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District 10 – Is sequel to Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi film underway?

Posted by LiveFor on April 26, 2010

District 9 was one of the highlights of 2009 for me. Great idea, great production and Sharlto Copley was brill in the lead. I know some people didn’t like it but each to their own. I was curious as to whether we would see any sequel to it, but director Neill Blomkamp had said that he was going to be working on different things before he came back to it.

Looks like that could have been misdirection on his part as MarketSaw have news that a sequel is in pre-production (their sources could be wrong, but they are usually on the ball).

DISTRICT 10 (Production title at least) is now in pre-production with filming to start in the October time frame this year. Shooting locations will be South Africa once again as well as New Zealand. There has been no word on whether it will be shot in S3D or not as of yet. You will be the first to know! Peter Jackson is again producing the sequel with Neill Blomkamp directing.

I do hope they are working on a sequel as I am itching to see what happens when the ship comes back.

The same article also mentions that the adaption of Philip Reeves Mortal Engines will be in 3D. Great book. Hope they don’t mess that up.

Do you want a sequel? What do you want to see in it?

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The Hobbit – Films begin shooting in June

Posted by LiveFor on March 17, 2010

Sir Ian McKellen is playing Gandalf again in Guillermo del Toro’s adaption of The Hobbit.

Over on his website McKellen had some interesting news:

THE HOBBIT’s, two films, start shooting in New Zealand in June. Filming will take over a year. Casting in Los Angeles, New York City and London has started. The script too proceeds. The first draft is crammed with old and new friends, again on a quest in Middle Earth.

The director Guillermo del Toro is now living in Wellington, close to the Jacksons’ and the studio in Miramar.

Still no word on who will be playing Bilbo.

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Tintin – Spielberg talks about why he went motion-capture

Posted by LiveFor on February 22, 2010

There is a great interview with Steven Spielberg over at the LA Times about his work on the Tintin adaption – The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn.

It stars stars Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, King Kong) as Tintin, Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings, King Kong) as Captain Haddock, Daniel Craig (Casino Royale) as Red Rackham and Nick Frost and Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul) as the Thompson Twins. Peter Jackson is producing it with the animation done by Jackson’s Weta Workshop.

“It was based on my respect for the art of Hergé and wanting to get as close to that art as I could, Hergé wrote about fictional people in a real world, not in a fantasy universe,” Spielberg said. “It was the real universe he was working with, and he used National Geographic to research his adventure stories. It just seemed that live action would be too stylized for an audience to relate to. You’d have to have costumes that are a little outrageous when you see actors wearing them. The costumes seem to fit better when the medium chosen is a digital one.”

They are using the technology from James Cameron’s Avatar so it means that it should look spot on and Spielberg could also watch the action on the digital sets as the actors went through the motions.

“I just adored it,“ he says. “It made me more like a painter than ever before. I got a chance to do so many jobs that I don’t often do as a director. You get to paint with this device that puts you into a virtual world, and allows you to make your shots and block all the actors with a small hand-held device only three times as large as an Xbox game controller.”

“When Captain Haddock runs across the volume, the cameras capture all the information of his physical and emotional moves,” the director said. “So as Andy Serkis runs across the stage, there’s Captain Haddock on the monitor, in full anime, running along the streets of Belgium. Not only are the actors represented in real time, they enter into a three-dimensional world.”

Fingers crossed that they get it spot on as I have fond memories of reading the Tintin books when I was a kid. The film is due out in 2011.

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Directors Roundtable – James Cameron, Kathryn Bigelow, Peter Jackson, Quentin Tarantino, Jason Reitman and Lee Daniels chat

Posted by LiveFor on January 9, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Directors Roundtable – “, posted with vodpod

Check out part two and part three

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The Hobbit – Casting begins this week

Posted by LiveFor on December 8, 2009

Casting on “The Hobbit” begins this week, with wide auditions expected for each part except Gandalf, which is being reserved for Ian McKellen, who played the wizard in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

“We’re auditioning for every role,” Jackson said in an interview, adding he is a big believer in casting a wide net to better match actors with the roles.

