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Dolph Lundgren to be one of The Expendables with Statham, Li and Stallone

Posted by LiveFor on November 25, 2008

The good chaps over at Filmstalker have the news that Dolph Lundgren could be starring in Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming film The Expendables, along with the already signed Jason Statham and Jet Li.

This could well bring Lundgren back in from the cold that is direct to DVD. It all sounds a bit like the old school action heroes getting back together for an Ocean’s 11 get together in blowing stuff up. All it needs now is Bruce Willis, Kurt Russell and Carl “Action Jackson” Weathers to get signed up.



The Expendables will see a group of mercenaries pulled together for a mission in South America that involves overthrowing a dictator which has a first half of Predator type vibe.

We already heard that Jason Statham and Jet Li would be returning to their film partnership, and it seems fitting that the other casting brings back another strong action partnership, that of Stallone and Dolph Lundgren.

The news story comes from Dolph Ultimate through AITH.

What do you think of Rocky and Drago getting back together again? Are you looking forward to Stallone putting the band back together?
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Predator Pumpkin

Posted by LiveFor on October 22, 2008

It is the month of Halloween and pumpkins are a big part of that. The kids love them. I was thinking of having a go at something a bit more detailed than the usual spooky face cut into the side of a pumpkin. Then I saw some of the carvings over on Ray Villafane’s site and thought to myself, “There ain’t no way I can do that!” I guess I’ll be sticking to the usual spooky face then.

Make sure you check out the rest of his pumpkins. They are all amazing works of art.

What do you think of them?


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She Predator Machiko Statue

Posted by LiveFor on September 1, 2008

Another nice statue / action figure. This one is based loosely on the character from the first Alien v Predator comic from back in the day. The blurb states:
She Predator Machiko is an original character designed by Hot Toys – inspired by the female character from the AVP comics!

Machiko stands approximate 12″ tall and features a newly developed Hot Toys female body with over 20 points of articulation, a fabric net body suit with detailed armour and loads of accessories.
More info on it here.

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