s mid-’60s “Dollars” trilogy through the Dirty Harry series, High Plains Drifter (1972), Unforgiven (1992), Mystic River (2003), and Gran Torino (2008), many of his best-known films follow traumatized people on missions of revenge. Some treat revenge lightly, ritualistically—as a mere ingredient, something one expects to see in westerns and thrillers, Eastwood’s signature genres. Others treat it more seriously—as a response to evil that creates more evil; as an extralegal means of seeking justice that society botched or denied; as the result of unseen cosmic forces passing judgment on humankind; as a traumatized person’s desperate attempt to regain authority over a life that’s spun out of control; and as metaphysical narcotic—an activity that momentarily lets emotionally numb, spiritually dead people feel alive…read the rest

Check out part 2

Source: Hollywood Elsewhere

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