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100% Lucha: El Amo De Los Clones – Masked wrestlers, mad scientists and clones

Posted by LiveFor on March 6, 2010

What the…? Mad, brilliant or rubbish? Me thinks the filmmakers have drunk from the cup of awesome. Just check out the synopsis.

A mad scientist, a friend from childhood of the most famous wrestler Vicente Viloni, decides to produce clones of the wrestlers to get rich and destroy their image. Courage, strength, values of the group of fighters and a burgeoning love the show and help to overcome in their fight against confusing identical above the ring, only they are capable of traversing the most feared hazards and disrupt the eternally rolling machinery evil.

This Argentinian film by Pablo Pares and Paulo Soria is a sequel to 100% Lucha. It stars Roberto Carnaghi, Daniel Casablanca, Dallys Ferreyra Enciso.

Source: Twitch

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