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Brian Blessed is Mr Bojagi

Posted by LiveFor on May 5, 2010

Directed by Marco van Belle, who kindly got in touch to let me know about it, this fantasy short stars legendary British actor Brian Blessed as Mr. Bojagi, a mysterious man with a mind-reading machine who helps people choose the perfect gifts.

The film has already won the 2010 ‘British Lion Award’ for achievement in film and the jury award for ‘Best Short Film’ at the London Independent Film Festival. The film also stars Hildegard Neil.

It will debut exclusively on Daily Motion for a limited run from 14th May.

Check out the official site.

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The Raven – Cool sci-fi short

Posted by LiveFor on April 26, 2010

Chris Black possesses a power that could lead to the destruction of the current regime, and they will stop at nothing to destroy him.

The chase is on as Chris runs for his life in this sci-fi thriller set in an alternate and futuristic Los Angeles.

Directed by Ricardo de Montreuil.

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The Anachronism – Check out the full steampunk squid submarine film

Posted by LiveFor on April 19, 2010

I mentioned this back in February and now the full film is out and embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Written and directed by Matthew Gordon Long it is well worth a watch.

On a sun-dappled summer day a science expedition propels two children towards an enigmatic encounter at the edge of the their known world. Arriving on an isolated beach, they discover the wreck of a robotic squid submarine. The secret it holds within changes their lives forever.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Hidden Friend – Transformers fan film

Posted by LiveFor on April 19, 2010

Bobby Drake keeps getting attacked by the town bully, but his luck is about to change for the better when he discovers his car is in fact the famous transformer Bumblebee. See how Bobby uses this new “hidden friend” to his advantage.

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Project London – Trailer for independently-produced, crowd-sourced, science-fiction, action-adventure, no-budget, effects movie

Posted by LiveFor on April 12, 2010

This looks amazing and even more so as they had no budget to make it.

After WWII, the Nalardians, an alien race, have brought their technology to Earth. Peace reigns under the world government they helped create, the Joint Command.

Nebraska Higgins plunges into a world of intrigue and struggle when Joint Command kills his father, a hero known by his exosuit, Arizona.

Seeing a prime opportunity, the London Underground, a rugged band of revolutionaries, recruits Nebraska to join the resistance against the Joint Command.

Can Nebraska deal with the loss of his father as interplanetary calamities threaten to destroy the world around him? Earth’s fate depends on the potential in a young man’s heart.

This clip explores the world of Project London and introduces the opposing forces, Joint Command and The London Underground. All 3D animated elements were created using Blender, open source software.

Check out the Project London official site.

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UPDATED: The Gift – Short film by Carl Erik Rinsch

Posted by LiveFor on April 8, 2010

Part of the Parallel Lines project from Philips Cinema and Ridley Scott Associates.

Five short films. Five genres. Five of RSA’s hottest directors. One unifying piece of dialogue.

Rinsch is the protoge of Ridley Scott and this is a lovely piece of sci-fi.

The other four films can be found here.

UPDATE: On Wednesday, the day the short came out, a bidding war broke out between several studios — longtime rivals Warner Bros. and Fox are in the mix, according to sources — who see feature potential in the short. Some speculate the project will end up at Fox, because Rinsch is part of the stable of RSA, Ridley Scott’s commercial house that produced the short, and Scott’s longtime association with Fox. – Heat Vision

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Spike Jonze’s short, I’m Here, is now live for all to watch

Posted by LiveFor on March 19, 2010

I was lucky enough to see Spike Jonze’s robot love story at a special screening a while ago – Check out Mrs Live For Films review of the night. Now you can catch it, well 5000 people a day can until it gets onto youtube! Well worth a watch over on as it is a beautiful, moving and funny piece of film.

The 30 minute film, which forms part of the ABSOLUT campaign ‘In An ABSOLUT World, Ordinary Is No Place To Be’, is a robot love story set in LA and celebrates a life enriched by creativity. It proved to be a huge hit when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January this year, and later screened at the influential Berlinale in February.

5,000 people a day will be offered the opportunity to watch the film through a striking online cinema experience. ‘I’m Here’ is a creative collaboration which acknowledges ABSOLUT as a pioneering and cultureshaping brand.

The film stars British actor Andrew Garfield (Boy A, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus) and Sienna Guillory, (Love Actually). The soundtrack includes original music by Sam Spiegel and original songs by L.A.- based art musician Aska Matsumiya and other emerging musicians.
Mark Hamilton, Head of Marketing for Vodka at Pernod Ricard UK said:

“ABSOLUT has a long history of creative collaborations which is testament to the brand’s unique and visionary perspective of the world. Our collaboration with Spike Jonze marks an evolution of our longstanding commitment to creativity. ‘I’m Here’ combines Jonze’s unique style with our vision of challenging convention and making ordinary life more interesting.”

The film is streamed in high quality and, thanks to social media functionality, viewers can watch ‘I’m Here’ together with Facebook friends. The site also offers a teaser trailer, bonus material and additional information on the director and cast.

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Analog – Trailer for sci-fi short

Posted by LiveFor on March 18, 2010

The film tells the tale of a machine travelling in deep-space which has as a primary function the preservation of a living organism: a man. Strange events with biblical analogies begin, disturbing the machine and making it rethink it’s priorities.

This is Ebbëto’s 2nd short film. It’s a 27 min. black and white sci-fi film made in 2009. This short extract features the music of OIL 10 “Passagen”, by the French electronic music composer, Gilles Rossire.

How good does it look.

Source: Quiet Earth

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Mister Green – Short film by comic writer Greg Pak

Posted by LiveFor on March 16, 2010

Greg Pak is the current writer on The Incredible Hulk (he gave us Planet Hulk). This short film, although being called Mister Green, has nothing to do with the Hulk.

Turns out Pak has a background in film and he has been chatting to CBR about this short film.

Mister Green” is a tale of a disconnected man in a dystopian near-future world. “The premise of this film, and I don’t think this gives too much away because you’ll find it out in the first ten seconds of the film, is that catastrophic climate change has happened. We blew it. We didn’t stop it. Venice has flooded. New York City’s Canal Street has become a canal again. It’s 87 degrees in December and our main character is the Undersecretary for the Department of Global Warming,” Pak explained. “He blew it and as far as he’s concerned everybody blew it because folks didn’t get out there and push the government hard enough. Nobody pushed hard enough, so he’s this jaded and almost self-hating guy as the story begins. The character’s name is Mason Park and he’s played by Tim Kang, aka Agent Cho on ‘The Mentalist.’

“Fairly quickly, Mason meets an old colleague of his who’s now a scientist whose grants have just been cut by Mason’s agency because it’s just too late,” Pak continued. “They kind of flirt a little bit, because they have some vibe going from the past, but fairly quickly this mysterious scientist enmeshes our hero in a crazy plot to save the world in a totally unexpected way. If I say any more it’ll ruin the story.”

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The Furfangs – Cool sci-fi short film by Andrea Ricca

Posted by LiveFor on March 12, 2010

Andrea Ricca got in touch to let me know about this excellent sci-fi short. Well worth a watch.

“The Furfangs” is a sci-fi-horror short-movie with 3D special effects.

It tells the story of mysterious and aggressive creatures who came from the space.

The short lasts five minutes and was realized by only two people:
the director Andrea Ricca and the 3D graphic designer Gennaro Acanfora.

The work is a zero budget production.

It had no external contributions and it made no payements to the sharers.

The original score is by Gianfilippo De Mattia.

It was realized with the only help of a MiniDV camera and a computer.

Check out the official site.

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