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Acts of Violence – Poster for Ron Perlman’s new one

Posted by LiveFor on April 26, 2010

Acts of Violence is a story about a man named Flyn (Il Lim) on a mission on killing the men who raped his wife Olivia (Leelee Sobieski – Deep Impact, Eyes Wide Shut). He finds himself living a double life as a killer and a husband. When his wife suspects what he is up to, he lies to her and finds help in an unexpected friend, a priest (Ron Perlman). The story comes to a climactic conclusion when Flyn finds out that he is in a battle he has already lost.

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By the beard of Thulsa Doom. Hellboy is Conan’s Daddy!

Posted by LiveFor on March 13, 2010

Mickey Rourke had been down to play the father of Jason Momoa’s Conan, but that has changed.

Now a certain Mr Ron Perlman is going to be raising little Con. Vulture had the splendid news. I thought Rourke would have been good, but Perlman will be better in the Marcus Nispel film. I can’t imagine him having much screen time though.

However, Perlman always brings a certain amount of cool to any role he plays and I hope we at least get to see him kill someone with a very big sword.

How do you feel about Perlman being the father of Conan?

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Bruce Campbell – What will he be fighting next?

Posted by LiveFor on January 19, 2010

Bruce Campbell – the Chin, the legend, the Ultimate Movie Star. Like Billy Zane, no matter how bad the film, they still ooze cool from every pore…that image sounds quite bad when written down.

You may remember that a couple of years ago Bruce appeared as himself, or a caricature of himself in My Name is Bruce. That’s the one where he gets mistaken for Ash (Evil Dead) and is asked to fight a Chinese Mummy type thing. It wasn’t that great a film – a nice little B movie – but Bruce, as usual, made the whole thing fun to watch (plus some nice cameos from some of the Army of Darkness people).

Now the man himself has announced to AICN that there is to be a sequel – Bruce vs Frankenstein. Let’s hear it from the man himself.

Hello everyone. Bruce Campbell here. This urgent message is short, because my keystrokes are monitored and I fear for my life. My partner at Dark Horse comics, Mike Richardson (normally a very rational and talented man), threatened to have his foot soldiers “crush my spleen” if I did what I am about to do. But the fans deserve to know, so with great trepidation I officially announce Bruce Vs. Frankenstein, the sequel to My Name is Bruce. Principal photography begins this fall in Oregon. I’d like to live long enough to see the cameras roll, so please, for the love of God, do not tell anyone – I can’t risk this announcement getting back to Mike! Thank you.

There you have it. He’s going up against Frankenstein (I assume it will be the Monster and not the scientist) and is bound to have a few laughs in it. Not sure if he will be directing it as he did the original. Of course it would have been nice to see him go up against a vampire in Bubba Nosferatu, but he stepped out of that a while ago and now Ron Perlman (Hellboy) is going to be wearing the white jumpsuit as Elvis.

I’m still waiting for Bruce to comment on the whole Spider-Man reboot thing.
What did you think of My Name is Bruce? Are you a fan of Bruce Campbell? Do you want to see the sequel? What films currently in production would you love to see Bruce star in?

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Season of the Witch – Poster for Nicolas Cage’s new film

Posted by LiveFor on December 11, 2009

Cage stars as the medieval knight Behmen who undertakes a mission pitting him against an devious witch and making him the last hope for the world against an ancient and dark force.

His faith broken by years of battle as a crusader, Behmen returns to central Europe to find his homeland decimated by the Black Plague. While searching for food and supplies at the Palace at Marburg, Behmen and his trusted companion, Felson (Perlman) are apprehended and ordered by the dying Cardinal to deliver a young peasant girl ­ believed to be the witch responsible for the Plague ­ to a remote abbey where her powers can be destroyed.

Behmen agrees to the assignment but only if the peasant girl is granted a fair trial. As he and five others set off on this dangerous journey, they realize with mounting dread that the cunning girl is no ordinary human, and that their mission will pit them against an evil that even in these dark times they never could have imagined.

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Season of the Witch – Full trailer for Nicolas Cage’s medieval horror

Posted by LiveFor on November 21, 2009

Nicolas Cage as a 14th century Crusader who returns with his comrade (Ron Perlman) to a homeland devastated by the Black Plague. A beleaguered church, deeming sorcery the culprit of the plague, commands the two knights to transport an accused witch (Claire Foy) to a remote abbey, where monks will perform a ritual in hopes of ending the pestilence. A priest (Stephen Campbell Moore), a grieving knight (Ulrich Thomsen), an itinerant swindler (Stephen Graham) and a headstrong youth who can only dream of becoming a knight (Robert Sheehan) join a mission troubled by mythically hostile wilderness and fierce contention over the fate of the girl.When the embattled party arrives at the abbey, a horrific discovery jeopardizes the knight’s pledge to ensure the girl fair treatment, and pits them against an inexplicably powerful and destructive force.

The film is out March next year.

