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Clash of the Titans, 2010 – Movie Review

Posted by LiveFor on April 9, 2010

Director: Louis Leterrier
Starring: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Mads Mikkelson, Pete Postlethwaite, Jason Flemyng, Danny Huston

Score: 4 / 10

This review by me.

The original is one of those films that I enjoyed as a kid. Harryhausen stuff is always great. True the film hasn’t aged that well, but it still has a charm to it and some cracking actors involved (Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith). I even liked Bubo the mechanical owl. He had a purpose and he certainly helped kids through the darker pieces of the film. The Medusa in the original was ugly and scary and those scenes had a suspenseful quality that still gets you today.

What about the remake then? As we know it was shot in 2D, but the success of Avatar meant they converted it to 3D. I had heard bad things about the 3D version so wanted to see it in 2D as did my son. However, it was only showing in 3D and I can really see what they mean. 2D conversion to 3D is bad. Just doesn’t work in places. When the human actors are talking to each other it often felt as if they were standing in front of a copy of themselves or they were made of two layers. The CG creatures looked better, but this is to be expected as they can just tell the computer to remodel them for 3D. However, lots of the quick editing and camera movements just mean the 3D is blurry and hard to watch.

My son, who enjoyed the film, thought the 3D was very poor.

Spoilers ahead.

The film itself was a crushing disappointment. Where to begin? The original had a bigger feel to it. You see a few cities and they feel populated by lots of people and it was a living breathing world. The new version just doesn’t give that feel. It all seems too small and you just don’t feel as if that many people are affected by the Gods having a go at them in order to increase prayer power to fuel their immortality. That is the motivation for the Gods and sounds like a poorly thought out video game, which is the general feel of the film.

Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes as Zeus and Hades are good in what little screen time they get. Mind you Fiennes has a voice which is a mix of Voldermort and Christian Bale’s Batman. Mt Olympus looks very cool. The map of the world in the throne room is excellent, but you just don’t see enough of it.

Sam Worthington plays Perseus (son of Zeus) who is found as a child by Pete Postlethwaite and raised as a fisherman. Some soldiers knock down a statue of Zeus. Hades turns up. Kills the soldiers. Sees Perseus and his adopted family on a boat. Sinks boat. Family die. Perseus screams “No” and revenge is pursued. That’s all done as quick as it sounds and it just doesn’t work. You don’t get any feel for what kind of man Perseus is. In the original you dig that Harry Hamlin is a bit of a dreamer. Then he is transported by the Gods and adventure begins. He had a sense of wonder at seeing the new places and amazing creatures. It took its time and that worked for the better.

That is one of the other main problems with the remake to the original. Revenge now takes the place of love. In the original Perseus sees Andromeda and falls in love. When she is to be sacrificed to the Kraken, Perseus has a reason to go on his quest and you are invested in the tale. The remake has Perseus acting out of revenge. He wants to kill the Hydra as that will weaken Hades meaning Perseus can kill him. Saving Andromeda is just a side effect of Perseus’ revenge. He doesn’t care what happens to her and that, ladies and gentlemen, means we are don’t care what happens.

Because of this Worthington doesn’t really have much of a character to work with. I don’t think we have yet seen the acting abilities that casting people have obviously seen for him to get all of these big blockbuster parts. All we get about Perseus is that he wants revenge on the Gods and will do that as a man, meaning he continually refuses the help that Zeus keeps throwing his way. Therefore, the soldiers that accompany him keep getting killed when he could have saved them, but won’t due to his pride. In all honesty I have no idea why the soldiers didn’t just kill him.

It is the soldiers led by Mads Mikkelson who are the best part of the film. They actually have some character to them even if they are stock characters you have seen in a hundred war movies. Yet they all get killed one by one in pointless battles that could have been avoided if they had used their heads. The worst example is when Calibos (Jason Flemyng) attacks Perseus and the soldiers jump in. Calibos outclasses them all and they get battered, until a lucky strike makes Calibos run off dripping scorpion growing blood. Instead of letting him go and sorting out injuries the squad leader defers to Perseus’s idea to go and find out who Calibos was. This means they run into battle with someone they know is more powerful with them. Add a load of giant scorpions and death happens. Just pointless deaths and lazy story telling to get monsters on screen and to kill of characters to give Perseus more reason for revenge even though he doesn’t seem to care about any of them.

These scenes also introduce us to the Djinn, one of whom joins the team. The Djinn are the wooden faced people with the blue eyes you will have seen in the photos and trailer. They could have been a cool, mysterious kind of creature, but another wasted opportunity. They join the crew after a bit of a tussle and that is basically it.

