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Hardware gets a sequel – Hardware 2: Ground Zero

Posted by LiveFor on December 18, 2009

You may or may not remember 1990’s Hardware by Richard Stanley. Hell some of you may not have even been born back then!

The film starred Stacy Travis and Dylan McDermott. Set in the future and was about a woman who’s soldier boyfriend left her a gift – the heard of a robot killer. The robot came back on line and started to rebuild itself before hunting the woman around her apartment.

I think that makes sense but if not here is the official synopsis:

Jill lives in a war-torn and alien world. She is given the remains of a Mark 13 Cyborg, a killing machine found on radioactive waste ground by a friend. Once the Cyborg is in her flat it begins to rebuild itself with household equipment and and now it’s capable of doing its job…..killing!

I remember watching it way back when. I enjoyed it although felt it was a little slow in places.

I was recently remastered and released on Blu-Ray so worth a look if you like indie sci-fi.

Quiet Earth have come across the script for the sequel, Hardware 2: Ground Zero, by Stanley. You can download it here. The basic plot is this:

The Mark-13’s are in mass production. The US government is employing them to patrol the US-Mexican border and deal with illegal aliens. Shades returns to Earth after a series of space flight assignments. Feeling alone in the world, he decides to seek out Jill, who’s now living in a hippie colony in Splendora, Texas. The colony consists of ‘destructuralists’, who beseech the human race to abandon all technology and re-unite with nature. As Shades and his newly-found companion, battle-scarred vet Lyle Maddox arrive to Splendora, they find Jill earnestly believing in the cause, but even she is oblivious to what ultimately lies beneath the peaceful colony. Something big enough to attract a phalanx of Mark-13 droids as well as a Mexican guerilla leader, who thinks he’s channelling the spirit of Emilio Zapata…

Sounds good in an army of killer robots causing mayhem kind of way.

Hardware [Blu-ray] Amazon UK
Hardware (Blu-ray) at Amazon USA

An interesting side note while I perused wikipedia (so it may not be true):

The film is based on a 2000 AD comic called SHOK! Walter’s Robo-Tale. In the comic version, the robot head part is recovered from the bloody aftermath of the Cursed Earth Saga (almost making Hardware the first Judge Dredd movie ever). The original theatrical release did not mention the comic book despite heavily plagiarizing its storyline. Following legal action a notice was added to later versions and the strip’s creators, Steve MacManus and Kevin O’Neill, now get full writers’ credits.

It is now considered to be the first 2000 AD movie spin-off, followed by the better-known Judge Dredd.

Richard Stanley is currently shooting an end of the world type film called Vacation starring Smallville’s Tom Welling.

Vacation is the story of a coke-addicted banker who travels with his stripper girlfriend to a seedy Middle Eastern resort. Their own personal problems soon pale before the disaster that strikes in the form of freak solar storms that eradicate all means of communication, leaving them stranded in an extremely hostile environment.

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