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Holy Crom! 160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

Posted by LiveFor on March 30, 2010

Arnie, The Governator, he always has a cheeky one liner after killing some bad guy in an ironic manner.

Now someone has put them all together for our viewing pleasure. Which one is your fave?

Source: Collider

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Cool Posters – The Thing, Predator, Terminator, Big Trouble in Little China in a 1950s foreign style

Posted by LiveFor on February 25, 2010

Remember the Scooby Doo and Thelma as Zombie Hunters pic? That was by a great artist called Travis Pitt who has now done these excellent foreign style posters for some of the best films ever, including my fave, The Thing.

Which poster is your favourite?

You can check out more over at Pitt’s Gallery.

Source: io9

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Predinators – Predator Terminator Mashup

Posted by LiveFor on December 18, 2009

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Aliens vs Predator Multiplayer Trailer for the video game

Posted by LiveFor on November 28, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Alien vs Ninja – Predator meets Tokyo Gore Police

Posted by LiveFor on November 5, 2009

AlienVsNinjaOnce upon a time in Japan, there was a band of great Ninja warriors led by Yamata called Iga Ninja. One day they witness a flash in the sky and a roaring giant ball of fire crashes into the distant forest. The warriors rush into the deep woods in an attempt to identify the mysterious fireball. There, instead of finding predictable enemies, they are stunned to face never-seen-before creatures with claws and fangs, the aliens! The hungry brutal aliens start to savage and feast on the Ninja warriors, leaving only a few to survive. Yamata and his warriors swear to avenge their comrades’ deaths and risk their lives to challenge the aliens. However, none of the Ninja weapons, neither their swords nor their throwing stars, has any affect on the alien warriors. Now the Japanese greatest Iga Ninja face the biggest challenge ever!

From writer-director Seiji Chiba and action director Yuji Shimomura.

Source: Twitch

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Arnie may be in Predators

Posted by LiveFor on June 4, 2009

I’m a big fan of the Predator and Predator 2. I love the whole concept and they are just great action movies. The news that Robert Rodriguez was going to reboot the franchise with Predators made me a little excited.

Now, this news from Moviehole makes me even more interested in the proceedings. Their source is anonymous but it does sound feasible.

“Robert’s camp has just reached out to Arnie’s [camp]”, we were informed. “But they haven’t had a response yet”.

“They’ve written a role for him” a second source later told us via email. ‘’Rodriguez is as against the idea of a straight-up remake as much as anyone – which is why they’re considering this an official sequel to John McTiernan’s film. Like Terminator, they know Schwarzenegger’s a vital ingredient of the franchise. Ideally, Arnold will see it that way too. Ball is in his court now”.

Schwarzenegger would reprise his role as Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer, the canon-armed Special Forces leader who took on the Predator in the first film

Dutch won’t be the main character in the film, but he will play a part (again, if Schwarzenegger agrees) in the film.

“The script is terrific… I hear. It’s partly the old Predators script Rodriguez did, but mostly new stuff by [Alex] Litvak. And it’s violent – like the original. Everybody here at [name removed] has pointed out how much better it is than [Paul W.S] Anderson’s abomination. Doesn’t sound like there’s any reason to worry”.

Sounds good doesn’t it and having Dutch cameo in the new film will tie it in to the Predator Mythos set up by the first two films. I just hope Arnold takes them up on the offer. The fact they are not doing a straight remake is also brilliant news.

Predators, produced by Rodriguez, will hit theatres July 2010.

How do you feel about Arnie reprising his original role in the new film?

Discuss in the forum or leave a comment below.


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Robert Rodriguez is Rebooting Predator

Posted by LiveFor on April 24, 2009

In a recent news conference at Troublemaker Studios, several Texas state politicians were in attendance to sign HB 873, the long-awaited reform of the Texas film incentive program. All well and good, but IESB had this cool piece of news.

Rodriguez talked to the audience of press members and revealed his upcoming film slate.

“I’m going to be able to shoot my upcoming Machete here, a sci-fi action film called Nervewrackers, a re-boot of the Predator series called Predators, and a couple of smaller movies called Sin City 2 and The Jetsons.”

There is lots of news in that one statement. Machete is a full film from the trailer that featured in Grind House, Sin City 2 will be cool and I just don’t know about The Jetsons.

The big news to me is the reboot of Predator. I love the first two films and the whole concept of the Predator is just great. I even liked the Mr Wolf style Predator in the recent AvP2 so to see more of the dreadlocked hunter will be fantastic.

However, I am a little concerned about Rodriguez directing it. Don’t get me wrong I loved Sin City, Desperado etc, but he just seems to have become obsessed with the whole green screen thing. Hopefully, he’ll lay off that a little for the new Predator as he can do some brilliant action scenes.

What are your views on Rodriguez directing the new Predator film? Where should it be set? What do you want to see in it?

Leave a comment on this post below.


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Predator Reboot – Robert Rodriguez says so

Posted by LiveFor on January 29, 2009

A reliable source got in touch with Bloody Disgusting to tell them that Robert Rodriquez and his Troublemaker Studios will be producing the Predator reboot for 20th Century Fox.

The pitch being sent around town implies that the reboot will have more than one predator. “In the reboot a team of commandoes face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters.” No writer has been attached yet – and there is no script. No word on whether or not Rodriquez will direct, but it seems highly unlikely considering how many projects he has in development.

I hope it’s better than the two Alien vs Predator films. I love me some Predator.

Discuss in the Forum

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Outlander – New poster which tells you nothing about the film except Jesus is in it

Posted by LiveFor on January 14, 2009

As an age old battle rages amongst the stars, Kainan’s ship burns brightly as it crashes into the Nordic coast. As his space craft comes to rest in the fjords of ancient Norway, it’s with dismay that Kainan realizes that he wasn’t the only survivor. A second passenger, a Moorwen also emerges from the wreckage. A Fierce and animal-like creature, the Moorwen is intent on causing harm to those it perceives have wronged it. As the Moorwen kills everything in its path, Kainan must work together with the Vikings to destroy the beast before it destroys them all. Starring James Caviezel, Sophia Myles, Jack Huston, John Hurt, and Ron Perlman.

I’ve been looking forward to this film since I first heard about it ages ago and the synopsis above sounds cool. Kind of like Beowulf meets Predator. Vikings and aliens are cool concepts in their own right and when they meet it should be shouted from the rooftops. Therefore, I have to ask the question why is The Weinstein Co once again hiding away one of their films by not really pushing it and releasing it in the nothing movie month of January?

Also if you knew nothing about the film and saw the new poster (above) you would still know nothing about it apart from the fact it could be the second coming of Jesus Christ or just his giant head about to crush Earth. Honestly, where are the vikings? Where is the big alien beastie? Come on poster people, play the game!
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Robocop Rap and Predator Rap by The Anomalies

Posted by LiveFor on December 10, 2008

This was written and produced by DJ Mayhem and features the vocal skills of MC Mouthmaster Murf, both from up & coming band THE ANOMALIES. It took a very relaxed 9 months to create.

The Anomalies Myspace at

Let me know which rap was your favourite.

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