When they get to Medusa you think it may pick up, but they wander through another bit of worn out landscape that should give you an epic feeling, but instead makes you feel that you are watching a bunch of actors in costume.

Then they go see Medusa and instead of suspense and scares, you get a CG beastie with a pretty face zipping around the place with no tension.

Just so many missed opportunities. Bubo does get a cameo, yet it is a pointless little thing that gives you the feeling they were laughing at the original movie as a whole. Gemma Arterton’s character of Io is there to take the place of Bubo and also the love interest for Perseus when that should have been Andromeda. The only reason for Io’s inclusion and Perseus not to marry Andromeda and become king is so they can have a sequel or two.

Like many blockbuster films this gave the impression that there was a good film in there, but all of that had been edited out at the expense of character and story. Danny Huston was Posiedon, but it is a blink and you’ll miss it performance. There must have been more of him filmed along with more scenes on Olympus. More scenes of Perseus growing up. More scenes to give a sense of scope to the world this was all taking place in, scenes to build character – the monster hunters and the Djinn could have done with more screen time. You basically spend the whole movie waiting for them to release the Kraken and that ends up like a video game cut scene.

After this I am not sure if Leterrier is a good director who is constantly short-changed by the studios (there was hassle from them on The Incredible Hulk) or if he just doesn’t have a handle on the quieter parts of a film that all big blockbusters need to make the blocks more bustery.

I could go on and say how frustrating it was to have Pegasus just turn up, instead of Perseus having to tame him. Instead I will bring it to a close.

Mads Mikkelson should have been Perseus.

CHUD list all the scenes cut that would have made the film so much better.

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Ironclad – James Purefoy with a very big sword

Posted by LiveFor on January 9, 2010

Looks like James Purefoy is sticking with the swords. After making Solomon Kane he is now busy at work on Ironclad. He plays the Earl of Pembroke, Capt. William Marshall. He leads a group of Knights Templar who defend Rochester Castle against the tyrannical King John in the 13th century.

Co-star Jason Flemyng described the film as a “medieval Seven Samurai” and “Paul Giamatti, in pure Shoot ‘Em Up snarling-villain mode, facing off against the noble and true James Purefoy.”

It also stars stars Paul Giamatti, Brian Cox, Robert Carlyle, William Moseley, Jason Flemyng, Bob Hoskins, Pete Postlethwaite, and Kate Mara. Directed by Jonathan English.

Sounds like this could be a cool, gritty medieval action film.

Source: Empire

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UPDATED: Brighton Rock – If you have a Vespa or Lambretta you could be in it

Posted by LiveFor on September 25, 2009

Vespa-mods_795796cHundreds of riders of classic Vespa and Lambretta scooters are needed as extras for a big screen remake of the movie Brighton Rock directed by Rowan Joffe. The film, based on Graham Greene’s 1939 novel and featuring Dame Helen Mirren, will be set in 1964.

According to the BBC Dunkirk Extras has appealed for more than 200 riders of scooters for filming in Brighton and Eastbourne.

Nick Robins, of London-based Bar Italia Scooter Club, has been given the task of tracking down the scooter owners.

He told BBC Sussex: “It’s a request for about 200 classic scooters from the 60s, preferably circa 1964. Any condition will do so anything from your rusting Lambretta in the garage to your concourse condition Vespa GS that you may have had restored and put away somewhere. Everyone is welcome but what we’re asking everyone is to submit a photo to the numerous places we have set up digitally and the company will make the final decision.”

Brighton Rock tells the story of teenager Pinkie, who seduces a young waitress after she stumbles on evidence linking him and his gang to a revenge killing he committed.

The original 1947 movie starred Richard Attenborough in the lead role.

Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren will star as Ida Arnold alongside Bafta-nominated actor Sam Riley playing the lead character Pinkie Brown.

Pete Postlethwaite and Happy Go Lucky’s Andrea Riseborough will also star in the remake.

The film is being made by Kudos Productions in association with BBC Films and is scheduled for national release.

UPDATE: I have found some info and contact details regarding being an extra:

Film extras for ‘Brighton Rock’.

Thank you everyone for your interest in being in ‘Brighton Rock’. We
are looking for young mods and mod girlfriends, young rockers and lots
of local Brighton characters of all ages to be day trippers and extras
in the pier and beach scenes. We will consider anyone who would like
to send their details through to us. We will get back to those who are
picked by phone and give more details.

The overall filming dates are Sunday 18 October – Wednesday 4 November
in Eastbourne and Brighton. On each day we need a smattering of mods,
with and without scooters.