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Mortis Rex – Roman Soldiers vs Lovecraft style beastie

Posted by LiveFor on October 30, 2009

This has he potential to be very, very good, but then again so did Outlander. However, the concept art for Hellboy co-writer Peter Briggs supernatural action thriller Mortis Rex is lovely. Jim Jacks is producing it.

Speaking to Bloody Disgusting Briggs shed some light on how the story developed. “I had the idea for “Mortis” just prior to “Brotherhood of the Wolf” being released. At that point it was simply called “Untitled Roman Monster Movie”…the name “Mortis Rex” came out of something one of the characters says about half an hour into the story. In the early concept, our hero — Cassius Virius — had a female African sidekick, who was mute and did martial arts with a giant carved elephant bone. As soon as I saw “Brotherhood”, I tossed that notion right out the window! And, really, I was glad I did, because the story evolved into something less fantasy-oriented, and became a more grounded and gritty story. Visually, it’ll hopefully be like Ridley’s earlier work. Much more “Gladiator” than “300”. I bumped into “Brotherhood’s” director, Christophe Gans, at Warners a few years ago and told him how I’d had to change my characters…we had a laugh about it.”
The big question is whether the supernatural beastie will be worth watching.

“I’ve been working solidly the last month with our creature designer, Paul Mendoza, and our intention’s to portray onscreen the baddest, nastiest, Lovecraftian-level monstrosity you’ve ever seen,” Brings elaborates. “If you’re a fanboy, you’ll know Paul’s work…he sculpted Wayne Barlowe’s “Decurion” for Sideshow a while back, and the guy’s really a pocket genius. I’ve never seen anything like our creature, onscreen, ever. Period. I zap sketches to Paul, and he blasts finished renderings back over the internet, and then I scribble and Photoshop over them, and zap them back. I’ve had a vision in my head about what the thing should look like since I started writing “Mortis”, but right now we’re about 80% there, and our Big Chap just keeps looking scarier and weirder every time my email goes “ping”. He’s an extremely visually complex creation. He’d eat “Hellboy’s” Ogdru Jahad for breakfast.

The “Hellboy” writer grins evilly, “But our beastie is…very peculiar. Very singular. He’s a big sucker. Quite terrifying. People will be coming out of the theater with their heads blown off. I pity the poor Roman soldiers who have to go up against this thing with their steel toothpicks…”
Casting wise that is still up in the air, but we may get to see some familiar faces.

“Well, I originally wrote the part of Cassius Virius for Lawrence Fishburne, and we were actually down the road talking to him about it when he got pulled onto “CSI”, and we lost him. But Jim Jacks has broken-in or raised up a lot of good actors and stars over the years — Brendan Fraser and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson spring to mind. And having Jim onboard obviously makes this movie very attractive to a whole other level of actor. So, I’m looking forward to seeing what Jim will bring to us. We’ve spent a long time talking cast lists. Interestingly I ran into Ron Perlman at the “Sons Of Anarchy” wrap party weeks back, and I just happened to have my laptop with me and showed him what we were doing. Obviously, I knew Ron from “Hellboy”, and I mentioned that I’d had a smaller role in “Mortis” — a rough, Roman drill Sergeant who gets to chew the scenery — written with Ron in mind. Ron really responded to the idea, and asked when we were thinking of shooting. It’d be fun having Ron onboard.”

All in all Mortis Rex sounds very cool. However, Briggs’ other project sounds equally interesting.

“Well, I’m racing to the finishing post on a rewrite-polish on “Panzer 88”, which is a screenplay by two American writers, Aaron Mason and Jim Cowan, that I discovered. I really wanted to use “Mortis” to springboard me onto a director slot with the studios…basically allowing me to get my hands on all the projects I’ve been writing for the majors for 19 years, like “Judge Dredd” and “Alien vs Predator”, that then got horribly mangled by others. But when I found this script, I knew I’d be nuts if I didn’t do it, even though it’s a much smaller piece even than “Mortis”. “Panzer” is another supernatural thriller: basically a character piece set in a German King Tiger tank in Russia in World War 2. It’s five guys in a tin can, and something’s trying to stop them making it home. It’s creepy, and smart. I’ll be directing that too. There are a bunch of producers jockeying to get their hands on this right now…I’ve had a few meetings with Gary Kurtz (“Star Wars”, “American Graffiti”, “Dark Crystal”) back in London, and I really like the idea of doing “Panzer” with him. I was surprised by Gary. For a producer with such All-American movies under his belt, he absolutely gets the very dark, European sensibility of the piece. I guess I’m very lucky with my producers right now.”

How do you like them apples? Does Mortis Rex float your boat? Who would you like to see star in it and any ideas what the creature will look like?

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Season of the Witch – Trailer for Nic Cage’s new film

Posted by LiveFor on October 22, 2009

cageA 14th century knight (Nicolas Cage) transports a girl suspected of being the witch behind the Black Plague to an abbey of monks trained in exorcising demons.
Now usually I can be a bit down on Cage as more often than not he makes some pretty poor choices and bad acting decisions. However, I quite like the look of this teaser, but it only shows a little of the film so it is still too early to tell whether it will be good Cage or bad Cage.