“What we’ve done over the years is discover a lot of interesting actors, like Orlando Bloom (in ‘Rings’), Kate Winslet (in ‘Heavenly Creatures’), Saoirse Ronan (in ‘The Lovely Bones’). So if you start looking and auditioning seriously, it’s amazing what incredible talent you’ll find out there.”

Jackson denied that he had settled on any actors besides McKellen and pooh-poohed Web chatter that he has approached James McAvoy for a key role.

“Apart from Ian McKellen, who we obviously want to return as Gandalf, we are not really offering any roles to anybody until we’ve done a casting sweep,” Jackson said.

Casting is being handled out of Los Angeles and London.

The filmmaker, whose adaptation of “The Lovely Bones” opens Friday, said although he and director Guillermo del Toro have casting approval on the two “Hobbit” movies, he feels no pressure to cast stars in major roles.

“(These movies) have never been a star-driven vehicle. The star is (author J.R.R.) Tolkien and the world he created. We are not under any pressure. We want to find the right people. Casting someone to portray a hobbit is not as easy as you might imagine. They have to have a particular type of physical appearance and a sensibility. And the same with an elf or a dwarf. These are fantastical characters, but you’ve got to find the right people to play them, the right humans to translate these characters.”

Jackson also denied earlier reports that production on “Hobbit” was delayed.

“It’s not,” he said, adding that the script for the first movie is completed and that collaborators Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens and del Toro are in the middle of writing the second. They hope to deliver drafts to Warner Bros. and MGM, which are jointly backing the films, around Christmastime.

“We were always planning to shoot around April or May next year, and as far as I’m aware, we’re pretty much on target for that. It depends on how quickly the studio greenlights the film. It’s not in our hands. But as long as we‘re shooting next year, we’re fine.”

Who would you like to see play the main characters – Bilbo, the Dwarves, Smaug, Beorn, Bard etc?

Source: Heat Vision

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Lord of the Rings – When will they be out on Blu-Ray?

Posted by LiveFor on December 5, 2009

In an interview with Collider, Peter Jackson was asked when we would be seeing The Lord of the Rings on Blu-Ray.

Well, it keeps changing. I am not the best person to ask about that believe it or not as I am not in charge of the Blu-ray, Warner Home Video is. I believe it is scheduled for sometime next year. They keep changing the date…I don’t know why. I’ve seen the Blu-ray as they sent it to me to approve and I looked at the film and it looks fantastic on Blu-ray but I don’t know the date.

He was then asked whether it would be a theatrical version release first followed by the extended versions.

I think so. Again, I’m not 100% certain actually, I could easily find out for you. I think they were just going to do the theatrical version first.

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The Lovely Bones – New poster for Peter Jackson’s adaption of the novel

Posted by LiveFor on November 24, 2009

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Guillermo del Toro talks about The Hobbit – What will Smaug look like?

Posted by LiveFor on November 6, 2009

Guillermo del Toro has been talking to Total Film about his work with Peter Jackson on the adaption of The Hobbitpeter-jackson-del-toro. He mentions what we can expect to see in the film, what extras they are adding and touches on the designs of the creatures including Smaug.

However, there is still no word on who’ll be playing Bilbo or how Ron Perlman will appear.

“I was calmly laying out the next decade of my life when The Hobbit appeared,” he laughs. “I was preparing all these things and all of a sudden The Hobbit shows up and takes over my life.”

“We are respecting the structure established by Professor Tolkien because the order of the adventures in The Hobbit is well known to generations and generations of kids. You don’t want to be moving stuff like that.

But we will be integrating Gandalf’s comings and goings because he does disappear in the book quite often.

So, as opposed to the book, we see where he goes and what happens to him.”

The main thing I want to know is what will the creatures of Middle Earth look like in the new films (it will be in two parts in case you didn’t know).

“The way I phrased it to Weta, I said we would keep the DNA in the same gene pool as the Rings trilogy, but that we would generate a different type of character. For example, in the trilogy most of the creatures are brutish or inarticulate.