However the main mod dates are:

Wed 21 October – Eastbourne
20 x Mods
6 x Mod girlfriends

Fri 23 Oct – Eastbourne
100 x Mods
40 x Mod girlfriends
20 x Male Rockers

Sun 25 Oct – Brighton
175 x Mods – on Scooters
75 x Mod girlfriends

Mon 26 Oct – Brighton
25 x Mods – on Scooters
20 x Mod girlfriends

Thur 29 Oct – Brighton
8 x Mods
4 x Mod girlfriends

The pay is £75.00 per day, paid by cheque. We will need an NI number
and address/D.O.B. Payment should be within 2-3 weeks. NI will be
deducted where there is more than one day a week worked. We will feed

It is difficult to predict timings in advance but mostly these are all
day shoots. Please could those interested be prepared to keep the
whole day free.

Please could anyone interested email their name, contact number, photo
and a picture of their scooter if they have one. Please also include
measurements in inches and a description of any period style clothes
from 1964. Please also let us know general availability.

Men: Age/height/collar/chest/waist/inside leg/shoe
Women: Age/height/bust/waist/hips/shoe

Please email me with the reference ‘BAR ITALIA’ to:

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Solomon Kane – English Trailer

Posted by LiveFor on September 11, 2009

The English version of the trailer for Solomon Kane.

Spend your life cutting men down with your blade and robbing them of their wealth, and word of your exploits is sure to reach the devil, who is always on the lookout for new souls. Meet Solomon Kane, the invention of Robert E. Howard, the legendary creator of Conan the Barbarian. Howard published his sword-and-sorcery stories in the Depression-era pulp magazine Weird Tales, and his influence on the fantasy genre is rivalled only by J. R. R. Tolkien.Armed with a rapier and flintlock pistols, Solomon Kane dresses in black, his pale face and cold eyes shadowed by a hat. He is a true rogue, blasting and slashing forward on a mission of pillage and plunder in war-torn North Africa in the late 1500s.

When the devil lays claim to his hopelessly corrupt soul, Kane escapes only to face the sobering truth: in order to seek redemption, he must renounce his wicked ways and devote himself wholly to a pious life. His new-found piety is put to the test when he is forced to return to his murderous ways to save England from the grasp of evil.Under the fine direction of Michael J. Bassett, James Purefoy brings this swashbuckling hero to life on the big screen, eliciting more depth and intrigue from Kane than Arnie was able to deliver in Conan. His bare flesh scarred with spiritual symbols and a cross branded on his back, Purefoy (known for his role as Mark Antony in HBO’s Rome) as Kane has looked into the fiery pits of hell and is ready to take on the demonic hordes. Purefoy is backed by the solid casting of Jason Flemyng, Max von Sydow and Pete Postlethwaite.

Shot in a gritty manner that embraces the story’s mud, filth and blood, Solomon Kane evokes Michael Reeves’s The Conqueror Worm, starring Vincent Price. However, our hell-bent hero never takes his valiant quest too seriously, marking a glorious return to high-spirited action and adventure.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Solomon Kane – Trailer ", posted with vodpod

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Solomon Kane – New Photos of the Puritan in action

Posted by LiveFor on August 18, 2009

Things are getting ever closer for Michael Bassett’s Solomon Kane, a movie based on the 16th Century Puritan character created by Robert E. Howard . Bloody-Disgusting has debuted thes photos showing James Purefoy as the titular warrior.

The trailer looked amazing and these photos just add to my excitement.

In addition to Purefoy, this also stars Jason Flemyng, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Pete Postlethwaite, and Max von Sydow and is looking very, very good.

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Solomon Kane – Poster is out for Robert E Howard’s non-barbarian hero

Posted by LiveFor on July 24, 2009

I have been looking forward to the Solomon Kane film for a long time. Word has it the Michael J. Bassett directed film is badass with James Purefoy doing a great job in the title role.

The film also stars Pete Postlethwaite, Max von Sydow, and Rachel Hurd-Wood.

How cool does it look? I can’t wait.

Source: FSR


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Sam Worthington in a skirt on a boat for Clash of the Titans

Posted by LiveFor on May 18, 2009

Holy Zeus’ Beard! CraveOnline have the first look at Sam Worthington shooting on the set of Louis Leterrier’s Clash of the Titans. Sam is playing Perseus who was portrayed by L.A. Law himself, Harry Hamlin. Below is a photo of Pete Postlethwaite as a gnarly old goat dude.

These photos were shot on Tenerife, so Sam’s legs will be getting a nice tan in that skirt.