However, the film also stars Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and Stephen Graham (This is England, Public Enemies).

Directed by Dominic Sena (Gone in Sixty Seconds, Swordfish, Whiteout)

The film is out on 19th March 2010. Let me know what you thought of the trailer.

Source: IGN

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Dark Country – The First 5 Minutes of Thomas Jane’s Directorial debut

Posted by LiveFor on October 8, 2009

Let me know what you thought of that.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Thomas Jane talks about Dark Country

Posted by LiveFor on October 6, 2009

the_dark_country08Thomas Jane (The Punisher, The Mist, Hung) is a Live for Films favourite and I have been following his directorial debut, Dark Country, for a while now (although I have still not had a chance to see it). It is a noir film shot in 3D starring Jane, Ron Perlman, Lauren German and a few others. So the studio decide to release it direct to DVD in 2D! Lack of logic behind that decision makes my brain hurt.

The film stars Jane and Lauren German (Hostel: Part II) as a couple traveling through the desert from Las Vegas to California who come upon a mysterious stranger. After almost killing the stranger, they pick him up and begin their journey into darkness.

Be that as it may, it still sounds very cool and Thomas Jane has been chatting to Bloody Disgusting about the film.

They asked him about the whole look and feel of the film. The way it had a very 50’s kind of feel and whether that had been his intention from the start.

“Definitely something I brought to the picture. I am really inspired by noir film, and by the Twilight Zone… this film felt like an extended Twilight zone episode to me. And then for film noir, particularly the cinematographer John Altman, who worked with Anthony Mann on films like Raw Deal, and He Walked By Night. I wanted to make something very modern, but also timeless, yet very steeped in film noir. I came up with a visual style that was influenced by these things but also something a little unique that I can call my own. Watching the movie, I don’t think you can say that I’m aping anyone else’s style. The type of story that it is dictated the style of the film. And also I’m a big comic book guy, I love graphic novels, I published a couple of my own through my company Raw Studios. I worked with Tim Bradstreet who is a fantastic illustrator in the comic book world – he did all of the Punisher covers – and he was the visual consultant and production designer on Dark Country. And Bernie Wrightson, who is a master horror illustrator, he did the character designs for Bloody-face. So these influences created the style and tone that you see in the film. The muted colors, the crushed blacks, not a lot of mid-tones, almost like a black and white movie. When I developed the script with Tad Murphy, that was the way I wanted to tell the story, with a unique visual structure.”

The fact he got Tim Bradstreet (check out his cool poster for the film) and Bernie Wrightson involved means you know it is going to look amazing. Two very cool comic book artists there.

Then there is the fact he got Hellboy himself involved.

“I’m a friend of Ron’s, and I think he FITS in the genre. The movie is made for people who like this left of center stuff. It’s a very graphic novel oriented film, with influences from film noir, Carnival of Souls, cult movie influences…. this is a movie for people who enjoy that type of stuff, and to me, Ron Perlman is the perfect actor for a movie like this. He’s got a great following, and I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, and we became pals when we did Mutant Chronicles together. So we had a blast, and Ron coming on board… he just fit the story perfectly. Very proud to have him in my first film, and he also helped give me confidence as a director, he’s very easy to work with. A fantastic guy. Damn lucky to have him.”

Head on over to check out the full interview over on BD. He talks about directing himself, his Bad Planet comic and the 3D aspect of the film.

Have you seen the film? If so what did you think of it?

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Judge Dredd – Could Gerard Butler be heading to Mega City 1?

Posted by LiveFor on September 29, 2009

Gerard_ButlerI recently posted the fact that the comic book artist Jock (The Losers) was still working on the concept art for the new Judge Dredd film. Alex Garland (The Beach) has written the script and things are slowly moving along.

As we all know Stallone played him in the previous version (it had a great opening 10 minutes and then it just got ugly). The big question for the new one is who will they get to play Judge Dredd?

I could see someone like Bruce Campbell (he has the chin), Ron Perlman (he doesn’t mind covering his face and we all know Dredd never takes his helmet off – well not on screen anyway), Thomas Jane, Billy Zane or Jason Statham.

I have received a few emails that suggest Gerard Butler (Gamer, 300, Law Abiding Citizen) is interested in the role and has been in talks. Now I have looked around the web for confirmation of this, but so far I cannot find anything else. However, the emails I have received have all come from different unrelated sources, a couple of whom are usually spot on.

For the moment mark this one down as a great big rumour though – it is still early days and I personally don’t think they are as far along as casting.

If anyone happens to know Gerard could you ask him if this is true. I will keep digging and let you know if I find anything more.

Do you think Gerard Butler would make a good Judge Dredd? If not him who else could it be?

Be sure to check out all the other polls – Vote on who should be Captain America, Catwoman, Spider-Man. What did you think of Avatar? What’s your favourite John Carpenter film? What’s Nic Cage’s worst film and many more.

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