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Priest – Official one-sheet for the Vampire Western type film

Posted by LiveFor on December 22, 2009

This image has been knocking around for a while, but it is now released as the official poster for the post-apocalytpic film, Priest. As you can tell it stars Paul Bettany as well as Cam Gigandet.

It is due out on 20th August 2010.

Source: STYD

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The Random – The Wolfman, Cameron’s Doomsday Protocol, A Couple of Dicks renamed, Gears of War, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Priest, Butcher’s Crossing, The Social Network, A Nightmare on Elm Street

Posted by LiveFor on December 9, 2009

The Wolfman starring Benicio Del Toro has finally gone before the MPAA. It got an ‘R’ rating for “bloody horror, violence and gore”

– James Cameron is rumoured to be developing the Shane Salerno-scripted sci-fi action vehicle Doomsday Protocol for Fox. The ‘event’ film set in the future deals with a group of aliens and humans with various abilities who are brought together to save Earth according to Production Weekly

– Kevin Smith’s buddy cop comedy A Couple of Dicks has a new title that will be announced soon. The first trailer for the film will be attached to every copy of “Sherlock Holmes” when it hits theatres Christmas Day. Unlike his other work, Smith days the film is “not MY movie, [its] a movie I was hired to direct.”

– The 3D sequel Resident Evil: Afterlife has been pushed back several months from August 2010 to a January 14th 2011 release.

– Scott Stewart’s Vampire Western, Priest, starring Paul Bettany has been moved up two months from October to August 27th.

– Producer Wyck Godfrey (“The Twilight Saga”) talks about adapting hit XBox 360 game Gears of War to the big screen and says the film will be “Cloverfield”-esque where we start with the planet pre-Emergence Day and follow the action as the peace is shattered by the Locusts. Makingof have more.

– Joe Penhall (“The Road,” “Enduring Love”) is set to pen an adaptation of John Williams’ 1960 Western novel Butcher’s Crossing for Focus Features says The Hollywood Reporter. Set during the 1870s, the adventure story centers on a man who drops out of Harvard and heads west to the small Kansas town of the title. There, he joins the search for a great buffalo herd. Sam Mendes is considering directing the film.

– Rashida Jones (“Parks and Recreation,” “I Love You, Man”) has joined the cast of David Fincher’s The Social Network for Sony Pictures reports Variety. Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield and Joe Mazzello star in the film which revolves around the founders of the social-networking website Facebook.

Spoiler TV reports that several roles are out to cast for reshoots on Platinum Dunes’ remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. All the scenes seem to be for a diner scene where the lead character Nancy works and only consist of a few lines at most.

Jonah Hex is getting another two weeks of reshoots according to Collider. They are currently casting for the new scenes that seem to deal with Jonah’s past.

Source: Dark Horizons

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Preacher – Could John Cusack be Jesse Custer?

Posted by LiveFor on November 6, 2009

preacher-cassidy1In a recent interview with io9 John Cusack got chatting about a film based on a comic that he wanted to be involved with.

“It’s a vampire and a killer, and they’re on the road, and it’s this really strange story,” said Cusack.

Now Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon features Jesse Custer (who would be the priest) and Cassidy (an Irish Vampire) along with Tulip, Arse-Face, John Wayne (Bruce Campbell should play him in the film), Herr Starr and too many other twisted characters to mention.

If you’ve read the comics you will know how good they are. However, I never really picture Cusack as either JC or Cassidy.

Asked whether it Preacher he was thinking of, Cusack said, “I think it might have been ‘Preacher,'” and added that he was “trying to” get involved with the long-in-development project.

The actor, who’s appearing in theaters next weekend in the disaster flick “2012,” said he’s most interested one of the two leads, “either the vampire or the priest.”

“One of those two guys,” he said.

Last I heard about the Preacher film was that Sam Mendes was down to direct it but they were waiting for a workable script – like many others I wish it would be a series on HBO to get the full story.

Mind you maybe he is thinking of Priest which also involves priests and vampires, but that’s already started filming with Paul Bettany in the lead.

Do you think John Cusack was talking about Preacher? Would he be good in either of the roles? If not him then who would?

Now if they could get Clint Eastwood involved as the Saint of Killers.

