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Hot Chip’s “I Feel Better – Peter Serafinowicz directed the boy band vid

Posted by LiveFor on March 18, 2010

Thanks to Rich for pointing this one out

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Peter Serafinowicz on the new Apple iPad

Posted by LiveFor on January 28, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Yellow Submarine – The Dread Pirate Roberts, Shakespeare, Darth Maul and a bloke from Date Movie cast in Zemeckis’ Beatles remake

Posted by LiveFor on January 12, 2010

Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride, Saw), Dean Lennox Kelly (FAQ about Time Travel, Shakespeare in Dr Who, Being Human), Peter Serafinowicz (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Couples Retreat, the voice of Darth Maul) and Adam Campbell (Date Movie, Epic Movie) are in negotiations to portray the members of the band in Yellow Submarine, which Robert Zemeckis is remaking for Disney.

The original 1968 animated movie was based on the music by the Beatles and featured a storyline wherein a soldier called Old Fred meets up with the Beatles and travels in a yellow submersible to Pepperland. Among the group’s encounters are the music-hating Blue Meanies.

As with his recently released “A Christmas Carol,” Zemeckis is making the movie using 3D performance-capture technology. Hopefully he will have a chat with James Cameron about the technique so they can get even further away from the dead eyes of The Polar Express.

The Beatles tribute band the Fab Four will be motion-captured as the ensemble for the musical performance sequences though — since actual Beatles music will be utilized (licensed from Sony/ATV and EMI-Capitol Records) — they won’t actually be performing the 16 songs used in the movie.

Kelly, a British actor who is currently on the BBC’s “Robin Hood” series, is portraying John Lennon.

Serafinowicz will voice Paul McCartney. He also does a great impression of Alan Alda.

Elwes, who worked with Zemeckis on “A Christmas Carol” and is in the upcoming “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn,” will play George Harrison.

Campbell will be Ringo Starr.

I’m still not sure whether we really need to see a remake of the Yellow Submarine. The original was definitely a product of its time. Still some good people involved in the cast. Especially Peter Serafinowicz.

Source: Heat Vision

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What Ben Kenobi really said about Mos Eisley

Posted by LiveFor on October 19, 2009

The excellent Peter Serafinowicz (voice of Darth Maul) did the voice on this. Make sure no kids are around when you play it.

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Great To See You Feat. Will Arnett, Amy Poehler, Peter Serafinowicz and Sarah Alexander

Posted by LiveFor on July 9, 2009


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Peter Serafinowicz: 50 Impressions, 2 Mins

Posted by LiveFor on May 14, 2009

Star of the Peter Serafinowicz Show, Shaun of the Dead and the voice of Darth Maul impersonates 50 uncelebrities.

Discuss in the forum


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