In The Hobbit, the creatures speak: Smaug has beautiful lines of dialogue; the Great Goblin has beautiful lines of dialogue; many creatures do. So we had to design them with a different approach because you are not just designing things that are scary.

I also wanted some of the monsters in The Hobbit to be majestic.

I wanted the Wargs to have a certain beauty so that you don’t have a massively clear definition: what is beautiful is good and what is ugly is not. Some of the monsters are absolutely gorgeous.

I think one of the designs I’m the proudest of is Smaug. Obviously he took the longest.

It’s actually still active: we’re finishing his colour palette and a little bit of the texture. But the bulk of the design took about a year, solid. It’s because of the unique features of the dragon.

Early in production I came up with a very strong idea that would separate Smaug from every other dragon ever made. The problem was implementing that idea. But I think we’ve nailed it.”

I wonder how Smaug will be different from any other dragon. Can’t wait to see some images from the film.

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Peter Berg is not doing Dune

Posted by LiveFor on October 28, 2009

peter-bergPeter Berg has left the new adaptation of Dune, according to CHUD.

It turns out Berg has lots of things on the go at the moment and Dune has suffered because of it.

Apparantly, Neil Marshall (The Descent) and Neill Blomkamp (District 9) have both been contacted but I cannot see either of them doing it and to be honest I don’t think Dune will be made any time soon.

Maybe Peter Jackson should have a crack at Dune? Who would you want to see direct a Dune film not that Peter Berg has left the project?

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Neill Blomkamp doing another original sci-fi film next

Posted by LiveFor on October 23, 2009

neillblomkampMedia Rights Capital has committed to the next film by District 9 writer/director Neill Blomkamp. That low budget debut was a huge success so no wonder.

The untitled science fiction film will begin production by mid-2010. Bill Block will produce according to Variety.

Block, the CEO of QED, was first to commit funding to “District 9” before Sony’s Worldwide Acquisitions Group acquired the film based on a Blomkamp-created graphic novel. “District 9” became a breakout summer hit for Sony in the South African-born filmmaker’s feature debut.

The most surprising move, considering this is only his second feature, is that MRC is giving Blomkamp creative freedom and a production commitment. The director and Block will also get an ownership stake in the finished product.

Blomkamp will immediately start writing and preparing the visual effects. The film will be modest by sci-fi standards, but it will certainly cost more than “District 9,” the under-$30 million budget film that grossed more than $184 million worldwide.

Blomkamp made “District 9” under the guidance of Peter Jackson, who previously godfathered the director’s effort to make his feature debut on “Halo,” before the Microsoft vidgame adaptation was unplugged by Universal and Fox over budget concerns. Blomkamp said he harbors no bitterness over that slight, and sparked to an MRC scenario that guaranteed he’d be able to transfer his vision to the screen.

“MRC is letting me make the film I want to make and that is by far the most important thing here,” Blomkamp said. “The film will hopefully be commercial, but it is very much a singular film, that comes directly from me. `District 9’ was a bit different. I was learning the process then, under Peter Jackson’s wing. He had control, but was awesome enough to let me make the film I wanted to. Bill’s producing this with MRC, so the difference is Pete’s involvement.

“Pete was kind about pushing me for `Halo,’ which was a huge opportunity and huge risk. It was neither of our fault that the film collapsed. Creatively, I don’t operate from a place of revenge, so when I got into `District 9,’ `Halo’ was long gone from my mind. From Pete having such faith in me, to getting to know the people at Sony through the process of `District 9,’ I couldn’t be happier with the way things worked out.”

“I’m not particularly interested in massive budget films, or creating huge spectacles that some young directors might be attracted to,” he said. “Hopefully, this will be a bit unique, very much a reflection of me. It is absolutely another science fiction film, quite different from `District 9,’ but some of the blending of genres and the tone might be within the same realm.”

Glad to see that Blomkamp is not going the sequel route with his next film and it is always good to see something new and original.

As usual I’ll keep you posted on the project.

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