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Priest – First photos of Paul Bettany and Cam Gigandet in the Vampire Western

Posted by LiveFor on August 27, 2009

Here is our first look at Cam Gigandet and Paul Bettany as they filmed action scenes for Priest on location in Long Beach, CA.

This is based on the comic and is a post-apocalyptic horror thriller set in a world ravaged by war between man and vampires. A priest (Paul Bettany) goes against the church to track down a band of vampires who have kidnapped his niece. The movie also stars Maggie Q, Karl Urban, Stephen Moyer and Lily Collins.
Source: JFX

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The Random – X-Files 3, Spawn, The Hobbit, Dinner for Schmucks, Restless, Wolf Totem, Queen & Country, Priest

Posted by LiveFor on August 24, 2009

– During an appearance at the Sarajevo Film Festival, “The X-Files” actress Gillian Anderson said she and David Duchnovy could still reunite for a third installment in the film series. “There isn’t any reason not to do it…I feel a certain commitment to that group of people that I worked with and we still enjoy doing it, when we do it” said the actress to Radar Online.

– Todd McFarlane tells Coming Soon he has officially begun writing the screenplay for a new movie based on the character Spawn. “The story has been in my head for 7 or 8 years. The movie idea is neither a recap or continuation. It is a standalone story that will be R-rated. Creepy and scary” says McFarlane. He adds that “the tone of this ‘Spawn’ movie will be for a more older audience. Like the film ‘The Departed’.”

– Ian McKellen has revealed he is currently re-reading The Hobbit and is expecting to be back in New Zealand in March. Apparently he also knows who they’re getting to play Bilbo & that he should be seeing the script within the next week. Who could be playing Bilbo?

– Zach Galifianakis (“The Hangover”) is in talks to join the ensemble comedy Dinner for Schmucks for Paramount Pictures says the trades. Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and Lucy Punch star in the story about the most pathetic guy ever to be invited to another man’s weekly dinner party. Galifianakis is playing an assistant manager of a mattress store who is dating Carell’s ex-wife.

– Gus van Sant (“Milk,” “My Own Private Idaho”) is in negotiations to develop and direct Restless for Sony Pictures and Imagine Entertainment says The Hollywood Reporter. The storyline of Jason Lew’s script is being kept quiet though is described as contemporary and distinctive take on young love. A $15 million budget has been set. Brian Grazer, Ron Howard and Bryce Howard will produce with shooting to take place in Oregon.

– French director Jean-Jacques Annaud will helm an adaptation of Chinese author Jiang Rong’s Wolf Totem for Beijing Forbidden City Corp says Variety. The story is a fictional, philosophical account of life in the 1970s in the remote China-Mongolia border region, and the struggle between traditional mores and encroaching modernity. “Wolf Totem” won the Asian equivalent of the Booker Prize in 2007.

– Ryan Condal (“Galahad,” “Hercules”) has been hired to write a draft of the comic book-adapted action feature Queen & Country for 20th Century Fox says The Hollywood Reporter. The story centers on a female Special Ops agent who is on the run after carrying out a high-level assassination in Eastern Europe. “Whiteout” creator Greg Rucka penned the comic while John Moore penned a previous draft. Jenno Topping is producing and Nicole Kidman was at one point was attached to the project.

– Stephen Moyer (TV’s “True Blood,” TV’s “Ultraviolet”) and Lily Collins (TV’s “90210”) have joined the cast of the thriller Priest for Screen Gems says Variety. Scripted by Cory Goodman, the story involves a warrior priest (Paul Bettany) who turns against the church to track down a murderous band of vampires who kidnapped his niece. Moyer will play the mortal brother of the protagonist, Collins plays the niece. Cam Gigandet and Maggie Q also star.

Source: Dark Horizons

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Karl Urban to be the evil Vampire in Priest

Posted by LiveFor on August 21, 2009

priest_subjectKarl Urban will play the villain in Screen Gems’ Priest, a post-apocalyptic horror thriller that Scott Stewart will direct.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the story was adapted by Cory Goodman from a TokyoPop comic, and is set in a world ravaged by war between man and vampires. Paul Bettany stars as a warrior priest and vampire fighter who teams with a sheriff (Cam Gigandet) and warrior priestess (Maggie Q) to track down a murderous band of vampires who have kidnapped his niece.

Urban plays Black Hat, the evil leader of the bloodsuckers who was once a priest and hunter but now fancies himself a god of vampires.