I’m still trying to get some photos of the creatures and Gods from the film (I have a friend who has a friend in the make-up department so fingers crossed – although I wouldn’t hold your breath).
Discuss in the forum


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Solomon Kane – It is finished and has been seen. Sounds hardcore nasty

Posted by LiveFor on May 11, 2009

Way back in September 2008 I posted some lovely pieces of concept art for a Solomon Kane movie. Being a fan of Robert E Howard’s work I was very excited to see a film being developed for the 17th Century Puritan.

Then in December, the teaser poster was released and James Purefoy was mentioned as playing Kane.

After that we had to wait until February 2009 for an update from the director, Michael Bassett.

Since then it has been quiet on the Solomon front. Until now.

Harry Knowles over on AICN has seen the film and loved it. Here is a little of what he had to say.

SOLOMON KANE begins with an awesome shot of two great buccaneer style ships shelling the hell out of a strange Moorish city. We see English buccaneers and adventurers killing Moors as they make their way to find a great treasure of some kind.

The man in front is a man possessed. Cutting men down like they’re nothing. He’s enjoying what he’s doing and it is bloody, it is brutal, it is tough. As they make their way into the heart of this great kingdom, there’s a hall of black mirrors at weird angles – and as he and his men make their way through – demons begin grabbing the men into the mirrors… And as Solomon makes his way, alone, to the main chamber – something belched from Hell is waiting. Satan’s Reaper (see the concept art below). And this reaper has come for an evil man’s soul. An evil man named SOLOMON KANE.

This ties in with the synopsis I posted a while back.

We next find Solomon Kane living the life of a monk essentially. Completely and painfully dedicated in utter repentance to GOD. So intensely so that he scares nearly everyone there. The Abbott had a vision that God wanted Solomon Kane to go forth in the world and return home.

His body is covered with sacred symbols and his back branded with a crucifix that covers his entire back. It’s brutal. this isn’t modern scarification. This is curdled skin. You only see it in this brief sequence, but it is the image of a man that has tormented his body as he can only imagine his soul would be tormented for eternity. He does not wish to go to hell.

NOW – something you should know – throughout everything this film is BEAUTIFULLY SHOT. Not with filters and bullshit color tones – No. This film feels dirty, feels frigidly cold, life does not look easy. The actors don’t look like actors with shiny white teeth and perfect hair. They look like people that have lived lives without air-conditioning, dentistry, exact surgeons and doctors. No – this is a hard time in life. If you’ve ever read Robert E Howard’s stories about SOLOMON KANE you get a picture of the world he inhabited.

This film is an origin and an introduction to SOLOMON KANE. When Solomon’s violence is unleashed, it is brutal and doesn’t feel choreographed so much as it is what is required in the given situation. He uses the weapons of the period, musket style hand guns and swords. He throws himself into battle without regard for his safety or those he fights. And make no doubts about it, the evil in this world is true evil.

My favorite demonstration of this is a little village they come across. There’s a stake in the middle of the village – and surrounding it are all these dead bodies. They all had their eyes burnt out from the inside out. Holy hell, this is evil looking. They surmise that they were attempting to burn a witch at the stake and she killed all that were attempting to watch her die. This ain’t the fucking CRUCIBLE – this is the world of SOLOMON KANE!

Evil is real and thank god we have Solomon Kane out there in it.

Now – about the performances – they’re all dead on. James Purefoy is a movie star. His Solomon Kane is the animal we wish Wolverine was in fights. He’s fantastic as Kane. He sells everything about the character – this isn’t a film about one liners and unbelievable action. This is the purest film introduction to a new screen star since I saw George Clooney in FROM DUSK TIL DAWN. I had the exact same feeling watching Purefoy here.

And so is everyone else… Pete Postlethwaite, Alice Krige, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Max von Sydow (wow), Jason Flemyng, Mackenzie Crook… everyone. They all sell this story so well.

There is lots more in Harry’s article, but it does sound like it could well be an incredible piece of film, dark, moody, nasty and full of adventure. I really cannot wait to see some footage from it.

Are you excited about the Solomon Kane film?

Leave a comment on this post below.


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The Age of Stupid – Pete Postlethwaite, animation, climate change.

Posted by LiveFor on February 24, 2009

The Age of Stupid is a 90-minute film about climate change, set in the future, which will have its world premiere in London on March 15th 2009 and then be released in UK cinemas on March 20th 2009, followed by other countries.

Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite (In The Name of the Father, Brassed Off) stars as a man living alone in the devasted world of 2055, looking back at “archive” footage from 2007 and asking: why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?

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