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The Monster Squad – Remake in the works. Wolfman better watch his nards

Posted by LiveFor on March 19, 2010

Another day, another remake. This one involves The Monster Squad. That excellent 1987 film that had a group of kids fighting the classic versions of Dracula, The Wolfman, The Mummy, The Gill Man and Frankenstein’s Monster – yes I know the Monster ends up helping them. The original was one of the first films were I fully realised how dreadful the curse of the werewolf could be (not just because of getting hit in the nards). The guy who played him really shows how much he wanted to die because of it. I digress.

Deadline have the news that Paramount are keen to remake it. Rob Cohen who produced the original is hoping to direct it and they are currently meeting with writers to get a script sorted. Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) and Fred Dekker (Night of the Creeps) wrote the original so they need to get some good writers involved.

I really don’t think they’ll be able to recapture the coolness of the original. The kids in that were class and casting the new squad could be the weak link. If they do go for it I just hope they go for unknown child actors and none of the current Disney style kids with the big helmet type hair that seems to be doing the rounds.

Should it be a reboot or a sequel? Would be great to have the original Squad all grown up, but to be honest I don’t really want either. I’m sticking with the original (well until I hear more about this new one).

What are your thoughts on The Monster Squad getting back together?

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Paranormal Activity is on at more cinemas…if you are in the States

Posted by LiveFor on September 29, 2009

paraOren Peli’s Paranormal Activity seems to be very popular. In a statement about Paramount Pictures expanding the film Peli said:

I just got some good news from the studio. Because of the high demand it numbers, and the fact that the weekend screenings sold out, Paramount agreed to expand the movie to more cities this weekend. We will be in 20 new cities!

Here they are:

Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
DC/Baltimore, MD
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Miami, FL
Minneapolis, MN
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
Sacramento, CA
San Antonio, TX
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
Tampa, FL

If you don’t see your city listed here you can visit the Paranormal Activity website and demand that it play there.

Paranormal Activity is a terrifying supernatural thriller featuring shocking footage of a demonic haunting. Katie and Micah were enjoying a happy, carefree life. Their future looked promising until bizarre events began occurring at night. Katie was no stranger to paranormal phenomena – she had been stalked by a malevolent entity since childhood, and she feared that it had followed her to their new home. They purchased a video camera to find out what was happening at night as they slept.

Over the course of three weeks in September & October of 2006, they ran nightly surveillance and captured indelible proof on home video, which has been edited into the feature film Paranormal Activity.

Paranormal Activity stars Micah Sloat, Katie Featherston, Mark Fredrichs, Amber Armstrong, Tim Piper and Randy McDowell. It is currently in theaters from Paramount/DreamWorks Pictures.

Source: MovieWeb

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World War Z may be looking for a new director

Posted by LiveFor on July 25, 2009

First there were delays then there was the news that J Michael Straczynski’s script was being rewritten by script hot shot Matthew Michael Carnahan.

Now a rumour that came from the San Diego Comic Con that Paramount Pictures is currently looking for a new director.

Currently attached is Marc Forster who directed Quantum of Solace. To me Quantum was a huge disappointment after the excellent Casino Royale. The action scenes in Quantum just didn’t work. Therefore, the news that Forster may not be doing World War Z is actually pretty cool to me. I just really want to see Max Brooks excellent book on the big screen – The Battle of Yonkers, lobos, the astronauts on the space station watching the swarms of the undead, underwater zombies and more.

This is a rumour at the moment, but who would be a good director for this adaption? Zack Snyder, Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Sam Raimi, Lloyd Kaufman? Who could it be?


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Augmented Reality Star Trek Experience

Posted by LiveFor on May 6, 2009

To promote the international release of STAR TREK on May 8th, Paramount Pictures International (PPI) is today launching ‘Experience The Enterprise’; a groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) application placing a 3D interactive version of the Starship Enterprise in the palm of your hand.

Visitors to will be given the opportunity to take an extensive five minute tour of the Enterprise, including testing the ship’s weapons systems, impulse engines and warp drive. ‘

Experience The Enterprise is built using augmented reality (AR) technology, which combines real world and computer-generated data to bring a 3D interactive version of the Starship Enterprise to life, on your desktop or in the palm of your hand.

Anybody with a webcam can take a tour of the Enterprise using the kind of futuristic technology that sits at the heart of perhaps the most popular science-fiction franchise of all time. Once underway, you are given a ‘cadet holo-simulation’ by Starfleet, the Academy in which new recruits Kirk, Spock and McCoy are enrolled at the start of the new film.

This is the first time AR has been used to bring a major film release to life in this way. The application itself was constructed using the original 3D model of the Enterprise appearing in the film, as well as featuring an array of special effects direct from the production. It was developed for PPI by creative marketing agency Picture Production Company (PPC), working in conjunction with augmented reality specialists Total Immersion.

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Hi is that Paramount? Michael Bay would ike a word.

