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January Jones sees The Hungry Rabbit Jumps

Posted by LiveFor on October 28, 2009

gallery_main-1013_january_jones_gq_00January Jones is jumping with rabbits.

The “Mad Men” star has been cast to play the female lead opposite Nicolas Cage in vigilante thriller “The Hungry Rabbit Jumps.” The move follows her casting in the thriller “Unknown White Male.”

“Rabbit” is slated to begin shooting in early December, giving Jones enough of a window before the late-January start of “Unknown White Male.”

The film centers on a man (Cage) who, after a crime is perpetrated on his wife, gets more than he bargained for when he enlists a vigilante group to help him settle the score. Jones will play the wife. “It’s a very meaty role,” Stern said, “not just reactive, but active.”

Roger Donaldson is attached to direct from Robert Tanen’s script.

Jones is best known for playing the seductive suburban mother Betty Draper on “Mad Men.” She has had bit small roles in features but never played a feature lead part. The actress, who is gaining notoriety for a splashy spread in the current issue of GQ (that’s where the photo is from), has a role in The Boat That Rocked aka Pirate Radio and also had a part in the sports tear-jerker “We Are Marshall.”

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Nicolas Cage has left The Green Hornet but The Hungry Rabbit Jumps

Posted by LiveFor on September 9, 2009

cageAccording to Heat Vision, Nicolas Cage has bowed out of playing the villain in Columbia Pictures The Green Hornet.

The film is being helmed by Michel Gondry.

It seems the actor and the studio couldn’t come to terms on the actor’s deal. Columbia is currently looking for a replacement.

The Green Hornet seems to be plagued with changes in cast in crew. First Stephen Chow was going to be Kato, then direct it, then not direct it, then he left it completely. Now this with Cage. A bit of a shame really as it would be good to see Cage as a bad guy again. His manic tics, shouting, pointing and furrowed brow could have worked quite well for this film.

The film just started shooting in Los Angeles and no scenes have been shot that contained Cage’s character.

Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz and Jay Chou star in this film.

However, as well as Kick-Ass, Drive Angry and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Cage has also signed onto The Hungry Rabbit Jumps.

Heat Vision blog reports on the film. Cage is “a man whose wife is the victim of a brutal crime. He subsequently becomes entangled with an underground vigilante organization.”

This one will be directed by Roger Donaldson (Thirteen Days, The Bounty, The Bank Job).

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