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Epic Mickey – How the hell have I missed this?

Posted by LiveFor on October 6, 2009

epic mickey
This one totally slipped by me, but apparantly there was a secret Mickey Mouse project and now it has finally been confirmed in the form of this cool looking video game.

“Mickey as you’ve never seen him.”

The next issue of Game Informer has all the info but for the moment we have the front cover to whet our appetites.

The game is a Wii-exclusive and Game Informer promises “we have some amazing things in store, including screenshots, animations, and tons of concept art and music.”

Source: Blast

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Disney Marvel Mashups

Posted by LiveFor on September 5, 2009

dis3The recent news that Disney bought Marvel for $4 Billion was huge news a few days ago. Now the inevitable mashups have begun and here are just a few from the Worth1000 photoshop contest. Which one is your favourite and can you think of any more?

Lots more Disney Marvel Mashup picks here.


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