Priest begins production next week in Los Angeles.

Source: MovieWeb

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Priest- A look at Paul bettany in the Vampire Western thing

Posted by LiveFor on August 3, 2009


Screen Gems recently put a new website online for their upcoming film Priest. This site gives users their first look at what star Paul Bettany looks like in the film.

Based on the popular Japanese comic, this is the story of a priest (Bettany) who goes against the laws of the church to hunt the vampires who kidnapped his niece.

Priest is due out on 13th August 2010 from Screen Gems.

Source: MovieWeb

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Cam Gigandet in Priest

Posted by LiveFor on June 8, 2009

Cam Gigandet (Twilight) will star opposite Paul Bettany in Priest, a horror Western that Scott Stewart is directing for Screen Gems according to THR.

Adapted by Cory Goodman from a TokyoPop comic book, Priest is set in a world ravaged by centuries of war between man and vampires and follows a warrior priest (Bettany) who turns against the church to track down a murderous band of vampires who have kidnapped his niece.

Gigandet plays a young wasteland sheriff who is part vampire. He partners with Bettany to save the girl he loves, the niece. That latter part has yet to be cast.

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Paul Bettany has been an Archangel in Legion and may now become a Priest

Posted by LiveFor on March 31, 2009

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paul Bettany is in negotiations to star in Priest a horror Western that Michael De Luca and Stars Road Entertainment’s Josh Donen are producing for Screen Gems. Mitchell Peck also will produce.

The move would reunite Bettany with director Scott Stewart, for whom he just finished starring in “Legion,” an upcoming Screen Gems supernatural thriller.

An adaptation of a TokyoPop comic book, “Priest” is set in a world ravaged by centuries of war between man and vampire and follows a warrior priest (Bettany) who turns against the church to track down a murderous band of vampires who have kidnapped his niece. Cory Goodman (“The Brood”) wrote the screenplay.

“I knew the moment I saw Stewart’s first cut of ‘Legion’ that Bettany was Priest and so I mentioned it to him immediately,” Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper said.

Legion, which is set to open next January, is a thriller that stars Bettany as the archangel Michael, who is all that stands between mankind and an apocalypse after God has lost faith in humanity. But the Almighty apparently hasn’t lost all hope — a child is on the way who is the second coming of Christ, and a group of strangers who recognize the fact must band together to save it. It is director Scott Stewart’s first feature film, from a script he co-wrote with Peter Schink. It also stars Dennis Quaid, Kate Walsh and Tyrese Gibson.

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The Random – Tr2n in 3D Point Break Indo, Green Lantern, The Wedding, Priest, Watchmen trial date, Morning Glory

Posted by LiveFor on December 17, 2008

AICN have news that Tr2n will be all 3D – With new technology, they can actually wear the glasses at the monitors as they shoot & it will show them exactly how the 3-D will look so that they can get exactly what they are looking for. Specifically, we are going to get a first person view from inside of a light cycle in the film.

Studios in Sydney and Melbourne are fighting for the superhero feature Green Lantern which is said to be settling on its locations shortly.

The Jan De Bont-directed Point Break Indo will be shot in parts of the northern state of Queensland. Singapore and Bali will also be used for location shooting.

Director Gore Verbinski (The Ring, Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy) is set to helm a film about the online fantasy role-playing world and its detrimental impact on the real lives of players reports Variety. The story focuses on a married man who spends as many as twenty hours a day on a computer, existing through an avatar who is a thriving, musclebound entrepreneur. In reality, he is a diabetic, chain-smoking 53-year-old.

Juno helmer Jason Reitman is set to executive produce romantic comedy The Wedding says The Hollywood Reporter. Jesse Eisenberg is attached to star in the project as a young man who crashes the wedding of a 30-ish woman (Anna Friel) he is infatuated with.

Scott Charles Stewart (Legion) has signed on to direct the horror western Priest for Screen Gems says The Hollywood Reporter. An adaptation of a TokyoPop comic book, the story is set in a world ravaged by centuries of war between man and vampire and follows a warrior priest who turns against the church to track down a murderous band of vampires who have kidnapped his niece.

The Watchmen court trial has been pushed back two weeks to January 20th 2009, according to Variety.

Harrison Ford is set to play a morning show anchorman in the Paramount comedy Morning Glory, to be produced by J.J. Abrams.
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