Posted by LiveFor on March 17, 2009

Yesterday Paramount announced that Transformers 3 would be out in 2011. Looks like they got it wrong according to Michael Bay over on his forum.

I said I was taking off a year from Transformers. Paramount made a mistake in dating Transformers 3 – they asked me on the phone – I said yes to July 4 – but for 2012 – whoops! Not 2011!!! That would mean I would have to start prep in September. No way. My brain needs a break from fighting robots.

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The Paramount Picture Show

Posted by LiveFor on March 12, 2009

This is an animated based 5 minute thing that includes clips of Watchmen, Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter, Eagle Eye, Ghost Town, I Love You, Man, and interviews with Zack Snyder

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The Paramount Picture Show

Posted by LiveFor on March 12, 2009

This is an animated based 5 minute thing that includes clips of Watchmen, Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter, Eagle Eye, Ghost Town, I Love You, Man, and interviews with Zack Snyder

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Learn how Star Trek: The Next Generation leads into the J J Abrams Star Trek prequel?!?

Posted by LiveFor on December 11, 2008

IDW Publishing has joined forces with Paramount Pictures, Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions, Kurtzman/Orci Productions and CBS Consumer Products to publish a four-issue miniseries entitled “Star Trek: Countdown.” Illustrated by David Messina, the comic book bridges the gap between “Star Trek: Nemesis” – which featured the Picard-led Next Generation crew — and the paradoxically latest/earliest voyage of the Starship Enterprise.

The creators of the comic, writers Mike Johnson and Tim Jones, and the film’s executive producer and co-writer Roberto Orci, have revealed to CBR News that the primary function of the series is delivering a back-story for the lead villain of “Star Trek,” Nero, a Romulan played by Eric Bana. Captain Picard plays a significant role, as well

Comic Book Resources have an interview with the creators of the comic and here is a little snippet. Be sure to check out the rest of it.

What can you share about the story both in “Star Trek: Countdown” #1 and moving forward?

TJ: It’s a very poignant character piece tracing the steps of Nero, who descends from a proud Romulan patriot to a murderous arch villain.
MJ: I think fans are going to be pleasantly surprised by the story that starts in #1 and how we introduce Nero. “Star Trek: Countdown” #1 is the issue that sets the stage, and after that the action and drama will steadily increase throughout the series, culminating in a cliffhanger that can only be resolved by a big fat summer blockbuster movie.

Who are the players? Do we get everybody: Kirk, Spock, Bones, Sulu, Chekov, Uhura and Scotty? Old Spock?

TJ: Spoiler alert here. Old Spock is the only character out of your list that appears in the comic.
MJ: Although “appears” is a word with multiple meanings.

Bob Orci also said in the announcement, “It’s our way of passing the baton from the Next Generation characters and their movies to the new film.” Is he talking thematically, or do the TNG characters literally play into the story?

TJ: TNG characters literally play into the story.
MJ: Both thematically and literally. Well, not literally that there’s actually a little baton that Picard hands over to the new guys – a little silver baton with the Starfleet logo, although that would be awesome. I want one. But literally, it is in the sense that the comic is the missing part of the story between the end of “Star Trek: Nemesis” and the new film.

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Robert Downey Jr may be up for Best Supporting Actor in Tropic Thunder.

Posted by LiveFor on October 20, 2008

Because of problems with the forthcoming The Soloist (it’s not meant to be very good) Paramount will now officially be backing an Academy campaign for Robert Downey Jr.’s supporting role in Topic Thunder.

I saw Tropic Thunder a while ago (I enjoyed it but not as much as I thought I would) and Robert Downey Jr was amazing in it. He totally owned the role and you forget that it is Downey Jr under the make-up. His retard speach to Ben Stiller was one of the highlights of the movie.

I totally agree with Robert Downey Jr being nominated for this role and, if Heath Ledger is also nominated, it will make for an interesting Oscar ceremony.

Do you agree with Downey Jr being nominated for the role? Who else do you think should be nominated for Best Supporting Actor? in Tropic Thunder.”


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Star Trek – New Trailer due next month

Posted by LiveFor on October 13, 2008

Today TrekMovie confirmed with sources that the new Star Trek trailer will be out in November, but that a specific film for it to be attached to has not yet been chosen. In addition, sources say that November will mark the beginning of Paramount’s marketing push for the film.

Apparantly this new trailer “is not a teaser, but a real trailer with footage from the film.” Edits are still being made, but it is expected to show the Enterprise exterior and the Enterprise bridge as well as dialogue from the movie.

It is not clear when in November it will be released or what movie it will be attached to. Some of the films due out next month are Madagascar 2, The Soloist starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx, Quantum of Solace, Bolt, Twilight, Australia and Transporter 3. I imagine they will try and get it attached to the new Bond movie as that may well have the biggest opening out of all of them.

November is said to be “just the beginning” of an extended coordinated marketing campaign to build buzz for the May 2009 release.

What do you reckon? Are you looking forward to seeing a bit more of J J Abrams Star Trek vision?


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