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Navigator takes flight again.

Posted by LiveFor on May 26, 2009

After redoing Witch Mountain it looks as if Disney are enjoying the remake trail with the news that they are going to redo Flight of the Navigator according to The Hollywood Report.

Brad Copeland (Wild Hogs) is writing the remake, but no director is currently attached.

The 1986 original told the story of a 12-year-old boy who is abducted by an alien spacecraft in 1978 and reappears eight years later, still the same age and with no memory of what happened. NASA scientists discover a connection between the boy and a downed spacecraft and try to exploit the boy, who ultimately escapes with the ship and attempts to reunite with his family.

It starred a young Sarah Jessica Parker and Paul Reubens as the voice of Max, the robotic pilot of the alien ship.

As I kid I loved this film. The spacecraft had a great design. I also bought it for my son a couple of years ago and he enjoyed it, especially the aliens on board the ship.

The movie grossed only $17 million when it was released but was later rediscovered on VHS, becoming a cult hit.

Yet another remake and another one that makes me wonder why bother. Why not go for an original story?

Do you remember the original? Should it be remade? Who should voice the ship? How could the original story be improved?

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UK Film Release Dates

Posted by LiveFor on April 3, 2009

Friday 3 April 2009

Cherry Blossoms
I Can’t Think Straight
Modern Life (PG)
Monsters Vs. Aliens (Also3D)
Religulous (15)
Waveriders (PG)
World Unseen, The

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Dragonball Evolution

Friday 10 April 2009

17 Again
400 Blows, The (Reissue)
50 Dead Men Walking (15)
Fast and Furious
Let The Right One In (15)
Race To Witch Mountain
Tony Manero (18)

Friday 17 April 2009

Before I Forget
Crank 2: High Voltage
Everlasting Moments
I Love You Man
In Search Of Beethoven (U)
In The Loop
Not Easily Broken

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Watchmen drops while Witch Mountain Races ahead

Posted by LiveFor on March 15, 2009


This Week


Last Week


Race to Witch Mountain










Last House on the Left










Madea Goes to Jail





Slumdog Millionaire





Paul Blart: Mall Cop





He’s Just Not That Into You










Miss March




In the second week of it being open Watchmen has dropped to second place in the US and Dwayne Johnson’s Race to Witch Mountain has taken the top spot. Watchmen’s takings have dropped by 67% which is not good, but it’s still taken a fair few million.

I am just so surprised that Paul Blart: Mall Cop is still in the top 10. It makes no sense that a straight to DVD type of film should be doing that well, but what do I know.

Taken has become the first film since The Dark Knight to have seven consecutive weeks in the top five. I really must get round to watching Liam Neeson’s latest film as it has been out on DVD over here for ages.

Did you expect Watchmen to drop so much so soon? What are your theories for Paul Blart’s popularity?

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Shazam! Captain Marvel is back on according to Black Adam

Posted by LiveFor on March 13, 2009

A while back the script writer, John August, said that the Captain Marvel film was dead.

Now Dwayne Johnson, who was promoting Race to Witch Mountain, gave MTV an update on Captain Marvel:

“I think we’re starting from page one,” Johnson told MTV News. “From what I know talking to [director] Pete Segal, there were creative differences between the script that came in and what the studio’s ideas were.”

“That’s what happens when you start developing a script — there are so many people involved because it’s such a big project and everybody has their opinion in it creatively,” explained Johnson. “It’s too bad when you can’t come to an agreement.”

Despite the project’s troubles, Johnson said he’s still “amped-up” to play the role of the hero’s similarly super-powered nemesis, adding that Black Adam is the only comic book character he’s encountered thus far that appealed to him.

“I’m sure the movie eventually will get made the way that we all collectively want to make the movie,” said Johnson, “so when that happens, that’s going to be bad-ass.”

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Race to Witch Mountain – International Trailer

Posted by LiveFor on February 28, 2009

The International Trailer for Race to Witch Mountain. For years, stories have circulated about a secret place in the middle of the Nevada desert, known for unexplained phenomena and strange sightings. It is called Witch Mountain, and when a Las Vegas cab driver (Dwayne Johnson) finds two teens with supernatural powers in his cab, he suddenly finds himself in the middle of an adventure he can’t explain. When they discover that the only chance to save the world lies in unraveling the secrets of Witch Mountain, the race begins, as the government, mobsters and even extraterrestrials try to stop them. Race to Witch Mountain is a fun and thrilling adventure featuring incredible special effects.

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Jonny Quest is Zac Efron. So says the Rock

Posted by LiveFor on February 16, 2009

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, “Race to Witch Mountain” director Andy Fickman, Zac Efron are teaming up for a feature film version of the cartoon classic The Adventures of Jonny Quest

The animated series (first aired in the 60s) told of a boy, 11-year-old Jonny, who accompanies his father, Dr. Benton Quest, on extraordinary adventures. Fearing Jonny could end up in the wrong hands, a special agent / bodyguard / pilot from Intelligence One Government, Race Bannon, is hired to guard and train him.

Zac Efron could possibly play the title role, with Dwayne Johnson as his Race Bannon.

‘’ I love the script, I love working with Andy…’’, Johnson tells Moviehole. “I don’t know if you’ve read the latest [draft] but it’s awesome and it’s badass and I haven’t read, this is what I told everyone over at Warner Bros., and I love the studio too by the way, you know, I had my experience with them with Get Smart and they were great, I hadn’t read an action script like that in a LONG time. And that action was unbelievable. That will happen.’’

Johnson confirms that he’ll be Race Bannon, and that rumours suggesting Zac Efron might be Jonny Quest are on the money. Efron isn’t a lock though – and Johnson’s all ears. You see, in the source material the character is only twelve years old, but Efron’s 17. ‘’I loved Jonny Quest when I was a kid. If you go a little older, it gives you more, it allows you to be…it just gives you a bit more, you know. But then you want to honor it too, so… “

Source: Moviehole

What do you reckon? Will that cast work in a Jonny Quest film? Have the Venture Brothers destroyed Johnny’s chances?

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Race to Witch Mountain – Superbowl TV spot

Posted by LiveFor on January 30, 2009

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Race to Witch Mountain – Poster

Posted by LiveFor on December 16, 2008

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Race to Witch Mountain Trailer – The Rock’s in it.

Posted by LiveFor on November 17, 2008

Obviously based on Escape to Witch Mountain this is the new entry in the series by Disney.

Race to Witch Mountain is a thrilling action-adventure about a hard luck Las Vegas cab driver Jack Bruno (DWAYNE JOHNSON), whose life is thrown into chaos when apparent ‘runaway’ teenagers Sara (ANNASOPHIA ROBB) and Seth (ALEXANDER LUDWIG) jump into his taxi. He soon realizes his two fares are children with exceptional paranormal powers whom he must protect as they elude a collection of ruthless enemies. It also stars Carla Gugino.

What do you think of the trailer? Do you have fond memories of the original? Does this compare?

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